Friday, October 2, 2015

Superhero Muscle

In the comics we have some of the most powerfully sculpted and muscular physiques in the realm of fiction. The power of Thor, the athleticism of Captain America, the gymnastic body of Batman and even the v-shaped muscle powered Superman. Muscles have been the defying moments of man and how stature has been the key. However; muscles these days have become controversial because of steroid use and the big thing of Bigorexia (the need to build more and more muscle despite the cost of health). There is still hope on building real and functional muscle in a variety of ways. Weightlifting, hard hitting calisthenics, lifting odd objects and possibly the most intense of them all Sprint Training.

I've always been fascinated with muscle building since I was 13 but up until learning about sprinting, I feel it is one of the very best when it comes burning fat, increased metabolism and age defying qualities that develop the very best in the human body. When you combine the elements of Superheroes and Fitness that is a very powerful and creative idea to instill motivation and bring to life one of exercise's most intense form of training. What would it feel like to have the body of the Flash or Gambit, Spider-Man and other heroes?

Shaping the body is not meant for Isolation but utilizing the whole body as if it was one piece. Hill Sprints are by far the greatest method for incredibly fast fat burning but not everyone has a hill nor can they train in very hot or cold weather so there has to be a solution. That's where the Superhero Sprints System comes in handy where it teaches not just how to sprint out in the fresh air but also inside as well. Want to lose weight, build muscle and increase your metabolism and only train up to 60 minutes a week? Superhero Sprints is there. Build real muscle that not only looks awesome as hell but also be just as strong and athletic to boot.

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