Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Animal It Out

            As kids and teenagers we go through extreme changes and some of that is being full of energy and hyped up. As adults it doesn’t happen quite like back in the day but still we can full of energy and just have a tireless work ethic (not all but some). Animal exercises are a favorite of mine especially mixing things up to make it interesting. When you train like an animal, you’re getting your hormones balanced out, you’re learning how to coordinate and you have fun playing around with them.

            Like everyone else I also get frustrated and mad at times to the point where it’s hard to think, it happens. When you get mad, your body shifts and it can throw you off so you need to chill out. Believe it or not, a few minutes of Animal Training can wipe out that anger and bring you back down to a blissful state because of how much of your whole body needs to be congruent with the movements.

            One of the major keys to be successful in your Animal Training is to think like that animal or what I like to call your Animal Spirit or Animality. Sure there are plenty of movements to do but there’s only one that catches your eye and you do it more often than the others, it’s what calls to you and sometimes without thinking about it you just do it and why is that? Every one of us has an animal spirit within and how we obtain it is by looking inside ourselves and once you find it you’ll know.

            Another secret is to play and just have fun with the Animal Movements. When it stops feeling like a chore and more of a game, your results can be more efficient and more likely to happen. Kids love games, it gives them structure and they enjoy it. When you teach them to play a certain game with Animal Exercises, it helps get stronger and more brain efficient because they have to use it to coordinate, be aware and learn to control what they’re doing while building natural muscle and powerful tendons that can aid them in sports and other endeavors. Create something fun out of it whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can find a way to Animal it out. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

One Of The Best Workouts

           This workout can be done anytime, anywhere and you can do it lying down, sitting and standing. It is so powerful it brings a whole new meaning to the term High Intensity. It can hit you so hard it’s tough to breathe. It doesn't feel like you’re working out and you're having fun and it feels awesome.

            How do you find it and where can you get it? Some people look to watching something or using their imaginations. For me I can think of something and than it just goes from there. You can go to a certain place or it can be at home and getting the whole family involved. This workout brings families together and it just gives you a rush of endorphins.

            If you’re in a bad place in your life and you need something to lighten the mood and change things around, do this workout. It’s inspiring and nobody does it better than an awesome kid. If you want to learn from the best, learn it from kids, it comes automatically to them.

            There are at times where you just need to let it out in the best positive manner, whether it can be from Theater Of The Mind and just finding what brings it out or use it to balance out your emotions. Letting it out in the open or just by yourself either way it’s bound to happen. This is a workout you should be doing everyday because it releases bad toxins out of the body and it is the best euphoric high in the world. Who knows, you might get a set of abs from doing this and burning fat like crazy cause at times you need to catch your breath.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’s LAUGHTER!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

My Own Version Of A College Education

             When I was 19, I had a lot of dreams but I also wasn't in the happiest place in my life at the time. One of my best friends passed away 6 months before Graduating high school and it devastated me. I just didn't want to be around many people and I gave up doing a third year of Track & Field. Although I did go back to weight training and drama, it just didn't feel right anymore and half-assed most of the semester. I did dream of being broadcaster because I was adamant announcing for a major sports team like the San Francisco Giants or the San Jose Sharks. After a week in College I quit and it pissed off many people especially my dad. I just didn't have the desire anymore.

            After going through two and half years of going to the gym, doing a couple jobs and recovering from my broken legs, I went back to college on the encouragement of a girlfriend at the time and just took fitness classes. I really didn't have the dream of honing a degree someone else wanted me to have and just chose to take classes that seemed to make me happy. I took up gymnastics, swimming, Intro to Physical Education and Functional Fitness that including weights, cables, running and all sorts of stuff. I loved it.

            During that time between 25-26 years young, I got to teach during my Functional Fitness class. My coach saw me warm up with Animal Movements before class and asked me if I could teach those movements to the class once a week and I jumped on that like a bat out of hell. It taught me how to train not just a group of people but people of different shapes and sizes. My coach would jump in to help out beginners but for the most part that segment was mine. This drove me to find my own education.

            As of now I’m certified in Massage Therapy and a certificate of completion in Superhuman Training so to me that’s like getting a degree. The type of education I'm teaching myself goes beyond fitness and strength training; there’s History, Mythology, Film, Physiology, Massage Therapy, Chi Kung, Mental Techniques, Body Mechanics, Writing and other things. I believe what I’m doing works far better for me than sitting in a classroom filling my head with bad textbooks and boring teachers (not the fitness ones they were awesome). I get to learn from very knowledgeable people and some of the coolest cats in the strength world. I get to utilize my interests and expand my horizons that’s fun, exciting and always coming up with new ways to learn.

            Why the hell am I telling you all this? It’s because there’s more to education than a textbook, classroom, desk and some teacher. I don’t go to an Ivy League school or a highly academic academy but I get to be educated in ways these types of schools can’t teach. You want to be more educated, learn what you love to do and expand it to wherever you want to take it. You may love things that I can never understand but we both are reaching for the same goal and that’s finding what we love to do and create a future with it. Education is important in any endeavor and we aught to be educated that’s according to our interests.

            Learning should be fun, exciting, interesting, the way it gets you up for the day and you can’t wait to learn and have an adventure. Most college programs have none of that and that’s why I left for good and started educating myself and I've never looked back. When was the last time you got up in the morning and said “Time to learn some awesome stuff and have a blast”? Isn't it about time to have that feeling everyday? Have fun and learn what you can that makes you happy. That’s the best education of all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Follow Your Fitness Destiny

           I believe that no matter who you are, you aught to follow your own destiny. It’s important to learn who your true self is and that nobody aught to tell you who you should be and that you need to live by a higher standard according to society’s standards. Fitness is really the same thing. The truth is, if you are passionate about something and it helps you in your life than that’s where you aught to go. There are many methods you can learn and my hope for you is take bits of pieces of what you learned and apply them to what makes you happy. For real fitness and getting real results find and use what brings you those results.

            In almost 20 years in fitness and health, I’ve learned a great deal of things, some work, some don’t. In that time I’ve also seen a great many people who tarnish certain things because it doesn’t suit their standards, they want to drive you away from your destiny and teach you only their methods and if you’re not on par than you’re going to fitness hell. Open your mind to different things, challenge your body and brain to what yields them a great learning experience. I have fallen to the “one true method” mindset and it nearly killed my expansion to be able to understand different ideals. Some people do only one method and for them it’s the end all be all and that’s fine but last time I checked there are 7 billion people in the world, not all of them are going to follow you.

            I want you to find what you love to do. If you don’t like something and it doesn’t help you much, that’s a clear sign that you aught to look into something else. I’ve seen countless people bicker at each other what they don’t like and tell people that because they don’t like it, it’s not going to work others as well, bullshit. If you’re a fan of kettlebells and they do well for you, then you go get whatever kettlebell course is out there and you bust your ass on them because it’s what you love, if you don’t like kettlebells, don’t buy them and don’t give others crap about it because it’s not for you.

            There are a lot of things I love in fitness like cables, hammers, bodyweight, ropes, isometrics and other things so I take bits and pieces of these things and mold them in my own unique way. That’s the true beauty of fitness is the ability to be unique and creating the best way for you to get what you want for your body and mind. Don’t let assholes who tell you that because of what you do, you’ll get injured, you’re depriving to train like a man or better yet because of what you preach and love, they’ll come up with any lame way of what is terrible about it.

            I’m not an angry guy, as a matter of fact I’m very happy about what I do and I get to learn from very amazing people; however I do get a bit irritated when I find out about people who over criticize about another person’s methods and tell them their an idiot or that you’re not an animal you’re a man, train like it; just makes me want to slap those people. Be unique, if you like doing just one method that’s great for you but I believe in learning multiple methods and taking different parts that you find suitable to your needs and goals.

            Build your own destiny, find your calling and passion and run with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, we all have something unique about ourselves and it’s important to find what our true self is and grasp it by grabbing it by the horns and create something out of it in an awesome, positive and beautiful way. Help others find their creative side and give them the power to fulfill their own destiny, you don’t have to like what they do but if they’re important to you make them feel important and guide them.

Take care and have an awesome day wherever you are.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Machine Interview

Afternoon guys, hope you all had a fantastic and fun Easter Weekend full love, food, Egg hunts and more. As a token of my gratitude for all your love and support of the Power & Might Site, I have a very special treat for you. This weekend I had a secret interview with one of the strongest men on the planet and he gave me some powerful insights into his training, philosophy and his future as a coach. I give you the man with arguably the World's Strongest Neck Mike "The Machine" Bruce......

  1. What influenced to become a performing Strongman?

MB: Bud Jeffries is the man that got me started as a Performing Strongman. I have been friends with Bud since 2001 and had ordered some of his courses. When I told him some of my lifts and feats of bodyweight strength he asked if I had any on video. I then sent him video of some of my training footage. The next thing I know I'm on a plane to Lakeland Florida to start filming what would become my first DVD Phenomenal Power for Mixed Martial Arts. At that time in Bud asked me if I had ever tried to bend a Spike or twist open a Horseshoe? When I said no, my journey to becoming an Oldtime Strongman Practitioner began.

  1. What styles of Wrestling did you practice and which style was your strongest?

MB: I wrestled amateur in high school, taking 6th in the state as an alternate. This was strictly Folkstyle wrestling, I never trained in Greco or Freestyle. Then I started learning Catch Wrestling from my coach Tim Gillett. Tim was trained by Pancrase veteran Jason Delucia. I honestly believe that Catch wrestling is the strongest style for the way that I used to compete. It suits my style.

  1. As a coach what are the key principles on disciplining clients?

MB: When it comes to disciplining clients I believe the best way is to 'LEAD FROM THE FRONT' represent and actually practice what you preach. Today, there are so many trainers who don't practice what they preach. They have knowledge from books yet many can't nor ever have performed much of the training methods that they are teaching. I walk the walk and can prove it anywhere, anytime and any day. To me that is very important.

  1. Did you have any favorite (real) wrestlers and if so who were they?

MB: My favorite real WRESTLERS growing up were (in no particular order) Lou Thesz, Bob Backlund, Mark Fleming, Les Thornton, Masakatsu Funaki, Kurt Angle, Danny Hodge.

  1. Has being a former Marine helped you shape your life being a strength coach?

MB: Yes being a Marine has helped me immensely in being a strength coach. More than anything it taught me to be patient and to keep my bearing under the most trying situations. It is important to understand that everyone is different and unique to themselves. One person might grasp something I teach that is very difficult, while another person might find a simpler exercise challenging. As a coach you have to be able to explain and teach to a variety of people who all have different skill levels.

  1. What were your favorite and least favorite feats as a performing strongman?

MB: My favorite feats as a performing strongman is a loaded question. The feats performed by other Strongmen that impress me are: Anything Dennis Rogers does. Slim The Hammer man sledgehammer levering ability, Bud Jeffries human carousel & Squatting strength, Mighty Mac Mackenzie Card tearing ability, John Mcgrath long bar bending, Erik Vining scrolling ability, Noah Jeffries all around strength, Greg Matonick bending a quarter in his teeth, Pat Povalitiis short bending strength, Dave Whitley kettle bell feats. My personal feats I enjoyed having 5/8 steel bars bent across the front of my throat, Picking a grown man up by my neck and lifting him up and down and then swinging him, hanging myself with a noose and I enjoy twisting open horseshoes.

  1. Where do you want to be down the road as a coach, do you also want to train wrestlers specifically as well?

MB: I have no interest in training Wrestlers or fighters. My experience in the past training that type of client was enough for me to know that I have no interest in going back down that road. I'd rather work with ladies and gents that want to lose weight and feel better about themselves. I also enjoy working with youngsters teaching them the importance of manners, discipline and respect. I will strive to keep our gym as the only PRIVATE gym here in Somerset KY. I have a strict admissions policy where I do not accept just anyone, no matter who they are or how much money they offer. I'm only looking for a very select few to join our club. I can only pray that my business continues to grow as it has each year and that I can continue to live my dream as I do each day. Life is beautiful.

  1. One of my favorite strength exercises is the bridge, can you give me an idea as to why the neck is crucial in sports, strength and conditioning?

MB: Building the Neck is one of the most important muscles to work but also one of the most neglected. The neck acts as our "shock absorber" to prevent injury and even possible concussions. A strong neck can help alleviate neck pain, helping get rid of the double chin syndrome, help in bodybuilding contests, Powerlifting in addition to combat sports such as mma, boxing and grappling. The neck is worked in 3 ranges of motion curling the head/chin forward, raising the head backward and moving the head side to side. These 3 angles are generally worked using a 4 way neck machine, manual resistance from a training partner, placing weight on the head or with the use of a Head harness. All of these methods are good for working the neck. I have found that the best way to work my neck today is with an innovative Neck Harness called The Neck Flex. The Neck flex is the most versatile neck harness on the market today. No extra equipment is needed, all you need is the drive to put the work in and the neck flex is ready to go. The Neck Flex was developed my Thomas Hunt and Zachary Elam. They saw there was a need for a versatile, safe cost effective solution for training the neck for both strength and rehabilitation needs. To learn more about the Neck flex go to and tell them The Machine sent you.

  1. You are one of the most conditioned men on the planet, what are your ideals to stay consistent and what do you work on that keeps you in top condition?

MB: I really appreciate your kind words. My whole thing is this: I'M NOT DONE! Coming from a wrestling background I have always trained to be in top shape. In my opinion a Wrestler is the best conditioned athlete around. We must be strong, have great endurance, be fast and be able to have that strength/.endurance in our tank towards the end of the match. I was not the most gifted wrestler technically, but my toughness and conditioning allowed me to do quite well for myself and even defeat wrestlers much better technically and more talented. At 40 years old I have been blessed to be able to go to different schools, prisons and churches state wide and speak/perform. I feel it would be a disservice to these people to show up not in shape. "I have an image to uphold" LOL One of the ways I like to stay in shape is to keep my body guessing. One week I may feel like training for strictly power, then I may feel like training with more of a cardio base. When I train with weights I often keep my rest periods down to a minute and I also will often super set my exercises. This keeps my pace high, my heart rate up and gives me a great workout. I enjoy doing interval sprint work for cardio, such as Tabata'a on the airdyne bike, jump rope sprints at 30 seconds each, ploy metric jumps, wrestling/boxing simulations for time and also kickboxing work on the heavy bag. I weigh 210# with a 32" waist, a 19" neck and am just as lean as when I was 20 years old. I eat clean during the week and cheat on the weekends. Over 27 years of constant training has given me the ability to know how to dial in my body through proper eating habits. I still have things to accomplish, I'm not done. Once we settle and decide to throw in the towel it is my belief that my life would be pretty boring and unsatisfied.

  1. My final question: Have you ever thought getting in the ring and wrestling one last match or is wrestling out for you now?

MB: Yes I have thought many times about competing again. I'm really never out of shape, and realistically would only need a month to get myself prepared to get on the mat again. I have looked into it and learned that I would be in the Masters division for 35 year olds and up. I have not made my mind up completely on if I will or won't compete. I love to roll and I often wonder if and/or how I would perform now, some 14 years later since my last legit contest. I'm much more seasoned and have a lot more wisdom. It would be really interesting to see the difference in myself now compared to when I was competing regularly. Thank you for having me, it has been my pleasure speaking with you. Keep the Faith and I salute you. Mike The Machine Bruce

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Inspires Me

           To be inspired is to be motivated. Finding what you love isn't always easy to find. I have been in fitness for nearly 17 years doing many things but it goes beyond a workout, way passed an exercise and it really rolls over creating something. The way I see it is different than most people. Many look to the gym, I once did that too but that all changed just before I turned 21 and one book became my stepping stone called Combat Conditioning.

            People read certain books to find meaning whether it’s paperback, hard copy or in this day and age on an Ipad or Kindle. I don’t bother with that kindle stuff, reading a papered book just has a powerful look to it, it builds your imagination, the feeling of turning the page. I have various books on exercise, conditioning, mythology, biographies and even a few comic books. One of my latest additions to harnessing my imagination is using the Marvel Universe Encyclopedia; this book goes beyond the typical origin or bio of a superhero/villain it shares the imaginative emotional look of whom they are and that gets my attention. I’m fascinated with Superheroes and the gods of mythology.

            History has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Want to know how far back, how about when I use to write bios in school about athletes such as Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain to men like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Walt Disney. In grade school I’d come up with these little things about those guys and made some cool collages especially about Disney, my imagination caught on fire. Watching and reading about different eras in history just became a thing for me and I always felt different because of that.

            I’m a movie buff that will be far too difficult to deny. Having many genres of films in the house including my action flicks, cartoons and childhood memories of Disney and Indiana Jones, I can never get enough of a great movie. When I was a teen, Pumping Iron was my intro into wanting to be as big and muscled as possible without drugs and steroids so I began to really hit the weight without knowing a damn thing about, just instinctive. As I got older and watching certain flicks like Superheroes like Batman, X-Men, The Avengers, Superman and the likes, it gave me new ideas to train and harness my skills in certain exercises or methods. The one saga that taught me meditation was Star Wars. Since I couldn’t afford a teacher in that area I turned to Yoda and the Jedi for guidance.

            Am I a little weird for doing these things, I’d like to think so. I love being weird and it’s my way of being a nerd. I don’t care what people think of me in that way because I love what I do and I find things that give me a reason to love training as I grow not just athletically but emotionally and spiritually. I’m not a man of religion as some of you know. I don’t go to church or praise and pray to a certain higher power like God and I don’t believe in that sort of thing but I’ am however a spiritual person. It’s tough to explain because certain people have an agenda when it comes to spirituality and religion so I explain it differently to people but it has the same conclusion and you’ll only know that if you knew the way I told you personally.

            I’m inspired differently than most people and I believe that to be true than others because we all have some inspiration somewhere but it’s not always the same. What inspires you is yours alone. Want to inspire someone, bring a part of that intensity and love of what inspires you to help them on their own path of inspiration. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Yourself


            In the fitness world, some trainers put a lot of restrictions on their clients on what they think is good for them and what isn’t. I'm not saying all do this but some do and many people in general put restrictions on themselves by doing this for that and whatever. I do believe if you're injured, than it’s best to heal and get yourself better however; if you restrict yourself what you are told to do than you're limiting what could be incredible for you to achieve.

            It’s important to remind yourself about what you can use to exercise with while you’re going about your day. Some people go for a run and that’s it which isn't a bad thing but there’s more you can do without even letting anyone know. Others drive over to the gym, do a little cardio and lift a few weights then get the hell out of dodge but for me, there’s more to use. You can get in a workout anywhere you want and no one will ever know for example; you're out grocery shopping and you're in your favorite aisle how do you exercise there?

There’s Isometrics where you grip and squeeze your cart for a few seconds or squeeze and twist the wrists, a few sets of those for 8-10 seconds and there’s a workout at the grocery store.

Here’s another example, you're at a red light (and only do this when you’re out driving), what can you do while you waiting for the light to turn green? Well, one can be to bring your hands together and push for a few seconds, than grab the steering wheel, you can push and pull in different directions for a few seconds each. It’s about making the time no matter where you go or what you do.

            You want to talk about freeing yourself of restrictions, go outside on a beautiful day and just play and move around, don't analyze what you're suppose to do, have fun and forget sets and reps schemes. Be a wild animal, if you got a long piece of rope; do some battling ropes and make the rope wave with power and velocity, jump up and down, go for a hike do what makes you happy. If the weather is good, take advantage of it. In the summer when I’m in Lake Tahoe with my family, all bets are off and just go swimming, lift and climb up on the rocks, pull-ups while hanging on the docks, wall sit on the trees, lift up logs; it’s all part of exercising and training without limiting yourself.

            The key ingredient to free yourself from restrictions is to create your own program. Be your own trainer because no one knows your body better than you do. If you have to start out slow, that’s fine build yourself up. None of us are perfect and we all can’t do the same training as some others. Our bodies aren't built equally so we have to learn certain things that are structured to our build. You don't need a six pack to look super awesome but if that’s what you want to do than find a way to do it. Don't try to build yourself like someone else; theirs is taken so build yourself the way you were meant to. Be creative and have fun because being on a restricted program feels like being chained up and you can only do so much which isn't much at all so break free and build your body and mind for yourself. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Character That Brought Intensity

            This past week, another WWE Legend passed away and that was of Jim Hellwig also known as The Ultimate Warrior. He died at the young age of 54 and pretty much said his final goodbyes at his Hall Of Fame induction and his speech on Monday Night Raw. I grew up in the Attitude Era of the late 90’s and only saw Warrior’s final matches in WWE first at Wrestlemania against Triple H and a couple other ones. I wasn't much of a fan and didn't really understand his character. Now that I took a look at his career watching his new DVD set and knowing what I know now from training, I admire the guy.

            As a wrestling fan, my type of characters is the ones that are the in-ring technicians or guys who can wrestle more than just entertaining. I never really liked the muscle bound guys like Hulk Hogan or John Cena but I admire their intensity in the ring. Warrior was far from being a wrestler, he practically didn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch but his character was unique, intense and just flat out nuts (watch his promos and you'll know what I mean. As an athlete and a Physical Culturist, I thrive at intense training and focused intention on what I'm doing. I’m not a fan of guys on roids but that’s a different story.

            The man literally changed his name to Warrior a little over 20 years ago and at first like everyone else who watched him, I thought he was off his rocker and was a total nut job but I began looking at it from another angle; he was a man living on his own terms and built this intense passion for life and was a warrior at heart. I saw a video of Zach-Evan Esh talking about his many conversations with warrior and who the man was, it got me thinking and it’s awesome to find that even though a man had some inner demons still took the time to be apart of something that he felt was right to do. He truly was a warrior.

            In the end, it made me learn that when you have an intense passion for something, it makes life that much grander. Here is my version of an Ultimate Warrior Quote:

“Do you call upon the gods to bring forth the strength and will of your soul? It is no doubt that the power of the warrior is fueled like a rocket blasting into the atmosphere of parts unknown. The power of the warrior is unbreakable that nothing can shatter its strength to withstand the mightiest of powers and you will feel the wrath of my will when my unbreakable spirit runs through the soul that you shall no longer have as The Power of the Warrior will live forever.”

How’s that for the proud warriors?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travel Training

             I love to travel when I have the chance, sometimes for an extended period of time over a few weeks. If you're into fitness or learning and doing certain things it’s important to remember that when you travel, you may not have the same luxury in a different town or state so don't be limiting yourself. Many people believe that to get in shape you need to be in a gym and hitting the iron or the machines but believe it or not it’s not always that possible to do so. I have a friend that travels constantly and needs to be in shape for what he does but he uses his imagination and realistic approach that gives him the tools to travel in awesome shape no matter where he is. Don't limit yourself.

            Expand your horizons. If you can't get to a gym or your hotel doesn't have what you need, do things a little differently. Instead of focusing on what you need to lift when you travel, think of moving your body around, do push-ups and squats in your hotel room, hold certain postures, travel with a chest expander that works your upper body like crazy yet easy to travel with.

            Here’s a little tidbit for you; when I was 25 I went to Disneyland with someone in my family. When we were there we went on rides and stuff but we also we went out on our own at times, I was going to do The World Of Tomorrow where in order to get in you stand and the ground rotated to get to the entrance, I decided on a whim to do a free standing Handstand while the thing was rotating and I actually held it for quite a bit. It was awesome and that was the only exercise of the day that was it. When you travel, be creative and have fun, don't rush things.

            If you're going to travel with something to workout with, travel light. It’s not easy carrying a dumbbell or a kettlebell in your bag so why not cables like the Chest Expander or the PowR Walk Pro; they're easy to carry around and they’re there when you need them. I like to travel with some cables and an Isometric Belt that I have that’s about 14ft long and practice my isometric training. One of the best ways to train is to do it in nature. About every summer my dad’s family goes to South Lake Tahoe for about a couple weeks and get a couple cabins, go to the beach and chill out. When I go, that’s the perfect opportunity to do some great swimming, lift heavy rocks, crawl, balance and climb on the rocks as well. Training in nature is just different, exciting, and spontaneous and you never know what you're getting into.

            I emphasize this with great intent that no matter where you go whether it’s in a big city or the Fiji Islands, utilize your imagination and use the environment to get an awesome workout in. I get more out of creating something than trying to find something that can be too far away or whatever. When you learn to channel your mind and being aware of your surroundings, you can create any type of workout you want. I've been in some crappy places and even some gorgeous and beautiful places too and still found how to train without an excuse. If you want to stay in shape bad enough you will find a way to do it. Create opportunities and take advantage of them. A gym is just a gym but why not use the world as your gym. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Parasites You Should Avoid

            There are a lot of negative people out there; people that hate, loath, disgusted and can't stand who you are and what you represent as a person. I'm a very positive person who believes in what people are passionate about in a loving, caring and enduring matter. Sure I have certain views on things but that doesn't mean I don't want you to succeed. A lot of people out there hate on what is not up to their standards and make people feel like shit about it. I’m going to help you find these crazy nut jobs.

            In the training world just like in life, there will be those who want to turn you away from what you want to do because to either “protect you”, don’t want you doing good and being successful at it because they're afraid what they don’t understand so they go to extreme measures to keep you from utilizing your potential. Some like the “one way and that’s it” bullshit, others who don't believe in anything else will be on your ass because it’s not what they believe and then there are those who feel that if you're hardcore and too passionate it’ll turn you into an obsessed freak. Man I've heard plenty of crap about what I do and been told I should do this or that and what I do is merely a hobby. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

            You are of flesh and blood just like the rest of us, you may have different views, opinions and what works and what doesn't but in the end we spill the same blood and are human. I don't care what your bench is, how many squats you can do, how high you can jump, what sexual orientation you are, what your religion is or color your skin is; you're a human being with a beating heart just like mine. A lot of people forget that being human is a gift and to be awesome takes practice; some do it to show off, others try to be awesome to be apart of something but in my opinion, to be awesome is to be you and treat your fellow man with love and respect.

            There are different people to avoid and the key types are ones that prevent you from learning who you want to be and one’s that try to steer you away from your passion and belief in yourself. There are plenty of other types but these two in particular are most common. I love mixing things up in my training because it makes me happy and it helps learn what my body is capable of. I've been told many times that I should be a weightlifter because of my size or being told that because of my size there’s no way for me to be flexible and mobile but you know what, I love what I do and there’s nobody to tell me otherwise. Most haters hate themselves because they're not doing what you do and they just flat out can’t stand it. When they hate on you, it’s not you they really hate on; it’s themselves because they're looking into a mirror and can’t stand what they see.

            Learn to balance positive and negative people in your life. When people whine and complain about what you do and who you are, look at it this way; it’s better to be hated than ignored, when people talk about you, you're making them think and that’s one hell of a gift. Being hated isn't the greatest thing in the world but on the other side of the coin, you also have people that are inspired by you, love what you do and want to learn more about it.

            When it comes to certain things, I’m in the middle and don’t really hate anyone, sure certain people get on my nerves and want to smack them sometimes but in the end, I want to be positive about who’s in my life and yes I have cut off relationships and friends but not because I hate them or wish them harm, it’s because of how they treated me and I don't deserve those types of people. Don't hate on for who someone is, be awesome to them, encourage what they're passionate about and help them in any way you can because there’s more to love in this world than the crap others put themselves through and the way they treat certain people. Be awesome and call in a mental exterminator every now and then because you don't want parasites clogging up your happiness and what you love. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Training In A Different Area Can Be Scary


               Going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier later on today I thought I’d share with you an aspiring way of how training in different areas like Cap getting used to a new world while he was frozen under ice for many decades. Steve Rogers comes from a totally different era where men wanted to save our world from Nazis and life was vastly different. As a young man roughly early-mid 20’s he fought with the best intentions and was a wholesome type guy with a few touches of being a superhero. After being frozen for many decades, he’s living in an entirely new world where everything he knows is gone and needs to learn fast how to adjust to life in an era where image, war, relationships and technology are vastly different. What does this have to do with training?

            Exercising and working out in a different area than you’re use to can be night and day and very scary. You’re not use to moving and exercising muscles and joints in awkward positions and usually you’d be on a treadmill, pumping up muscles with isolated exercises and going to an aerobics class it’s not a bad thing. However, moving like a wild animal or attempting Handstands is very different and requires a whole other realm of coordination, concentration and technique so how would you adjust to that or better yet adjust to smaller workouts using compound movements that hit the whole body? It can be scary I know.

            Like Cap, to better yourself in a totally different area you need to have the intent on getting better and at first you’ll most likely fail but that’s how you learn and pick yourself back up. Use your imagination and believe each day you’re getting a little better even down to the smallest fraction. Learn to utilize what you already experienced and work with using that part of you to create a better version that will have you getting results. Some people just stick to one thing only and they’re so use to it, it scares the living hell out of them when something different comes along. The world changes and so does training certain things, if you do the same things over and over you’ll be getting the same results and it can get boring.

            Be who you are no matter how the environment seems. Be a little open minded, it’s ok to be skeptical but don’t just push it off, give it a chance even if it’s for a short period of time. We all adjust differently and how our bodies respond to the way we do things, certain things work, some don’t and we have to fin what works best for us. I feel for Captain America who has to adjust to a life that no longer holds up to what he knew before he was frozen and that’s how fitness is, it’s so different from when our parents were kids and how over the years things evolve and some just don’t cut it so we learn to adjust and learn various things that bring us results and do better at them because it’s what we love to do. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Take A Walk To Get Stronger

           Walking is the simplest thing in the world. You put one foot in front of the other and you’re off. Walking is both a mind and body tool. You can lose weight by walking, you can build great ideas from walking and you can get stronger both inside and outside from walking, walking while training is a powerful tool as well. A course called Muscle Reminders has one part on how to exercise as you walk. Another great tool is Lifeline USA’s PowR Walk Pro where you use cables for your arms as you walk an alternative to using little dumbbells. There’s always a way to make yourself strong as you walk.

            The one exercise I’ve been experimenting with lately is the farmer’s walk. This exercise consists of one or 2 objects that you pick up and start walking with whether it be kettlebells, dumbbells, gripping a sand bag in each hand or whatever. I like to use buckets because it’s cheap and easy to set up. You can get a bucket at just about any hardware store as big as you need it. I got my buckets at Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks each and they’re huge. I feel it up with water and a rock/stone I have around the yard. I get it set up and grip the handles then pick up and start walking around the yard. The weight comes out to 123 lbs. total and it’s brutal.

            To make the farmer’s walk more of a challenge, I use my Fat Gripz and attach each one to the handles. Now this makes things more brutal and it will get you breathing hard quick even more than if you just used the handles. Imagine picking up that much weight with the handles being thicker and needing to grip harder just to keep from dropping them. Some use a little pipe to attach and that’s great too if you want but I like the fat gripz because they’re available right there.

            Building mighty hands while walking is pretty bad ass in my book. This helps build your grip like crazy especially if you’re in sports or a weightlifter/strongman or whatever you’re into. Grip strength is essential for overall development and when you use thicker handles your body goes into overdrive and you can be breathing harder faster than usual. You don’t need weights but if you got em, go for it but using simple tools can also be beneficial and can cost you far less money and still get more bang for your buck. Take a walk on the wild side and utilize it to build strength, get in great condition and develop stamina like a madman.