Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Yourself


            In the fitness world, some trainers put a lot of restrictions on their clients on what they think is good for them and what isn’t. I'm not saying all do this but some do and many people in general put restrictions on themselves by doing this for that and whatever. I do believe if you're injured, than it’s best to heal and get yourself better however; if you restrict yourself what you are told to do than you're limiting what could be incredible for you to achieve.

            It’s important to remind yourself about what you can use to exercise with while you’re going about your day. Some people go for a run and that’s it which isn't a bad thing but there’s more you can do without even letting anyone know. Others drive over to the gym, do a little cardio and lift a few weights then get the hell out of dodge but for me, there’s more to use. You can get in a workout anywhere you want and no one will ever know for example; you're out grocery shopping and you're in your favorite aisle how do you exercise there?

There’s Isometrics where you grip and squeeze your cart for a few seconds or squeeze and twist the wrists, a few sets of those for 8-10 seconds and there’s a workout at the grocery store.

Here’s another example, you're at a red light (and only do this when you’re out driving), what can you do while you waiting for the light to turn green? Well, one can be to bring your hands together and push for a few seconds, than grab the steering wheel, you can push and pull in different directions for a few seconds each. It’s about making the time no matter where you go or what you do.

            You want to talk about freeing yourself of restrictions, go outside on a beautiful day and just play and move around, don't analyze what you're suppose to do, have fun and forget sets and reps schemes. Be a wild animal, if you got a long piece of rope; do some battling ropes and make the rope wave with power and velocity, jump up and down, go for a hike do what makes you happy. If the weather is good, take advantage of it. In the summer when I’m in Lake Tahoe with my family, all bets are off and just go swimming, lift and climb up on the rocks, pull-ups while hanging on the docks, wall sit on the trees, lift up logs; it’s all part of exercising and training without limiting yourself.

            The key ingredient to free yourself from restrictions is to create your own program. Be your own trainer because no one knows your body better than you do. If you have to start out slow, that’s fine build yourself up. None of us are perfect and we all can’t do the same training as some others. Our bodies aren't built equally so we have to learn certain things that are structured to our build. You don't need a six pack to look super awesome but if that’s what you want to do than find a way to do it. Don't try to build yourself like someone else; theirs is taken so build yourself the way you were meant to. Be creative and have fun because being on a restricted program feels like being chained up and you can only do so much which isn't much at all so break free and build your body and mind for yourself. 

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