Monday, March 18, 2013

My Take On Isometrics

            While I was recovering from my accident and learning about Bodyweight exercises, I first learned about Isometrics in a specific manner from Matt Furey’s course Gama Fitness. Not understanding very well, I just went through the “non” motions and just tried them out. They were good and I learned how to hold certain positions especially for my legs because I was still in that stage of just getting in shape.

            While using those Isometrics and others from another book, I started noticing my strength in certain areas. My ankles were getting stronger, I was healing from arthritis from my lifting days and my days in Shot Put/Discus and my body began to repair itself to the point where there was very little pain and I was moving in ways I couldn't do as a teenager. Because of that, I strengthened certain weak points not just in my legs but my shoulders, my neck, my back and even my torso. Now granted I don’t have a 6 pack of washboard abs but because of my training, my core became pretty damn strong and when I did lift weights again every now and then, some of them got better than I ever did when I lifted full time.

            First learning Strength Feats from my boys Logan Christopher & Tyler Bramlett, they showed me about short bending and how to bend certain types of Steel. I ordered Ironmind nails to get me started and the best I got up to was the Green nail which to me was just incredible, I hadn't got to the spikes yet and was learning about phonebook tearing around that time. They gave me little hints and learning from my books on Isometrics I began incorporating that into my feats. How did it affect my strength? Let me sum that up by saying I was able to easily rip a brand new 1700 page phonebook the moment my sister gave it to me and my first 60D penny spike was at my friend Logan’s former gym. So safe to say it affected me in an awesome way.

            I have mentioned certain secret weapons I have that give me that edge in the Isometric realm but my biggest weapon has always been my will power to run through what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to desperately bend a wrench even it was a little toughie and I did it, it doesn't look much like a wrench but damn son that S.O.B took me out after putting it out of its misery. You can have all the equipment and all the tools you want but your real weapon is what’s inside you that defies logic, reasoning and in the case of Dennis Rogers or Bud Jeffries, the laws of physics.

            Is Isometrics the end-all-be-all type training? For some that’s all they can do but to the majority, no it shouldn't because you want to be able to move and work your body from as many angles as you can both static and dynamic. There are guys out there that give this type of training a hard time and others look at it as if it was the highest honor and then there are guys that are so damn stubborn that only one type of training is all they will ever use and say it’s either that or nothing. For me, I love variety. Using different elements and styles gets my mind going and there are times where I can’t choose just one in particular so I just make it up.

            My take on Isometrics is everyone should use them to a certain degree especially if you’re in a sport or rehab. It strengthens the tendons in ways you can’t get with anything else and wouldn't it be awesome to not get injured as often? Even just for that purpose it could make a hell of a positive impact on your life. Learn them as much as you can or use them as a backup it’s up to you but the main point is, they teach you how to use your body internally more than any other method. There are thousands of different Isometrics just ask Steve Justa. Expand your knowledge and apply them to whatever you want to do, it’s shocking sometimes what you’ll find using them. 

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