Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Animal It Out

            As kids and teenagers we go through extreme changes and some of that is being full of energy and hyped up. As adults it doesn’t happen quite like back in the day but still we can full of energy and just have a tireless work ethic (not all but some). Animal exercises are a favorite of mine especially mixing things up to make it interesting. When you train like an animal, you’re getting your hormones balanced out, you’re learning how to coordinate and you have fun playing around with them.

            Like everyone else I also get frustrated and mad at times to the point where it’s hard to think, it happens. When you get mad, your body shifts and it can throw you off so you need to chill out. Believe it or not, a few minutes of Animal Training can wipe out that anger and bring you back down to a blissful state because of how much of your whole body needs to be congruent with the movements.

            One of the major keys to be successful in your Animal Training is to think like that animal or what I like to call your Animal Spirit or Animality. Sure there are plenty of movements to do but there’s only one that catches your eye and you do it more often than the others, it’s what calls to you and sometimes without thinking about it you just do it and why is that? Every one of us has an animal spirit within and how we obtain it is by looking inside ourselves and once you find it you’ll know.

            Another secret is to play and just have fun with the Animal Movements. When it stops feeling like a chore and more of a game, your results can be more efficient and more likely to happen. Kids love games, it gives them structure and they enjoy it. When you teach them to play a certain game with Animal Exercises, it helps get stronger and more brain efficient because they have to use it to coordinate, be aware and learn to control what they’re doing while building natural muscle and powerful tendons that can aid them in sports and other endeavors. Create something fun out of it whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can find a way to Animal it out. 

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