Monday, April 7, 2014

The Parasites You Should Avoid

            There are a lot of negative people out there; people that hate, loath, disgusted and can't stand who you are and what you represent as a person. I'm a very positive person who believes in what people are passionate about in a loving, caring and enduring matter. Sure I have certain views on things but that doesn't mean I don't want you to succeed. A lot of people out there hate on what is not up to their standards and make people feel like shit about it. I’m going to help you find these crazy nut jobs.

            In the training world just like in life, there will be those who want to turn you away from what you want to do because to either “protect you”, don’t want you doing good and being successful at it because they're afraid what they don’t understand so they go to extreme measures to keep you from utilizing your potential. Some like the “one way and that’s it” bullshit, others who don't believe in anything else will be on your ass because it’s not what they believe and then there are those who feel that if you're hardcore and too passionate it’ll turn you into an obsessed freak. Man I've heard plenty of crap about what I do and been told I should do this or that and what I do is merely a hobby. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

            You are of flesh and blood just like the rest of us, you may have different views, opinions and what works and what doesn't but in the end we spill the same blood and are human. I don't care what your bench is, how many squats you can do, how high you can jump, what sexual orientation you are, what your religion is or color your skin is; you're a human being with a beating heart just like mine. A lot of people forget that being human is a gift and to be awesome takes practice; some do it to show off, others try to be awesome to be apart of something but in my opinion, to be awesome is to be you and treat your fellow man with love and respect.

            There are different people to avoid and the key types are ones that prevent you from learning who you want to be and one’s that try to steer you away from your passion and belief in yourself. There are plenty of other types but these two in particular are most common. I love mixing things up in my training because it makes me happy and it helps learn what my body is capable of. I've been told many times that I should be a weightlifter because of my size or being told that because of my size there’s no way for me to be flexible and mobile but you know what, I love what I do and there’s nobody to tell me otherwise. Most haters hate themselves because they're not doing what you do and they just flat out can’t stand it. When they hate on you, it’s not you they really hate on; it’s themselves because they're looking into a mirror and can’t stand what they see.

            Learn to balance positive and negative people in your life. When people whine and complain about what you do and who you are, look at it this way; it’s better to be hated than ignored, when people talk about you, you're making them think and that’s one hell of a gift. Being hated isn't the greatest thing in the world but on the other side of the coin, you also have people that are inspired by you, love what you do and want to learn more about it.

            When it comes to certain things, I’m in the middle and don’t really hate anyone, sure certain people get on my nerves and want to smack them sometimes but in the end, I want to be positive about who’s in my life and yes I have cut off relationships and friends but not because I hate them or wish them harm, it’s because of how they treated me and I don't deserve those types of people. Don't hate on for who someone is, be awesome to them, encourage what they're passionate about and help them in any way you can because there’s more to love in this world than the crap others put themselves through and the way they treat certain people. Be awesome and call in a mental exterminator every now and then because you don't want parasites clogging up your happiness and what you love. 

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