Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Week Trip....Finding New Things To Write

Starting tomorrow I will be going on a two week trip up north with my family. My main goals for this trip is to meditate and find new ways to bring info to you in the best way I know how. I will not be writing on this blog for that amount of time because I want to build up new ideas to write and put in more effort to create the best possible writings for you to inspire, laugh at and get intouch with what I will be writing for you the fans, visitors, subscribers and my friends.

I will be training daily as usual and be swimming, relaxing and have a kick ass time. When I get back you will see a few new changes and some new fond of writing for affiliates and some of my own work without it. You may even find me on Tough Guy News. A lot of new things are coming my friends and stay tuned with a new plethora of products being promoted by me and some of the websites I will be representing. Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best and be sure to check up the blog here and take a look some of the recent, late and past posts and shoot some comments, tell me what you would like to see in the coming fall and I will take some into consideration. Big things are coming. Stay tuned and keep a look out for new links.

So for now, take a look at the links on the blog and spread the word around about the blog. Share with your friends on facebook & twitter, subscribe and visit often. I look forward to be hearing from you guys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Superhuman Strength & Endurance Within Its Reach

To know Physical Culture is to know its history and majesty of pure and natural strength & conditioning with the fullest intent to create the ultimate athlete. Many of the men and women have come and gone. One however out of very few that has taken a grasp on the real important aspects of Physical Culture and mold the old-time methods and scrambled together the very best of what makes the ultimate athlete and that's strongman Big Bud Jeffries.

He has taken some of the biggest courses around and molded them to help you become the fittest person you can become. To develop such strength and endurance takes observation, will, believing you will get strong and work together the best to create strength & stamina at the same time. Not many people believe this is possible and if it is how is it done? Is it amount of weight? Is it amount of sets and reps? Is it conditioning along with Strength? Well its all these things and then some.

At you will find the best of the best when it comes to developing Superhuman efforts of Power, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility and Muscle/Tendon building all at the same time. These methods have been passed down over the last century by men like Bob Hoffman, Eugene Sandow, Aurthur Saxon, Maxick, Otto Arco, George Hackenshmidt, John Grimek, Reg Park, Brooks Kubik, Bradley J. Steiner, Thomas Inch & many, many more.

Take a look at what you will find at this Monstrosity of a strength website.....

Twisted Conditioning 1


Twisted Conditioning 2

Strength & Endurance For Martial Artists

How To Squat 900 lbs.

Secrets Of Massive Functional Muscle

& More....

Bud in my opinion and quite a few others...He's a modern day Paul Anderson and has become one of if not the strongest of super-heavyweights drug-free and has overcome obsticals that would make your mother cry and he's still living large and incharge and keep a level of strength and stamina that is somewhat not human. So stop on by at and find out the true and time-tested methods of our forefathers of physical culture.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strong Or Weak.....He's Got You Covered & Then Some

Every living person strives to be strong at something whether its business, strength, health, fitness, sports, carpenting or what it is they want to do it is important to maintain your health and keep up your strength no matter how old you are whether you're 10 or 100. Being the strongest as best as you can be is not only a lifelong journey but more of a quest.

My friend Logan Christopher has been on that jorney ever since he was a young skinny high school kid starting with bodybuilding and supplementation. Once he felt that didn't work he began studying bodyweight exercises from a few courses and that started his quest to find the best ways to get super strong, healthy and functionally athletic and he has done so many times over and still has much to learn just like the rest of us who are looking for the holy grail of superhuman fitness. Most of what you'll see at Legendary Strength is what kept the old time tested methods that the old timers came up with going back 100 years or more.

Within the site you will find a variety of topics that may seem unorthodox or may be even controversial but thats the beauty of what he represents. He doesn't always use lay back topics or skip over a thing or 2 no he gets straight to the point and some of it is pretty funny but also its as educational as you can get. He doesn't leave any stone unturned and puts himself right in the brink of his writing and products. Some products are bodyweight but a good portion of them also include barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.

You will find at Legendary Strength a real test of what can work for you or what can't work for you but either way he wants YOU to be the strongest you can possibly be and not just for looks but for daily life. A good portion of the products you will see will take you to another level and some of us even have surpassed that level and he helped bring in more. I mean take a look at what he has to offer....

Advanced Bridging Course

Kettlebell Snatch Domination

Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups


The Superhuman Training Membership

There are many more but these are a top pick for me because I have experienced first hand how to do all of those things and more. Snatched a 53lb. KB 83 times in 5 min, fell back into a bridge & kicked over and back, got as high as 20 handstand push-ups and am a proud member of the superhuman training programs. You may not want to do all that stuff but you can become strong and healthy. Be apart of Legendary Strength and help us bring back the time honored methods of the old-time strongmen.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Powerful Muscles & Tendons Through Pull-ups

When we look in the mirror at times we usually see the front like the arms, shoulders, head, neck and torso but we don't always see the back. When you have a powerful looking back it helps make the rest of the upper body look good. Now do we really need to do that for looks? No.

Building muscle in the back is a key component to having great strength and power. The columns all over the back with strong spinal erectors and the latissimus dorsi that makes the upper portion of the back powerful and strong. With pull-ups you can create the ultimate workout with that part of the body but its bot just building the back, its building the upper arms, forearms, your grip and believe it or not the shoulders and abdominals.

Strengthening the tendons goes a long way with pull-ups. Look at the apes in the jungle and how muscular they're backs are for their size. Do they do pull-ups for reps? Hell no but they climb and use every part of the body to make that climb. We can adapt to that by doing pull-ups. Now at first doing them is a bit of stretch especially for a big person (take it from me i'm 240+). So with that in mind we must work on tendon strength not so much muscular strength. Building muscles won't always be enough but when you build up your tendons thats where the real strength comes in.

Most people look at pull-ups at 2 different variations (palms facing away and palms facing towards you) but there are many variations and hand positions. This is where being mindful and learning from different angles creates your own training and being your own personal trainer.

At first doing pull-ups may be out of your reach so start with hanging onto the bar. Learn to hold on and build that grip strength. Move up a bit inch by inch in isometric fashions. Keep that consistant and before you know it you're doing pull-ups. I know this and am an expert on that because i've been there and its not easy especially for a guy my size. With that in mind if you want to become a pull-up master you have to learn from the best. In my opinion its Garin Bader & Cees De Kok. These two strength powerhouses are some of the best at what they do and it not only keeps them healthy but injury-free and they want to show you through Pull-up Workout Strength Training. I have met both these men and trained with one of them personally and I can honestly say they know what they're talking about.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Powerful & Graceful....The Handstand Is

Over the last 100 years, hand balancing has been one of the most impressive sights to see when it comes to bodyweight training. Some of the strongest men in the world have had experiences in hand balancing such as Bob Jones, Otto Arco, Charles Atlas, Sig Klien, Bert Asserati, Maxick, Earl Liederman, Doug Hepburn and Jack Lalanne to name a few. Talk about big names but the list goes on and on but the point I want to make here is being able to stand on your hands is one of the most powerful things you can do with your body.

Building a foundation takes tons of practice and the right kind of practice. Where your hands should, arching the back or not and keeping a solid base of where you want to be. Awareness is one of the major keys to doing hand balancing. Doing a handstand against the wall is a great way to start. Begin to feel aware of your surroundings and tap into that mental block that has kept you from getting strong in that position. It is scary at first no question but you learn to practice it over and over with the right steps.

Is hand balancing the greatest bodyweight feat of all-time? Well thats hard to say but it is one of the most coolest feats there is and whoever says handstands are for gymnasts and acrobats only is full of it. The men I have mentioned above, some of them are big dudes and one weighed over 250 pounds. Can you guess which one though?

If you check out Lost Art Of Hand you will find the best info on how to become a master hand balancer and you will find the true secrets to this great art that has amazed people from all walks of life fot 100+ years in the circus, backyards, parks, vaudville, film and pictures. Help carry on a tradition that has been passed on from one generation to the next. Become a master on your own two hands. I highly recommend these courses especially these two....

Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups


The True Art & Science Of Hand Balancing

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing Is More Powerful

When we generate strength either through adrenelin or exercise it can become somewhat surreal and yet when that strength bursts out it can be almost superhuman. For the most part you don't need years of training to get a mence amount of strength. Learning to create a surge through the body isn't easy but it is simple through different techniques such as building up energy from qi gong. Building electricity is actually more simpler then you may believe. Do this for example....Focus on your hand, either one and put on your lap now just look at it. Doing this alone can cause a tingling sensation and build energy in your hand. There's your first step to generate great energy in your body.

When you learn these techniques a good thing to keep in mind is using your imagination. Picture yourself being powerful as if you're a laser of light and you can shoot through the mountains, the stars, the moon and nothing stand in your way. Imagine generating so much energy you can knock down walls and just have a ferocious amount of strength and speed. This is where CoreForce Energy takes you on a journey to guide you through a series of techniques and simple teachings to give you the power and strength you've been searching for. Will you become extraordinary today?

A lot of this is cutting edge and revolutionary and I've seen a lot of courses over the years but this one takes the cake when it comes to gaining strength and power faster then a speeding bullet. Scientists say we only use 5% of our brain power to create super strength, well what if you could put in an extra 2% or more would you want to know how that's possible?

Its even possible to protect yourself from injury and that goes a long way because sometimes in other areas building strength can also put a strain on your body and that is a disaster for injury. Well this type of thing won't with you in this course. By learning the keys to unlock your highest potential you will be creating the biggest amount of power through your own terms and building a foundation that can transform you from a sickly person into somewhat superhuman.

So with that in mind....When you get your hands on this course you will find the hidden secrets to apply super strength and speed that have been used by some of the best martial artists in the world and even some of the strongest men in the world have used these techniques yet you don't need these things to learn to become strong. Let Garin show you how you can double even triple your strength in matter of minutes and see for yourself that there's nothing more powerful then the power of CoreForce Energy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Secrets Of Successful Animal Training

To become truely animalistic in your workouts you have to be a consistant observer. Observation plays a major role when you work on animal exercises. There are some exercises that are too dangerous but the ones that are simple are really the best ones to do. Watch Animal Planet every now and then and pick certain animals that you like. Watch how they move and how they use their bodies from various angles. In my opinion Apes and monkeys are the best to observe, they may have different structures then we do but we can adapt and improvise for ourselves.

For being a true animal you must learn to use your imagination. Be creative in what you do in your training. Just going through the motions can't hold a candle to being imaginative while physically moving. When you pick your exercises don't just hammer them out picture yourself as that animal. If you're a bear imagine yourself out in the wilderness moving boulders and every move you do you become stronger and stronger. You're a 800 lb beast with ferocious power and the strength of ten men and nothing can stand in your way. Imagine yourself as a 500 lb. gorilla that has enough power and strength that will make the strongest of men feel weak. You can pull yourself up with one finger and crush coconuts with your bare hands. When you have a mindset like these examples your results will come much quicker and much more consistant.

The beauty of this type of training is that you don't have to have a set/rep scheme like every other type of training or in a gym, you just go out and move like a wild animal. You're having a good time and you're playing with happiness and conviction. Making it fun is the most important secret of being a successful animal. Don't think of working out because if you bring that mindset into play you'll be missing out on the important things that make you want results not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I don't like doing sets when it comes to animal training its not ethical or logical. Do you see a gorilla doing sets and reps when he works out? Of course you don't thats the way he moves and the way his body was made for. When you learn to do the same thing for exercise, you'll find a much better concept.

Putting together an animal program to me is the easiest out of any type of training. All you do is pick a few animals, time yourself 8 min. 10 min. 20 min. or whatever you want and just go out and do them, either one at a time or switch after moving a few feet and keep going for as long as you can. Thats just an example but however you do your animal exercises is up to you. Forget about what you need to do and do this or that many times and whatnot just go out and have fun. Becoming strong and healthy is one thing but becoming a strong and healthy animal is even better. Go check out the links below to find the animal in you and how you can become your own powerful animal.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Animal Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild

Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chest Expander Can Create Super Strength

Back in the early days at the height of the industrial revolution there were a few physical culturists who gained fame by writing course after course on physical fitness and health. Some of these were doctors, gym owners, gymnasts, wrestlers and strongmen. During that time period cable training was relatively new at the time when machines weren't big yet and some of these cables you can use just about anywhere. Within them were steel springs that that the cables were attached to and you can stretch them as long as 18 inches. Some of the biggest names in Physical Culture at the time used them such as Eugene Sandow, Earl Liederman, Charles Atlas, Joseph Greenstein a.k.a The Mighty Atom and Grip Extrodinare Thomas Inch.

As time went on throughout America the cables sometimes were the stable of a person's fitness program and for good reason. Two Strongmen from two different eras held courses on this type of training. They were Joe Bonomo and Reg Park. Bonomo a legendary strongman was also in films as an actor and stuntman and performed feats of strength. Reg Park was and still is today considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of his generation winning major titles such as a multiple time Mr. Universe. He was one of the first bodybuilders to bench press 500 lbs. and one of the remaining few at that time that concentrated on physique as well as strength.

Nowadays the steel spring cables are replaced by one of the biggest manufacturing fitness companies in the world at Lifeline USA ran by Father and Son Bobby & Jon Hinds. They have invented some of the best peices of fitness equipment that some people have replaced weights with in using rubber cables. The new and improved Chest Expnder is one of the focal points on upper body strength and conditioning. With enough colored cables to replace an entire rack of dumbbells you can build strength and progression within seconds. I have played around with it every now and then and it always gives me a great workout and why? Because the chest expander hits your upper body from a variety of angles that nor weights or bodyweight exercises can touch.

With the thousands of dollars on a weight rack you can get these bad boys for a fraction of the price and they last a long time. You save money from going to the gym, you can pack them up in a breifcase and travel anywhere in the world and get a workout in. Believe me when I tell you this it can make your life a whole lot easier and convient for your workouts so you don't have to waste time waiting to get to a machine or which dumbbell or barbell to use. You can work out on the lake, in the sand, at home, in a hotel room, in your office hell you can even workout in the damn woods if you chose to do so there are endless possibilities for you to train in. Also it doesn't take much time either. 10 minutes with the Chest Expander would be all you need to get a brutal workout where you'll be breathing hard and gaining flexibility while putting on strength and functional muscle. If thats not enough for you then check out my friend Bud Jeffries and his course Alternative Conditioning Series where he teaches a simpler and convient way to train using clubs, hammers, maces, an Iso Ring, the Portable Power Jumper and even a more indepth look into the (drum roll please.....) chest expander.

Go and take a look. You will see that the chest expander will do wonders for you and your body. Learn as many as 20+ exercises with this one peice of equipment. You can have a whole gym in just this one bad boy. Go ahead take a peak.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Missing Ingredient That Could Save Your Life

In the US alone some reports say that at least 10,500 have suffered spinal injuries and over 1.8 million people a year suffer a concussion. Are there ways to prevent this from happening to YOU!!!! Yes there is and it can even save your life while gaining a great amount of strength, flexibility and improving your health. Our spines are the most important parts of the human anatomy. They are the electricity that resides within us and has an important connection to the human brain.

If you’re not in good shape, chances are your spine isn’t in great shape either and you will find how you can reverse this. I’ve hurt my back a few times in my life lifting things and landing on it a time or 2 and have even tweaked it a bit while I was a shot put and discus thrower in high school. Once I learned this secret to great spinal flexibility and health I have never looked back.

Its time you took advantage of the work that has been proven by many to be one of the most important realms of physical culture. Yet at the same time its also one of the most feared exercises. Is it for everyone, no but I think I high majority would be able to learn this secret and that is the Bridge.

My friend Logan Christopher has put together the most comprehensive course on the bridge and so far I haven’t really found another that tackles the subject of this magnitude. Picture for a moment having thick columns of muscle on your neck and back and not feeling stiff as a board. Be able to move around like you were a little kid a long time ago. Learn the time tested method that can give you power and explosiveness not just in your spine but legs as well.

Most people think of a bridge as in either wrestling or yoga. Ones on the head and the other is on the hands. These are the wrestler’s Bridge and the Gymnastic Bridge (Wheel Pose for you Yogis). These 2 exercises in Advanced Bridging Course can have you build and develop greater mobility and stability in your shoulders, back, neck, legs and your abs. Just one workout with the various exercises in the course can wear down the toughest of men. It can be used by anyone who is in a good amount of shape and it even works on heavy weight people (yours truly at 240+ lbs.). I’ve done a few workouts and every time I do them I end up sweating like bullets and breathing more then usual and that’s just within a few minutes.

I can tell you first hand an from personal experience that it takes practice and its going to take patience because unlike most courses this one is bent on (pun intended) moving in ways you normally don’t and there are many progressions to learn from. Once you start getting the hang of it you will find ways to bend yourself in places that would amaze your friends. This isn’t for gymnasts and wrestlers anymore. It’s your turn now. Learn to create your own set of workouts that can be done in less then 15 min. You don’t need more then a few exercises to get your ass whipped.

Like I said before the bridge has been known to be a fearful exercise so Logan here has taken the liberty to teach you how to do these exercises safely and shows you certain signs if you need to stop and how you can prevent from hurting yourself. Follow the guidelines and I guarantee you, you will be doing moves that would impress a few people. Imagine you are falling back into a good solid bridge whether on the head or hands and kicking over and kicking back. It may not feel like a reality now but when you get your hands on the Advanced Bridging Course you will get results you’ve never seen before. You will burn fat, build muscle, gain enormous flexibility and add in a bit of agility you will be one awesome Bridger and have one of the best conditioned bodies around.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whether Music Or Exercise Its Got To Breathe

I was watching Eddie & The Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives last night. For those that don’t know or remember it’s the sequel to the cult classic Eddie & The Cruisers. This became a cult classic as well and for good reason. The music in the film is just unbelievable and whether Michael Pare was lip syncing or not or played the guitar it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that his passion for music and his struggle to regain his life is just out of this world.

 In one scene, Eddie was showing a lead guitarist how music should be played. You see the young guitarist play and although very good and can riff like Randy Rhodes or Kirk Hammet he was missing a key thing that can be used for everything in life and that’s breathing. He was going off so fast he forgets that the music has to breathe and live. Eddie tells him what he thinks and shows him how the guitar should be breathing with rhythm and passion and deepness. If you ever saw the movie you know what I’m talking about. It’s a very momentous part of the film in my opinion.

 Now that is out of the way what the hell does that have to do with exercise? Well everything my friend. Like life you have to breathe and feel the true power inside you. It’s not about muscle or how big you are. It’s about heart, passion and the love for what you do.  If you just play right through without being passionate about it then you won’t find the real results you want. Like Eddie Wilson is about music I’m about exercise. It’s in my blood and nothing else matters (no pun intended Metallica lol). I don’t care about having my head on a magazine or wanting so much publicity its stupid to me its all about going out and move with my heart and soul. That’s where true strength & conditioning comes from. Training with your heart and soul is a far cry then to just not think and just go through the motions.

 The fire inside of you will take you beyond what you think your abilities are. Most people who train don’t know a damn thing about heart and passion for what they do. For those that do most avoid because a true man of exercise doesn’t talk or listen to others and he competes with himself not against others. When I train whether for 5min. or an hour I put everything aside and compete against myself and see what comes out of it. I’ve had good days and bad days training but no matter what I’m going to give whatever I have. Does that mean I’m going to push beyond my limits everyday? No. You will find deep down what works for you.

Anyone who is passionate for what they do deserves respect. Those are the ones that go past when no one else will, those are the men and women that take what they do for themselves when most want appraisal by others and those are the ones who truly fight for what they believe in.

I know a couple of real musicians that do what they do with fire, passion and heart. One of them is a concert pianist that goes beyond just your typical piano player and entertainer. He flies overhead on a silk curtain, he’ll play other instruments that are just as powerful as his piano playing and he’ll do a few tricks every now and then that will blow you away. His name is Garin Bader and he’s the creator of CoreForce Energy. A system that will give you super strength and speed fast and you won’t need hours of training or steroids to get big or better yet this system can even take what you love to another level. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, musician, entertainer or carpenter for that matter this course has something for everyone. I consider him one of my idols for what he does. I’ve seen first hand what this man can do and it’s just surreal.

Find your true passion whether its exercise, music, athletics, business or hell being a teacher and when you really love it the most everything will fall into place. It reminds me of Jack Palance in City Slickers when he told Billy Crystal the secret to life “Just one thing. When you stick to that the rest of the world don’t mean shit.” Think about it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Become A Rugged Juggler

Now picture this in your mind and want you to see it clear as day….You’re in your backyard or park wherever you’re at and you have a heavy kettlebell in your hands. You swing it around for a bit then you switch hands and before you know it you’re juggling it around the back, under the legs and catching it in the air. If you see that then you have a good imagination that you can make into a reality.

It’s a fact that throwing a weight around with ease builds insane conditioning that isn’t just challenging but fun as hell. I’ve done it a bit myself and believe me its not as easy as it looks. That shouldn’t stop you though. A lot of people get discouraged from what can work for them and if its going to bring them results. There’s no way in hell you can juggle a kettlebell and not be in awesome physical shape.

A dull workout happens to us every once in a while but trust me when I say this if you really get into juggling kettlebells you will NEVER have a boring workout ever again. You have to constantly be aware of your surroundings and keep a sharp eye on catching the kettlebell itself. When you’re juggling you’re also building grip strength & agility that is unlike anything else you’ve ever done and holy crap man talk about cardio. Just doing less then 5 min. of a KB Juggling Workout will get your heart rate up fast and no I’m not joking on that.

With proper training Juggling can make your snatch and presses feel like a breeze and it’s still impressive. Imagine yourself being able to move heavy weight around with ease and impress your friends with your new found strength. Your conditioning will soar and believe me when I say this you cannot I repeat CANNOT juggle a KB without using your whole body as a unit. This makes isolation training look like a cake walk.

In this course developed by my good friend Logan Christopher, he will show you the basics of how to juggle the weight around and I bet in less then three minutes you will be able to do your first flip. Through some of the strongest men on the planet they all agree that this course is one of the best of its kind and one of the most innovative training components there is. I’ve seen first hand how strong a man can get through this type of training and it blows my mind every time. The skills you’ll develop will help carry over to a lot of others things because it teaches, hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, grip strength & agility, full body training and it takes less time to get your heart up then a cardio bike.

When the heart rate goes up during a workout you’re increasing your HGH levels and when that happens you’re building muscle and burning fat. Natural HGH levels go a long way in developing a great body along with insane strength & endurance. Burning body fat is what a lot of us try to achieve so we can build the body of our dreams and with this kind of workout it’ll come quicker then you’ll ever imagine. 

With the Definitive Guide To Kettlebell Juggling, you will learn to perform hundreds of different moves and skills and because of that Logan has an Iron Balls guarantee that you will get strong and fast. Not only that but he’s throwing in a set of bonuses that are worth more then what he’s giving you. These are a treasure to have and he’s giving them to you with a lifetime membership. You will get to see and learn new videos whenever he tackles the subject. There will be a total of not one not two but SEVEN BONUSES!!!!

Lifetime Membership

Interview With Strongman John Brookfield

Interview With The Iron Tamer David Whitley

Interview With Andrew Durnait

Interview With Jeff Martone & Bud Jeffries

Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Interrogation Of Logan Christopher

And Last But Not Least….

87 Kettlebell Juggling Workouts Special Report

Damn that’s a ton of stuff to be getting for free when you get the Definitive Guide To Kettlebell Juggling. No wonder he’s putting his balls on the line. Get your ass over to the site and check out what’s in stored for you. Your new found strength & conditioning is just one click away.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Super Human Training Series

Becoming strong is a must have for any man or woman and for good reason. Being strong doesn’t mean you need to have big muscles or look like Fabio and whatnot. Being strong has a sense of purpose and it can mean anything. You can get strong at weights, bodyweight, bending steel, using kettle bells or lift odd objects whatever you want to achieve. Yet in order to become strong you must first have a will to push through limits you never knew you had. Yes you got to start out slow and patiently in order to get used to the training but also to learn from the best in order to achieve the best.

Learning from the best in what you want to achieve can help you reach to heights you never thought possible. Take it from me who learned from ghost writers as a weight lifter and then when I started learning from the real experts my results shot like a rocket and haven’t stopped learning since.

What if you can learn and have it on a monthly basis and learn from the strongest and most intelligent men in their field? Trust me ladies there’s something in there for you as well. You can be personally coached through a DVD and through online concepts, exercises and techniques. You can even get a full makeover in your training if you look hard enough. This friend is the Super Human Training Series conducted by Logan Christopher &Bud Jeffries. They both share a common goal in getting you on the right track to success in your strength & conditioning. I should know because I have personally been coached by both of them at one time or another and they have always something to bring to the table when it comes to strength and fitness.

It’s without question that these two strength giants have a love for teaching you the best way they know how but they’re not alone. Some of the strongest men and women are right behind them showing you the path to super human. Plus if you sign up with an activation fee you will get access to online resources of strength, fitness, grip techniques, audio & video interviews, plus a few free bonuses including Kettle Bell swinging, super human strength & endurance & more if you sign up now. Take a chance and get yourself on the path to success.