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Prostate Problems?

The prostate can appear to be the bane of older men. With over 50% of men in Westernized countries having some degree of difficulty with it. But the good news is there is a lot you can do about it…without resorting to drugs. And if you support your prostate naturally that means supporting your hormone health too. Check out this ARTICLE for lots of detailed information. 
Here’s the #1 herb I would recommend…NETTLE ROOT

Ever Heard Of The Non-Workout Workout?

That might sound a little confusing to many but bear with me here. When is a workout not a workout and if it isn't a workout than why call it a workout? Brain getting flustered yet LOL? This is one of the many reasons why I love Animal Exercises; it's simply a more fun way of looking at exercise because when most hear the word W-O-R-K-O-U-T it can be a fitness turn off since it involves the first four letters "WORK." I mean seriously if you want to work isn't that what a job is? When you train, you want to do something that's interesting and gives you inspiration to do more of it (within reason of course).

Animal Exercises  is basically set up more like play and letting you move in different directions, strengthening your body from odd angles and be more of an adventure than work. Yeah I'll tell you it is tough and can be hard at times but when you focus more on the movement and acting out an animal it doesn't become too difficult. You're moving yo…

Indian Viagra

There’s a certain Ayurvedic supplement that has earned multiple names and reputations. One of those is Indian Viagra (I’m hoping you can fill in the blanks because if I write that word this email would probably be in your spam folder. If you need a hint it is a little pill prescribed by doctors for old men who need help getting it up.)

This supplement is more properly known as Shilajit.

Of course this is an all-natural herbal supplement so it’s not going to work quite in the same way as a drug, and anyone telling you it will is lying to you.

But if that’s the case, why did it get this name?

Shilajit is an amazing substance that does many things. It first and foremost can be thought of as anti-aging.

One of the many things it does is help the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells, to work better.

Another thing it does is supply trace minerals.

In all of these cases it helps to restore proper functioning of the human body, or halting or slowing its breakdown in the first place.


I Love Being An Ape

Acting out like a big primate and doing all sorts of movements, hanging and playing makes up for a hell of a training session. When you play around with Primate (Ape/Monkey) Exercises, you're moving your body in a very unique fashion. Utilizing natural movements of Jungle Animals gives you a muscle building and tendon strengthening entity you can't get from other training programs.

Hanging on a bar alone is not as easy as it looks and the bigger you are, the harder it is. When a gorilla or orangutan hang from a tree, they're supporting their whole body weight which can very from 180-400 lbs. or more. It takes a lot of tendon strength to withstand that kind of power; so when us humans do it it's quite remarkable. Think of how rock climbers, gymnasts, acrobats and other type of athletes that need pure strength throughout their whole body to hang on in a specific hold or move throughout a plane of motion. Chimps have a bone crushing grip to the point where if you had the …

Energize Your Body With Odin's Blood: A Pre-Workout Formula Fit For The Gods Of Asgard

Many Pre-Workout formulas don't always seem to live up to the hype and most of the time have nothing but horrifying ingredients that can lead to health issues. The Norse Gods were the strongest of warriors in Mythology from Thor to Balder to The All-Father himself and when they drank, it was with ferocious intensity because when you have had the battle of your life, you need the fuel to bring forth the power and durability of a warrior that fought with honor.

Pre-Workout Formulas aren't just an energy booster, it's to prepare you for the battles (training) ahead and give you a jolt of strength to withstand the upcoming exercises that will forge a body that was made for strength, health and the endurance to take on intense training. Odin's Blood doesn't just give you that boost; it turns you into a beast of a being that is ready to give into the powers of the Norse and turn your training from a subtle move through the motions to a high level of enduring power to bu…

Monkeying Around Is For Me A Compliment

In the short couple days that I've had my Pull-Up Rack, its becoming very addicting and fun to use. When I get too tired from the hanging and pull-ups, I move like an ape on the ground walking, jumping and a lot more. That's the beauty of monkeying around when I exercise, its an adventure and I'm not settling for the "human" structure of sets and reps schemes that can sometimes be overwhelming. Its fun and full of excitement.

Being a primate or the Simian kind; gives off less restrictions and more freedom to test your abilities and see what the body is capable of without needing to go overboard of a structured workout and going to failure. I never truly believed in going to failure because for one, I can't afford to get injured and be out for an extended period of time. I don't go for the "Go big, go home" bullshit; I play and make my training interesting. The only thing serious about my training doing Primate/Animal Exercises is learning to do …

Hanging At The Bar Works Wonders For Your Health

Thought I'd start off with a little joke. No i'm not talking about an establishment that serves alcohol. For people that really know me know I don't drink and get wasted. For me, going to a bar means something different; more jungle like and developing physical abilities from simple forms of exercise that are actually quite difficult for the average person. Exercises that are not only essential for amazing health but can alleviate back pain and slim the abdominals to a great degree.

Hanging at the bar to me is a literal sense of activity, you are hanging on a pull-up bar and staying for as you can. This exercise alone has insane benefits such as: Tendon Strength Builder, stretches & tones the core muscles including the obliques, strengthens the grip, opens up the shoulders, elongates the spine which can eliminate back pain and develop natural posture. There's far more but you get the idea.

I just got my new CAP BARBELL RACK yesterday and although I don't plan o…

Every Story Starts Somewhere

Where Does Your Story Begin???
In one of my episodes on my Power & Might Facebook Page, I talked about what comics can do to inspire others to get in shape and build on ideas of using stories as certain aspects of motivation. Here's a piece of what was in that VideoCast.....

Every comic regardless of character, scene, situation & dialogue/monologue start somewhere and in order to get your mind wrapped into the story, it'll hit you at the beginning. Some stories might hit you more in the middle because of the slow process or the story just isn't getting anywhere until the middle act comes but if it captivates you from the very beginning, that's something to look forward to.

Every person has a story that began somewhere in time. Some people's story don't start until they reach a certain age or a milestone in their life. Maybe they're story really begins after hitting rock bottom or their journey from rock bottom you can never truly know until it happe…

The Wild Is A Sanctuary

Jungle Workouts or Play is a gift of giving us back our roots to nature. Being able to handle our body's natural abilities of jumping, crawling, swimming, running (Sprint not jogging), balancing and have the strength to move in awkward positions is essential to the power of our lifespan. Progressing at your own pace and having fun and creative can enhance your results larger than that of going through the motions with no sense of imagination and over-analyzing the movements themselves.

When you move like a wild animal, you're using more than just the muscles within a giving movement; you're using the whole body from the inside out as the total package of muscular movement, the strength and mobility of the joints, tendons & ligaments, utilizing the full extent of your lumbar, creating billions of nerves within the brain and the power of your organs to form fresh & oxygenated blood into your veins. It isn't like lifting a typical weight like a bench press or a cu…

Do You Have Jungle Fever?

In the jungle, in order to survive you must move and be aware of your surroundings. In the fitness world, moving efficiently creates better muscular development and acquiring the ability to strengthen the body from awkward angles. Animal Exercise is a complex style of movement and in order to be great at it is to progress from beginner to advanced like an animal in the wild starting out as a baby and growing into adulthood.

The exercises themselves are very powerful, intense and fun but in order to build on getting results the quickest way possible is to visualize as that animal as you move within the action. Unlike being in a stabilized strict position where you go up and down or side to side, animal moves have you going in all sorts of places like the Wonkavator you can move long ways, short ways, move forward, move backwards, move sideways, short jumps, long jumps 10ft or 500 yards in practically any direction; animal movement is freedom to go anywhere you want.

I have been doing a…


Do you have physical or mental fatigue? If so, there’s a little-known class of herbs that can help you out. These herbs, known as adaptogens, help to fight all kinds of fatigue. Check this out…
This comes from a paper titled Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress-Protective Activity by Panossian and Wikman, published in Pharmaceuticals 2010. It was a review of all the other science and studies on these three amazing adaptogens. Rhodiola rosea is a root that clearly has some amazing effects here in assisting with fatigue and more. This was the original plant from which the term adaptogen came to be. Eleuthero, previously known as Siberian ginseng, comes in a close second. Schisandra, a Chinese berry, may look like a laggard here, but it also has other far-reaching effects helping digestion, skin, liver detox and more. So why choose just one? Spartan Broad-Spectrum Adaptogenic Formulacontains not only all three of th…

Caffeine vs. Adaptogens

Most people drink coffee for its stimulant and energizing effects. Yet take a look at this…

Stimulants just don’t stack up to adaptogens. If you’re not familiar with adaptogens, is a group of natural herbs and compounds that, essentially, help the body better adapt to stress. They’ve got both physical and mental fatigue fighting abilities. For one of the best sources of adaptogens in a well-rounded blend check this out.  Spartan Formula Whether you need more energy for your workouts, your work life, or just back at home so you haven’t crashed at the end of your day this can help you. Seems like at the very least you should add some adaptogens to your morning coffee! Find out here all that Spartan Broad-Spectrum Adaptogenic Formula can do for you. Spartan Formula Be Awesome & Have An Amazing Day *This comes from a paper titled Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress-Protective Activity by Panossian and Wikman, publ…

Shifting To Other Methods At Odd Times (Being Intuitive)

I talked last about staying with doing Burpee HIIT Workouts 3x a week and doing 20 min. Animal Workouts 4x a week and see where it goes. Turns out not so good, the animal workout was so addicting I couldn't walk away from it and Burpees & HIIT went out the door for me. I needed to go with my intuition and go with a method of exercise I'm very passionate about.

You see, I think differently when it comes to training. Most of the time I don't stick with the same program for more than a couple weeks and I went practically 8 weeks with the Superhero Workouts & Burpee HIIT so that's a first for me. I needed to shift gears and go with my strong intuition. Training with Animal Exercises makes me feel more alive, open to ideas and just flat out can't get any more excited about it. To me, the animals are about freedom, the ability to move throughout as much space as possible whether its very little or an entire stadium either way I'm bliss.

Changing up your train…