Friday, March 29, 2013

Fight For What’s Important

             If you’re truly committed to something, whether it be training or whatever, fight for it with everything you have because it’s worth making something happen. Some people half-ass it, some barely do anything an others don’t do anything at all but the real one’s who make the commitment go places. It takes practice to find something you want to achieve or have a lifelong goal.

            Taking a stand in what you believe in takes guts. In the case of training whatever it might be, if you believe in what you’re doing, no one can tell you right from wrong. Gymnasts bust their ass day in and day out for years and for what, to get a medal around their neck? Not all do this and more power to them if that’s what they want to shoot for but for some it’s much more than that. Many athletes have this same mentality but the difference is how they believe in themselves and in their sport. Michael Jordan is another prime example of believing and taking a stand on what he wanted to do to be better than anyone else.

            Your instincts are what separate you from the rest of the pack. Sometimes it’s all you can rely on but another thing to look at is listening to your heart. Your instincts help you be aware but your heart is what you feel and that can mean a lot of things but in the end you’re either going to go after what you want or you won’t. Value what you have but keep challenging yourself. Fighting for a goal makes you stronger and reliant on your instinct to make something happen but also feel it at the same time.

            If you value what matters, you’ll fight for it while being smart about it. Fighting for something can only take you so far and eventually you’ll have to rest and rethink. Think about what you’re doing and ask yourself “is this truly what I want?” I value what I have and have fought for what I believe in, not just myself but what I want to do. After my accident, there were times where I thought I wouldn't be able to walk or do the same things again. It became true but I fought back and believed that if I wanted to get stronger, I’d be damn sure find a way to do it. Making things happen puts you in a class very few achieve and the more committed you are mentally, the more you’ll want to shoot for. Fight for what’s important and do it in a way only you can do it.  

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