Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Become A Rugged Juggler

Now picture this in your mind and want you to see it clear as day….You’re in your backyard or park wherever you’re at and you have a heavy kettlebell in your hands. You swing it around for a bit then you switch hands and before you know it you’re juggling it around the back, under the legs and catching it in the air. If you see that then you have a good imagination that you can make into a reality.

It’s a fact that throwing a weight around with ease builds insane conditioning that isn’t just challenging but fun as hell. I’ve done it a bit myself and believe me its not as easy as it looks. That shouldn’t stop you though. A lot of people get discouraged from what can work for them and if its going to bring them results. There’s no way in hell you can juggle a kettlebell and not be in awesome physical shape.

A dull workout happens to us every once in a while but trust me when I say this if you really get into juggling kettlebells you will NEVER have a boring workout ever again. You have to constantly be aware of your surroundings and keep a sharp eye on catching the kettlebell itself. When you’re juggling you’re also building grip strength & agility that is unlike anything else you’ve ever done and holy crap man talk about cardio. Just doing less then 5 min. of a KB Juggling Workout will get your heart rate up fast and no I’m not joking on that.

With proper training Juggling can make your snatch and presses feel like a breeze and it’s still impressive. Imagine yourself being able to move heavy weight around with ease and impress your friends with your new found strength. Your conditioning will soar and believe me when I say this you cannot I repeat CANNOT juggle a KB without using your whole body as a unit. This makes isolation training look like a cake walk.

In this course developed by my good friend Logan Christopher, he will show you the basics of how to juggle the weight around and I bet in less then three minutes you will be able to do your first flip. Through some of the strongest men on the planet they all agree that this course is one of the best of its kind and one of the most innovative training components there is. I’ve seen first hand how strong a man can get through this type of training and it blows my mind every time. The skills you’ll develop will help carry over to a lot of others things because it teaches, hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, grip strength & agility, full body training and it takes less time to get your heart up then a cardio bike.

When the heart rate goes up during a workout you’re increasing your HGH levels and when that happens you’re building muscle and burning fat. Natural HGH levels go a long way in developing a great body along with insane strength & endurance. Burning body fat is what a lot of us try to achieve so we can build the body of our dreams and with this kind of workout it’ll come quicker then you’ll ever imagine. 

With the Definitive Guide To Kettlebell Juggling, you will learn to perform hundreds of different moves and skills and because of that Logan has an Iron Balls guarantee that you will get strong and fast. Not only that but he’s throwing in a set of bonuses that are worth more then what he’s giving you. These are a treasure to have and he’s giving them to you with a lifetime membership. You will get to see and learn new videos whenever he tackles the subject. There will be a total of not one not two but SEVEN BONUSES!!!!

Lifetime Membership

Interview With Strongman John Brookfield

Interview With The Iron Tamer David Whitley

Interview With Andrew Durnait

Interview With Jeff Martone & Bud Jeffries

Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Interrogation Of Logan Christopher

And Last But Not Least….

87 Kettlebell Juggling Workouts Special Report

Damn that’s a ton of stuff to be getting for free when you get the Definitive Guide To Kettlebell Juggling. No wonder he’s putting his balls on the line. Get your ass over to the site and check out what’s in stored for you. Your new found strength & conditioning is just one click away.  

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