Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Inspires Me

           To be inspired is to be motivated. Finding what you love isn't always easy to find. I have been in fitness for nearly 17 years doing many things but it goes beyond a workout, way passed an exercise and it really rolls over creating something. The way I see it is different than most people. Many look to the gym, I once did that too but that all changed just before I turned 21 and one book became my stepping stone called Combat Conditioning.

            People read certain books to find meaning whether it’s paperback, hard copy or in this day and age on an Ipad or Kindle. I don’t bother with that kindle stuff, reading a papered book just has a powerful look to it, it builds your imagination, the feeling of turning the page. I have various books on exercise, conditioning, mythology, biographies and even a few comic books. One of my latest additions to harnessing my imagination is using the Marvel Universe Encyclopedia; this book goes beyond the typical origin or bio of a superhero/villain it shares the imaginative emotional look of whom they are and that gets my attention. I’m fascinated with Superheroes and the gods of mythology.

            History has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Want to know how far back, how about when I use to write bios in school about athletes such as Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain to men like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Walt Disney. In grade school I’d come up with these little things about those guys and made some cool collages especially about Disney, my imagination caught on fire. Watching and reading about different eras in history just became a thing for me and I always felt different because of that.

            I’m a movie buff that will be far too difficult to deny. Having many genres of films in the house including my action flicks, cartoons and childhood memories of Disney and Indiana Jones, I can never get enough of a great movie. When I was a teen, Pumping Iron was my intro into wanting to be as big and muscled as possible without drugs and steroids so I began to really hit the weight without knowing a damn thing about, just instinctive. As I got older and watching certain flicks like Superheroes like Batman, X-Men, The Avengers, Superman and the likes, it gave me new ideas to train and harness my skills in certain exercises or methods. The one saga that taught me meditation was Star Wars. Since I couldn’t afford a teacher in that area I turned to Yoda and the Jedi for guidance.

            Am I a little weird for doing these things, I’d like to think so. I love being weird and it’s my way of being a nerd. I don’t care what people think of me in that way because I love what I do and I find things that give me a reason to love training as I grow not just athletically but emotionally and spiritually. I’m not a man of religion as some of you know. I don’t go to church or praise and pray to a certain higher power like God and I don’t believe in that sort of thing but I’ am however a spiritual person. It’s tough to explain because certain people have an agenda when it comes to spirituality and religion so I explain it differently to people but it has the same conclusion and you’ll only know that if you knew the way I told you personally.

            I’m inspired differently than most people and I believe that to be true than others because we all have some inspiration somewhere but it’s not always the same. What inspires you is yours alone. Want to inspire someone, bring a part of that intensity and love of what inspires you to help them on their own path of inspiration. 

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