Monday, July 11, 2011

Missing Ingredient That Could Save Your Life

In the US alone some reports say that at least 10,500 have suffered spinal injuries and over 1.8 million people a year suffer a concussion. Are there ways to prevent this from happening to YOU!!!! Yes there is and it can even save your life while gaining a great amount of strength, flexibility and improving your health. Our spines are the most important parts of the human anatomy. They are the electricity that resides within us and has an important connection to the human brain.

If you’re not in good shape, chances are your spine isn’t in great shape either and you will find how you can reverse this. I’ve hurt my back a few times in my life lifting things and landing on it a time or 2 and have even tweaked it a bit while I was a shot put and discus thrower in high school. Once I learned this secret to great spinal flexibility and health I have never looked back.

Its time you took advantage of the work that has been proven by many to be one of the most important realms of physical culture. Yet at the same time its also one of the most feared exercises. Is it for everyone, no but I think I high majority would be able to learn this secret and that is the Bridge.

My friend Logan Christopher has put together the most comprehensive course on the bridge and so far I haven’t really found another that tackles the subject of this magnitude. Picture for a moment having thick columns of muscle on your neck and back and not feeling stiff as a board. Be able to move around like you were a little kid a long time ago. Learn the time tested method that can give you power and explosiveness not just in your spine but legs as well.

Most people think of a bridge as in either wrestling or yoga. Ones on the head and the other is on the hands. These are the wrestler’s Bridge and the Gymnastic Bridge (Wheel Pose for you Yogis). These 2 exercises in Advanced Bridging Course can have you build and develop greater mobility and stability in your shoulders, back, neck, legs and your abs. Just one workout with the various exercises in the course can wear down the toughest of men. It can be used by anyone who is in a good amount of shape and it even works on heavy weight people (yours truly at 240+ lbs.). I’ve done a few workouts and every time I do them I end up sweating like bullets and breathing more then usual and that’s just within a few minutes.

I can tell you first hand an from personal experience that it takes practice and its going to take patience because unlike most courses this one is bent on (pun intended) moving in ways you normally don’t and there are many progressions to learn from. Once you start getting the hang of it you will find ways to bend yourself in places that would amaze your friends. This isn’t for gymnasts and wrestlers anymore. It’s your turn now. Learn to create your own set of workouts that can be done in less then 15 min. You don’t need more then a few exercises to get your ass whipped.

Like I said before the bridge has been known to be a fearful exercise so Logan here has taken the liberty to teach you how to do these exercises safely and shows you certain signs if you need to stop and how you can prevent from hurting yourself. Follow the guidelines and I guarantee you, you will be doing moves that would impress a few people. Imagine you are falling back into a good solid bridge whether on the head or hands and kicking over and kicking back. It may not feel like a reality now but when you get your hands on the Advanced Bridging Course you will get results you’ve never seen before. You will burn fat, build muscle, gain enormous flexibility and add in a bit of agility you will be one awesome Bridger and have one of the best conditioned bodies around.

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