Saturday, March 30, 2013

Build Shoulder & Upper Body Power & Strength With The Chest Expander

100 or more so years ago back in Europe they had a strength contest to see who can pull the strongest of cables in a variety of directions. These cables had springs that can be stretches as long as 18 inches (1ft 6inches) and whoever won the conest was considered the strongest puller in the world kind of like the World's Strongest Man contests today. This was called Strand Pulling.

In the early 20th century the old-time strongmen and bodybuilders of the time were using strand pulling to build strength and power in the shoulders, back, abs and arms. Men like Eugene Sandow, Thomas Inch, Joesph Greenstein AKA the Mighty Atom and even Former Mr. Universe Reg Park all used strand-pulling in their training and even Charles Atlas did it at one time before he made a killing in his course Dynamic Tension. What these men did was train the body from angles that weights and bodyweight exercises couldn't reach because the pulling from different angles built different strength in various muscles that can help other exercises be easier and more efficiant.

Now the springs back then had one flaw and thats they would either snap or they scratched the body and can really hurt you. Today the springs are gone and are replaced with Rubber Cables and with careful practice you won't get scratched if at all. Jon Hinds has created whats now called The Chest Expander. Its a modern day version of the stran pulling from years past.

If you want to gain an advantage in your training the chest expander will do just that, now like I said you will hit muscles from angles that weights and/or bodyweight exercises dont hit but you won't be isolating those muscles, you are still hitting major muscle groups and plus with cables unlike barbells and dumbbells you won't be using gravity to lift, the cable is going to try to bring you down  while trying to pull the cable up so you're building much more strength and need more strength to bring the cable up.

Build your upper body with strength that is just animalistic and mighty powerful. With cables they are also very reliable on being able to travel with. You can literally have a gym in your very own bag. In a hotel instead of going to the gym or just wanting to do it outside the cables are very resourceful. I myself have a few cables and I practice them when I need those extra angles to work on. Remember use caution and work with a cable thats right for you and not use one where you'll hit yourself in the face trust me I've done it too many times to tell you its not fun. Bring out that power in you and give those shoulders and your upper body the strength it needs to get through everyday life. Also I forgot to mention they will help your flexibility for certain stretches or yoga type exercises that you may practice. For me I love bridging and the gymnastic bridge (Wheel Pose) is a great one for me and cables have helped the flexibility in my shoulders to be able to hold the pose for quite a period of time, my longest was around 5 min. at one time.

Get the Chest Expander today and build strength for powerful presses, curls, cleans and some major pulling for the latissimus dorsi (upper back).

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