Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whether Music Or Exercise Its Got To Breathe

I was watching Eddie & The Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives last night. For those that don’t know or remember it’s the sequel to the cult classic Eddie & The Cruisers. This became a cult classic as well and for good reason. The music in the film is just unbelievable and whether Michael Pare was lip syncing or not or played the guitar it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that his passion for music and his struggle to regain his life is just out of this world.

 In one scene, Eddie was showing a lead guitarist how music should be played. You see the young guitarist play and although very good and can riff like Randy Rhodes or Kirk Hammet he was missing a key thing that can be used for everything in life and that’s breathing. He was going off so fast he forgets that the music has to breathe and live. Eddie tells him what he thinks and shows him how the guitar should be breathing with rhythm and passion and deepness. If you ever saw the movie you know what I’m talking about. It’s a very momentous part of the film in my opinion.

 Now that is out of the way what the hell does that have to do with exercise? Well everything my friend. Like life you have to breathe and feel the true power inside you. It’s not about muscle or how big you are. It’s about heart, passion and the love for what you do.  If you just play right through without being passionate about it then you won’t find the real results you want. Like Eddie Wilson is about music I’m about exercise. It’s in my blood and nothing else matters (no pun intended Metallica lol). I don’t care about having my head on a magazine or wanting so much publicity its stupid to me its all about going out and move with my heart and soul. That’s where true strength & conditioning comes from. Training with your heart and soul is a far cry then to just not think and just go through the motions.

 The fire inside of you will take you beyond what you think your abilities are. Most people who train don’t know a damn thing about heart and passion for what they do. For those that do most avoid because a true man of exercise doesn’t talk or listen to others and he competes with himself not against others. When I train whether for 5min. or an hour I put everything aside and compete against myself and see what comes out of it. I’ve had good days and bad days training but no matter what I’m going to give whatever I have. Does that mean I’m going to push beyond my limits everyday? No. You will find deep down what works for you.

Anyone who is passionate for what they do deserves respect. Those are the ones that go past when no one else will, those are the men and women that take what they do for themselves when most want appraisal by others and those are the ones who truly fight for what they believe in.

I know a couple of real musicians that do what they do with fire, passion and heart. One of them is a concert pianist that goes beyond just your typical piano player and entertainer. He flies overhead on a silk curtain, he’ll play other instruments that are just as powerful as his piano playing and he’ll do a few tricks every now and then that will blow you away. His name is Garin Bader and he’s the creator of CoreForce Energy. A system that will give you super strength and speed fast and you won’t need hours of training or steroids to get big or better yet this system can even take what you love to another level. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, musician, entertainer or carpenter for that matter this course has something for everyone. I consider him one of my idols for what he does. I’ve seen first hand what this man can do and it’s just surreal.

Find your true passion whether its exercise, music, athletics, business or hell being a teacher and when you really love it the most everything will fall into place. It reminds me of Jack Palance in City Slickers when he told Billy Crystal the secret to life “Just one thing. When you stick to that the rest of the world don’t mean shit.” Think about it.

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