Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Of The Fastest Fat Burning Methods

To burn or not to burn? That is the question. The way certain people train, they try different things like weight lifting, bodyweight exercise, aerobics, sports specific strength training and/or Yoga. We don’t always look to finding ways to not only build muscle but burn the fat off as well like a furnace. If I had to pick one of the fastest methods to burn fat faster than just about anything else is the use of Isometrics.

            When it comes to Isometrics, when done properly they torch the fat as if it was being cooked on a grill. There are many ways to use Isometrics and you can do them just about at any given time. Some look at them as just positions or holding a plank. Isometrics incorporates the 2 structured links that bring harmony to the Mind/Muscle Connection because if you try to do one or the other it’s not going to fit right so using the two is like bringing PB & J together or Fruits & Veggies, The bat and the Baseball or a football to a quarterback that kind of connection. Anybody can hold some kind of position but when you hit the muscles in a specific position whether you do it all out for a few seconds or easing the tension and hold for more than a minute the way your mind fights, the body will follow.

            I've experimented with many types of isometrics including various postures, holding in an arm Wrestling position, parts of a body weight exercise like the Hindu Push-up and tried unusual types of Isometrics from the Nebraskan Wild-man Steve Justa. When you a hold a position, your nervous system shifts into overdrive and your working more than a specific muscle, your whole body comes into play. I've held positions ranging from 5 seconds to 10 straight minutes and the same principle applies no matter what you do.

            I've been experimenting holding and pulling in various positions for Arm Wrestling and what I've noticed is how the muscles begin to tire after a bit but the power is still there. No matter what you want to work on, I would bet Isometrics will help you get that little edge you need. Fat Burning using isometrics will strip fat off your body because when you hold a position, the body builds internal heat and because of the strength to hold the position all the fibers start firing and that causes the body to burn fat. 

            Isometrics when you apply them with intensity and using specific breathing patterns, they can make you feel lighter and move better with speed. Ease up on the tension of a specific hold and hold for 1 min. You will that after that one minute you work that position with a dynamic movement and your body moves with a bit more speed and power but you feel lighter at the same time. Steve Justa uses one particular method doing Jerk Reps which means you’re still contracting but using very little movements to the point where an inch or so is all you need. This still gives you that lighter feeling and your body feels good and relaxed afterwards. Keep your mind open and remember that when you practice Isometrics, your body will begin to change, kind of like natural reconstruction, your muscles will be more defined, your tendons will feel like steel rods and your strength will increase and fat will pour out of your body like crazy.


Mark Baldwin said...

Ben, can you better explain jerk reps? Mark

Ben Bergman said...


The best other explanation for Jerk Reps I can think of is when you hold a position but you make little jolts of movement. I don't know how else to say it lol.

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