Friday, October 23, 2015

Animal Flow 2.0 Review

When something upgrades you have to learn some things over again in order to be efficient at that next level; fitness is no exception. There are different levels and styles changing daily and it's sometimes hard to keep up but not with Animal Flow. Unlike other systems where they make it a bit more complicated, this sucker provides simple strategies with stretches, flows, combos and transitions that can be used in any workout as oppose to just splitting them up.

I got in my first workout on it yesterday and oh man it felt incredible. Tried out some of the new transitions that incorporated some stretches and movements to create a combo that stretched every single muscle of my body and utilizing a greater form of the Crab & Beast was just unbelievable. It's not just an upgrade, it's a whole new experience amplifying an old set of tricks and training ideals that will surely get you in awesome shape and have killer cardio at the same time.

Mike Fitch of Global Bodyweight Training has taken a formula from the original Animal Flow and with plenty of experimentation, practice and physical observation he has created a new element of the system and channeled it's very core to seek not only new life but even better a greater outlook and simplistic way to have fun, learn the animal moves from another perspective and just pulverize your body using muscles you didn't think were possible to use. Just in that first workout took a lot out of me moving from one exercise to the next holding my entire bodyweight up in order to transition properly. My hips were unlocking, my abs were sore and my arms were on fire just doing three moves.

You will never be bored doing this kind of training and it won't take very long either. With practice and self progression you can get crazy fit and do things you didn't think were possible. When you watch and absorb the instructional videos it will amp you up to the point where you just want to get out and have fun with them. These are for people who want to have a unique training experience and have an adventure; if you're already using Animal Exercises, think of the level you will climb to just integrating some of the moves from Animal Flow 2.0. Don't forget to practice but also don't forget to have fun either.
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