Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Building A Realistic Natural Superhero Physique

Do you love Superhero movies? So do I. The action, the team-ups, the coolest characters come to life right out of the comics and in living color. Superheroes are our fantasies of being super strong and saving the day, taking on the baddies and winning battles that us normal people can't. Sad thing is like with every superhero, there's always a price to pay for doing what they do. Since the movies have brought these characters to life you have to wonder how much they had to go through to look like that hero. The workouts, the diet, the constant state of character they need to be in on set and being able to do it for years at a time. I don't care if you paid me half the film's budget, risking my health for fame isn't in my forte.

I admire what these guys do to make us fans come see them on the big screen and having us in awe of their charisma, heroism and fun filled ways for us to enjoy the movie but on the other side of the coin I feel bad for them to push themselves so hard to do their roles it's astounding. The thing that really pisses me off is that certain people like from the muscle magazines try to get other people to do what these guys do for film roles and it's plain old despicable and very pathetic on their end. It's the old adage of "you do this, you can get huge like your favorite comic book character." The trouble with that is, they're bringing a very unrealistic approach to fitness that can literally kill a beginner even attempting those kind of workouts even once.

A realistic approach would be to do workouts based on your level and progressing to higher levels but not so quickly it can possibly put you in the hospital. Getting fit is not a 3 month or 6 month gig like actors do, it's a life-long journey that will have results come in not always in the time you want them to. It takes patience, imagination, proper rest and food in order to even build a foundation. The training itself should be based on a custom made style that not only has incredible potential but keeps the trainee interested. I like imagination part, thinking into your mind what it feels like and the possibilities of building a superhero physique that is reasonable without the steroids and eating 5 steaks a day. I like the feeling of training like Cap or Thor hell even Spiderman but let's be realistic here, getting huge or slim doesn't take just working out and eating properly, it's all in the mind first and believing in what you're doing but not so much as costing your health to make it happen.

People like shortcuts which to me is why our society has turned to shit. It's all about getting this or that done as quickly as possible and screw the consequences. Feeding you info on how to look like a Mr. Olympia in 6 weeks or you can have the body of Superman in just 30 days; that is a pure marketing ploy and 99.9% of the time is complete bullshit. I use to be a heavy fat kid, at 13 I was 5'4 20 bucks shy of 200 pounds with no muscle to show for and I ate crap pretty hefty of the time, by the time I was 20 I wasn't anywhere near where I wanted to be and I did all the weight lifting, the running, throwing shot put, sprints, push-ups, squats you name it; I even at one time was taking Met-RX supplements to help build muscle and still didn't look like my favorite bodybuilders and superheroes like Batman and Blade. After my accident I made a choice to stop trying to build a physique from the outside and build myself from the inside first, developing mental strength to have the courage to walk again and push myself to my tendons stronger.

After 10 years of everyday training I still don't look like my favorite bodybuilders and heroes from when I was younger but I'am however in the greatest shape of my life at 31, 255+ pounds of near solid muscle, conditioned my tendons to bend steel and rip phonebooks, have the endurance to withstand some of the most grueling workouts and have the strength to move a near 60 pound sledgehammer hitting a tire for over 1000 reps. I didn't build this body over a 6 month period, it takes years of self discipline and the awareness of knowing how you work physiologically, emotionally and knowing when to back off every now and then. Friends of mine have done things in a similar way and never thought that only doing 6 months was enough for them hell even 30 days, it was years. So stop reading into that bullshit about getting ripped so fast you'll blink and it's there or having a hulk like body in under 3 months of a powerlifter's routine.

A physique is more than the look, if you fuck with it it will bite you in the ass if you do bad things to it. To build a realistic superhero physique is to nurture the body, challenge it in order to progress but at a pace that fits your level of fitness and getting better even by the smallest fucking fraction. I don't use the "no pain no gain" method to make my body the way it is, I train according to what I know about it and make the effort to be as fit as possible in the most natural ways possible. Want to have a superhero body; earn it with sweat, good food, basic exercises, rest and using your imagination to make yourself better for you and not someone else. Train with real effort and believe in yourself.
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