Friday, March 15, 2013

Practice Develops Knowledge & Wisdom

          We develop certain things that make us unique. Sometimes it comes naturally for us but the rest of us have to practice these things in order to be really good at them. What do you desire to do? Do you want to be a great athlete, a business man, a writer or better yet a better coach, well in order to make that desire is to practice and believe you’re practicing more than anyone else. My desire was to be strong, and a hell of a good writer. I practiced by applying the things that helped me reach my goals and not only did I get strong but I kept it consistent in various areas of my life but writing has been my love for a long time next to fitness. I was telling stories and writing about people long before I became an athlete. I learned my writing from my mom and I expanded what I learned to create my own style, I was determined to be great at it in my own right.

            To learn is to practice. It’s like if you never touched a kettlebell but wanted to be great at snatches, juggling and presses and so on but in order to do them you have to actually do them. Now there are those that say “Practice makes perfect” but what does that really imply? If you practice and its consistently terrible, does that mean you didn't practice enough, no it means you just have a consistent application at being perfectly terrible so it’s time to switch things up. There are certain things that we’re not good at and no matter how hard we try to perfect them it’s not always going to come in our favor. If we find something we love then the practice of that might be better and you’re going to get better because you’re mind is in the right place and it’s going to happen.

            Should you practice what you want to do more or less? That’s actually a tricky answer but I believe I might have an insight to how both work but one will do more than the other. Personally if you want to be the best at something you should do more of it because if you practice more and learn how it can make you better greater things will come and you developed that knowledge by understanding how it’s applied yet you also did it and have that experience. For less practice, there are those that have certain gifts and even though they practice a little, it still has that mindset that just translates to how their bodies move, the way they think and how aware they are with that natural instinct. Both have good qualities but the more you apply the more you develop and it becomes a second language to you.

            To be strong, is to simply practice. It’s not how strong you are physically or mentally, it’s the strength to apply the things you want to be really good at. Some of us can’t be huge and have a 700 lb bench press or be able to do certain feats of strength like tearing a deck of cards or bend wrenches and rip phonebooks in half, but we can get strong in areas for those who can’t because we end up practicing differently and that’s the beauty of it. Practice what you love no matter what it is and never stop learning it. Be strong at what you do and apply it the best to your abilities no one else’s. Knowledge knows and understanding, wisdom is how you apply it into action and doing it, mastery takes a lifetime but day by day practice makes it all that much sweeter. 

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