Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monkeying Around Is For Me A Compliment

In the short couple days that I've had my Pull-Up Rack, its becoming very addicting and fun to use. When I get too tired from the hanging and pull-ups, I move like an ape on the ground walking, jumping and a lot more. That's the beauty of monkeying around when I exercise, its an adventure and I'm not settling for the "human" structure of sets and reps schemes that can sometimes be overwhelming. Its fun and full of excitement.

Being a primate or the Simian kind; gives off less restrictions and more freedom to test your abilities and see what the body is capable of without needing to go overboard of a structured workout and going to failure. I never truly believed in going to failure because for one, I can't afford to get injured and be out for an extended period of time. I don't go for the "Go big, go home" bullshit; I play and make my training interesting. The only thing serious about my training doing Primate/Animal Exercises is learning to do them well without risking injury and figuring out solid foundations to build the most efficient strength & conditioning possible.

I love to play and that's what drives me to be good at some really tough methods and get strong from all sorts of angles. It is important to have something that works for you and if you train on things you hate or don't suit you, you will learn the hard way. You have opportunities to make your training an adventure and take on challenges that appeal to you and give you something to strive for. For me it's being the strongest possible as a heavyweight using mainly methods that require nothing but myself. Being a primate has opened doors for me to develop my strength and weaknesses that I never really experienced with any other method. Growing up I had an extremely difficult time using my right side for anything; this method has helped me build strength in a matter of months when I started out as oppose to over 2 decades of using only a chunk of my potential for insane strength. When I was 18 years old, I could barely do a push-up, couldn't hang on a bar to save my life and wasn't anywhere near able to do 100 squats or more. When bodyweight exercise and Primate Exercise came around I was in shock on how much I needed to learn and within a couple years I was able to do over 1000 squats in an hour, be able to hang for with one-arm (including my weak arm) for more than 30 seconds, do hundreds of push-ups in a single workout and manage to do Handstand Push-ups in the double digits beyond the 200 lb. mark in Bodyweight.

When you see me playing like an Ape and doing all kinds of crawling, jumping, balancing, hanging, twisting & doing pull-ups its not just because I learned to do all that but because I made a choice to be serious on finding how to gain real strength that I wasn't able to do when I was very young and well into my teens. Everyone has a hard road they have fought and were victorious and had shares of failures. I failed so many times in my life and yet I made something of myself and not only does it make me happy, it gives me a purpose in what I want to do. Be serious about how strong you want to be but make it an adventure and have the best time of your life doing. The moment it stops being adventurous and its not exciting; something has to change. Never underestimate the power of excitement.

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