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Two Week Trip....Finding New Things To Write

Starting tomorrow I will be going on a two week trip up north with my family. My main goals for this trip is to meditate and find new ways to bring info to you in the best way I know how. I will not be writing on this blog for that amount of time because I want to build up new ideas to write and put in more effort to create the best possible writings for you to inspire, laugh at and get intouch with what I will be writing for you the fans, visitors, subscribers and my friends.

I will be training daily as usual and be swimming, relaxing and have a kick ass time. When I get back you will see a few new changes and some new fond of writing for affiliates and some of my own work without it. You may even find me on Tough Guy News. A lot of new things are coming my friends and stay tuned with a new plethora of products being promoted by me and some of the websites I will be representing. Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best and be sure to check up the blog here and take a …

Superhuman Strength & Endurance Within Its Reach

To know Physical Culture is to know its history and majesty of pure and natural strength & conditioning with the fullest intent to create the ultimate athlete. Many of the men and women have come and gone. One however out of very few that has taken a grasp on the real important aspects of Physical Culture and mold the old-time methods and scrambled together the very best of what makes the ultimate athlete and that's strongman Big Bud Jeffries.

He has taken some of the biggest courses around and molded them to help you become the fittest person you can become. To develop such strength and endurance takes observation, will, believing you will get strong and work together the best to create strength & stamina at the same time. Not many people believe this is possible and if it is how is it done? Is it amount of weight? Is it amount of sets and reps? Is it conditioning along with Strength? Well its all these things and then some.

At you will find the best of t…

Strong Or Weak.....He's Got You Covered & Then Some

Every living person strives to be strong at something whether its business, strength, health, fitness, sports, carpenting or what it is they want to do it is important to maintain your health and keep up your strength no matter how old you are whether you're 10 or 100. Being the strongest as best as you can be is not only a lifelong journey but more of a quest.

My friend Logan Christopher has been on that jorney ever since he was a young skinny high school kid starting with bodybuilding and supplementation. Once he felt that didn't work he began studying bodyweight exercises from a few courses and that started his quest to find the best ways to get super strong, healthy and functionally athletic and he has done so many times over and still has much to learn just like the rest of us who are looking for the holy grail of superhuman fitness. Most of what you'll see at Legendary Strength is what kept the old time tested methods that the old timers came up with going back 100 y…

Powerful Muscles & Tendons Through Pull-ups

When we look in the mirror at times we usually see the front like the arms, shoulders, head, neck and torso but we don't always see the back. When you have a powerful looking back it helps make the rest of the upper body look good. Now do we really need to do that for looks? No.

Building muscle in the back is a key component to having great strength and power. The columns all over the back with strong spinal erectors and the latissimus dorsi that makes the upper portion of the back powerful and strong. With pull-ups you can create the ultimate workout with that part of the body but its bot just building the back, its building the upper arms, forearms, your grip and believe it or not the shoulders and abdominals.

Strengthening the tendons goes a long way with pull-ups. Look at the apes in the jungle and how muscular they're backs are for their size. Do they do pull-ups for reps? Hell no but they climb and use every part of the body to make that climb. We can adapt to that by do…

Powerful & Graceful....The Handstand Is

Over the last 100 years, hand balancing has been one of the most impressive sights to see when it comes to bodyweight training. Some of the strongest men in the world have had experiences in hand balancing such as Bob Jones, Otto Arco, Charles Atlas, Sig Klien, Bert Asserati, Maxick, Earl Liederman, Doug Hepburn and Jack Lalanne to name a few. Talk about big names but the list goes on and on but the point I want to make here is being able to stand on your hands is one of the most powerful things you can do with your body.

Building a foundation takes tons of practice and the right kind of practice. Where your hands should, arching the back or not and keeping a solid base of where you want to be. Awareness is one of the major keys to doing hand balancing. Doing a handstand against the wall is a great way to start. Begin to feel aware of your surroundings and tap into that mental block that has kept you from getting strong in that position. It is scary at first no question but you learn …

Nothing Is More Powerful

When we generate strength either through adrenelin or exercise it can become somewhat surreal and yet when that strength bursts out it can be almost superhuman. For the most part you don't need years of training to get a mence amount of strength. Learning to create a surge through the body isn't easy but it is simple through different techniques such as building up energy from qi gong. Building electricity is actually more simpler then you may believe. Do this for example....Focus on your hand, either one and put on your lap now just look at it. Doing this alone can cause a tingling sensation and build energy in your hand. There's your first step to generate great energy in your body.

When you learn these techniques a good thing to keep in mind is using your imagination. Picture yourself being powerful as if you're a laser of light and you can shoot through the mountains, the stars, the moon and nothing stand in your way. Imagine generating so much energy you can knock…

Secrets Of Successful Animal Training

To become truely animalistic in your workouts you have to be a consistant observer. Observation plays a major role when you work on animal exercises. There are some exercises that are too dangerous but the ones that are simple are really the best ones to do. Watch Animal Planet every now and then and pick certain animals that you like. Watch how they move and how they use their bodies from various angles. In my opinion Apes and monkeys are the best to observe, they may have different structures then we do but we can adapt and improvise for ourselves.

For being a true animal you must learn to use your imagination. Be creative in what you do in your training. Just going through the motions can't hold a candle to being imaginative while physically moving. When you pick your exercises don't just hammer them out picture yourself as that animal. If you're a bear imagine yourself out in the wilderness moving boulders and every move you do you become stronger and stronger. You…

Chest Expander Can Create Super Strength

Back in the early days at the height of the industrial revolution there were a few physical culturists who gained fame by writing course after course on physical fitness and health. Some of these were doctors, gym owners, gymnasts, wrestlers and strongmen. During that time period cable training was relatively new at the time when machines weren't big yet and some of these cables you can use just about anywhere. Within them were steel springs that that the cables were attached to and you can stretch them as long as 18 inches. Some of the biggest names in Physical Culture at the time used them such as Eugene Sandow, Earl Liederman, Charles Atlas, Joseph Greenstein a.k.a The Mighty Atom and Grip Extrodinare Thomas Inch.

As time went on throughout America the cables sometimes were the stable of a person's fitness program and for good reason. Two Strongmen from two different eras held courses on this type of training. They were Joe Bonomo and Reg Park. Bonomo a legendary strongman…

Missing Ingredient That Could Save Your Life

In the US alone some reports say that at least 10,500 have suffered spinal injuries and over 1.8 million people a year suffer a concussion. Are there ways to prevent this from happening to YOU!!!! Yes there is and it can even save your life while gaining a great amount of strength, flexibility and improving your health. Our spines are the most important parts of the human anatomy. They are the electricity that resides within us and has an important connection to the human brain.

If you’re not in good shape, chances are your spine isn’t in great shape either and you will find how you can reverse this. I’ve hurt my back a few times in my life lifting things and landing on it a time or 2 and have even tweaked it a bit while I was a shot put and discus thrower in high school. Once I learned this secret to great spinal flexibility and health I have never looked back.

Its time you took advantage of the work that has been proven by many to be one of the most important realms of physical cul…

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Whether Music Or Exercise Its Got To Breathe

I was watching Eddie & The Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives last night. For those that don’t know or remember it’s the sequel to the cult classic Eddie & The Cruisers. This became a cult classic as well and for good reason. The music in the film is just unbelievable and whether Michael Pare was lip syncing or not or played the guitar it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that his passion for music and his struggle to regain his life is just out of this world.
In one scene, Eddie was showing a lead guitarist how music should be played. You see the young guitarist play and although very good and can riff like Randy Rhodes or Kirk Hammet he was missing a key thing that can be used for everything in life and that’s breathing. He was going off so fast he forgets that the music has to breathe and live. Eddie tells him what he thinks and shows him how the guitar should be breathing with rhythm and passion and deepness. If you ever saw the movie you know what I’m talking about. It’s a very mo…

Become A Rugged Juggler

Now picture this in your mind and want you to see it clear as day….You’re in your backyard or park wherever you’re at and you have a heavy kettlebell in your hands. You swing it around for a bit then you switch hands and before you know it you’re juggling it around the back, under the legs and catching it in the air. If you see that then you have a good imagination that you can make into a reality.

It’s a fact that throwing a weight around with ease builds insane conditioning that isn’t just challenging but fun as hell. I’ve done it a bit myself and believe me its not as easy as it looks. That shouldn’t stop you though. A lot of people get discouraged from what can work for them and if its going to bring them results. There’s no way in hell you can juggle a kettlebell and not be in awesome physical shape.

A dull workout happens to us every once in a while but trust me when I say this if you really get into juggling kettlebells you will NEVER have a boring workout ever again. You have t…

Super Human Training Series

Becoming strong is a must have for any man or woman and for good reason. Being strong doesn’t mean you need to have big muscles or look like Fabio and whatnot. Being strong has a sense of purpose and it can mean anything. You can get strong at weights, bodyweight, bending steel, using kettle bells or lift odd objects whatever you want to achieve. Yet in order to become strong you must first have a will to push through limits you never knew you had. Yes you got to start out slow and patiently in order to get used to the training but also to learn from the best in order to achieve the best.
Learning from the best in what you want to achieve can help you reach to heights you never thought possible. Take it from me who learned from ghost writers as a weight lifter and then when I started learning from the real experts my results shot like a rocket and haven’t stopped learning since.

What if you can learn and have it on a monthly basis and learn from the strongest and most intelligent men…