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Build Shoulder & Upper Body Power & Strength With The Chest Expander

100 or more so years ago back in Europe they had a strength contest to see who can pull the strongest of cables in a variety of directions. These cables had springs that can be stretches as long as 18 inches (1ft 6inches) and whoever won the conest was considered the strongest puller in the world kind of like the World's Strongest Man contests today. This was called Strand Pulling.

In the early 20th century the old-time strongmen and bodybuilders of the time were using strand pulling to build strength and power in the shoulders, back, abs and arms. Men like Eugene Sandow, Thomas Inch, Joesph Greenstein AKA the Mighty Atom and even Former Mr. Universe Reg Park all used strand-pulling in their training and even Charles Atlas did it at one time before he made a killing in his course Dynamic Tension. What these men did was train the body from angles that weights and bodyweight exercises couldn't reach because the pulling from different angles built different strength in various mu…

Fight For What’s Important

If you’re truly committed to something, whether it be training or whatever, fight for it with everything you have because it’s worth making something happen. Some people half-ass it, some barely do anything an others don’t do anything at all but the real one’s who make the commitment go places. It takes practice to find something you want to achieve or have a lifelong goal.
            Taking a stand in what you believe in takes guts. In the case of training whatever it might be, if you believe in what you’re doing, no one can tell you right from wrong. Gymnasts bust their ass day in and day out for years and for what, to get a medal around their neck? Not all do this and more power to them if that’s what they want to shoot for but for some it’s much more than that. Many athletes have this same mentality but the difference is how they believe in themselves and in their sport. Michael Jordan is another prime example of believing and taking a stand on what he wanted to do …

Getting Back To Nature

The most beautiful things in life happen in Nature. We get so caught up with our lives that we forget that nature brings a real connection, wild, crazy and simplicity to what we need to have in our life. It’s the roots of the earth that give its biggest love. Now I know I sound like a Hippie but far from it, I like connecting myself to nature (mostly in training) and it feels awesome.
            Just imagine being free and open, moving however you want wherever you want. If you can find a way, you can climb, run, chase, crawl, push, pull, lift, carry things and just have a blast. Nature can be very beneficial to your health and well being but at the same time, you have to be careful with nature, it can bite you in the ass if you don’t keep yourself at bay in certain times.
            At times, Nature will prevent you from being outside so do what you can to make it count. When the time is right, get your ass out there and make the best of it because we never know how lon…

Legendary Strength Is Holding A House Sale


My buddy Logan Christopher is holding a sale in order to generate enough money to put a down payment on a house. That’s an admirable goal in my view.

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Ben Bergman

The Living Legend Returns

Who do you think I’m referring to? It could be anybody, there are a lot of powerful guys who had their best days and now are returning to the place that gave them that glory but I’m referring to quite possibly the most popular Professional Wrestler of the 60’s and early 70’s and that’s Bruno Sammartino. He defied an era when pro wrestling still had colorful characters but also had a more mat based style to some of the guys who fought in the ring.
            His style of wrestling was some mat-based with a plenty of power moves and a brawler type style as well. Even though his wrestling isn’t as popular as his strength, he still can go the distance with some of the biggest names in the business at the time. His strength was the stuff of legends. One of his first tastes of glory was picking up 640 lb. Haystacks Calhoun in 1961 if I recall and it was a big deal at the time and still is a feat that no one did to him after. Bruno’s lifting power was just incredible, he was on…

5 Tips To Help You Gain Muscle

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Drew Stegman. I looked over his site and I find him very interesting in his approach to weightlifting, bodybuilding and Nutrition. Its basic, simple and no B.S when it comes to building the muscle you want. Without further ado here is the 5 steps to help those who want to gain muscle fast.....

With everybody these days trying to lose fat, it’s fairly easy to forget about the importance of muscle on your body. Whether you simply want to increase your metabolism or look at yourself in the mirror and know that you’re totally hot and ripped, muscle mass is necessary to do so. Here are five simple ways to build muscle, rather you’re trying to pack on a few pounds or you want to look like a professional bodybuilder: 1. Cut Back on the Cardio:Doing cardiovascular exercise is fantastic if your goal is weight loss, since it allows you to burn additional calories and gets your heart rate up into its target zone. But if your goal is to gain muscle, I’d recommen…

My Take On Isometrics

While I was recovering from my accident and learning about Bodyweight exercises, I first learned about Isometrics in a specific manner from Matt Furey’s course Gama Fitness. Not understanding very well, I just went through the “non” motions and just tried them out. They were good and I learned how to hold certain positions especially for my legs because I was still in that stage of just getting in shape.
            While using those Isometrics and others from another book, I started noticing my strength in certain areas. My ankles were getting stronger, I was healing from arthritis from my lifting days and my days in Shot Put/Discus and my body began to repair itself to the point where there was very little pain and I was moving in ways I couldn't do as a teenager. Because of that, I strengthened certain weak points not just in my legs but my shoulders, my neck, my back and even my torso. Now granted I don’t have a 6 pack of washboard abs but because of my training, …

Practice Develops Knowledge & Wisdom

We develop certain things that make us unique. Sometimes it comes naturally for us but the rest of us have to practice these things in order to be really good at them. What do you desire to do? Do you want to be a great athlete, a business man, a writer or better yet a better coach, well in order to make that desire is to practice and believe you’re practicing more than anyone else. My desire was to be strong, and a hell of a good writer. I practiced by applying the things that helped me reach my goals and not only did I get strong but I kept it consistent in various areas of my life but writing has been my love for a long time next to fitness. I was telling stories and writing about people long before I became an athlete. I learned my writing from my mom and I expanded what I learned to create my own style, I was determined to be great at it in my own right.
            To learn is to practice. It’s like if you never touched a kettlebell but wanted to be great at snatches

Making The World Your Little Playground

It doesn't matter if you’re locked in a cell or have the freedom to run around outside, you can find a way to adapt to training any way you want. A lot of people look at exercise as a closed minded ordeal that you have to be in a gym in order to get results. There are guys in prisons that have very limited space and yet some of them do some basic training methods like push-ups, squats and Isometrics yet are pretty damn fit. What about those who have an outdoor lifestyle, they don’t use smith machines or leg extensions, they use trees, the water, the playgrounds and benches. Imagination is a key to developing the type of fitness you want.
            Anybody can move some kind of weight but if they can’t move their bodies well and handle awkward positions it’s going to bite them in the ass one day. To move with power and grace is essential, you don’t have to move like your instructor exactly to the T but you want to be able to move your body naturally according to the …

One Of The Fastest Fat Burning Methods

To burn or not to burn? That is the question. The way certain people train, they try different things like weight lifting, bodyweight exercise, aerobics, sports specific strength training and/or Yoga. We don’t always look to finding ways to not only build muscle but burn the fat off as well like a furnace. If I had to pick one of the fastest methods to burn fat faster than just about anything else is the use of Isometrics.
            When it comes to Isometrics, when done properly they torch the fat as if it was being cooked on a grill. There are many ways to use Isometrics and you can do them just about at any given time. Some look at them as just positions or holding a plank. Isometrics incorporates the 2 structured links that bring harmony to the Mind/Muscle Connection because if you try to do one or the other it’s not going to fit right so using the two is like bringing PB & J together or Fruits & Veggies, The bat and the Baseball or a football to a quarterback that kind…