Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making The World Your Little Playground

            It doesn't matter if you’re locked in a cell or have the freedom to run around outside, you can find a way to adapt to training any way you want. A lot of people look at exercise as a closed minded ordeal that you have to be in a gym in order to get results. There are guys in prisons that have very limited space and yet some of them do some basic training methods like push-ups, squats and Isometrics yet are pretty damn fit. What about those who have an outdoor lifestyle, they don’t use smith machines or leg extensions, they use trees, the water, the playgrounds and benches. Imagination is a key to developing the type of fitness you want.

            Anybody can move some kind of weight but if they can’t move their bodies well and handle awkward positions it’s going to bite them in the ass one day. To move with power and grace is essential, you don’t have to move like your instructor exactly to the T but you want to be able to move your body naturally according to the realms of your structure, moving like a wild animal is a great example of this . Move the way you can handle and if you need to progress in certain stages than do so but the more your body moves in a natural state, the stronger and healthier you get.

            A key component in developing your fitness is to find ways to gain that positional strength to help with your Range Of Motion and nothing does that better than Isometrics. When you’re in a locked position, your muscle fibers fire off harder than anything else and because you’re pushing/pulling against an immovable object, your body’s nervous system shifts into overdrive and it causes the fibers to shoot at a higher rate, thus building strength in various positions and building muscle from odd angles that you can’t get anywhere else.

            No matter where you are, you have the world as your playground, in your imagination, you can create anything you want. Believing what you can do can accelerate your progress by 10 fold. If you live on a beach, your imagination can run wild, if you happen to be in prison, it’s a bit tougher but you can still be fit and strong so use what you have but make it count no excuses. Your imagination can work wonders and help you unlock the powers of your potential. There’s no excuse for finding some form of training but the more natural the exercise, the better off you’ll be. 

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