Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Love Being An Ape

Acting out like a big primate and doing all sorts of movements, hanging and playing makes up for a hell of a training session. When you play around with Primate (Ape/Monkey) Exercises, you're moving your body in a very unique fashion. Utilizing natural movements of Jungle Animals gives you a muscle building and tendon strengthening entity you can't get from other training programs.

Hanging on a bar alone is not as easy as it looks and the bigger you are, the harder it is. When a gorilla or orangutan hang from a tree, they're supporting their whole body weight which can very from 180-400 lbs. or more. It takes a lot of tendon strength to withstand that kind of power; so when us humans do it it's quite remarkable. Think of how rock climbers, gymnasts, acrobats and other type of athletes that need pure strength throughout their whole body to hang on in a specific hold or move throughout a plane of motion. Chimps have a bone crushing grip to the point where if you had the balls to let one or a monkey squeeze your finger it won't only hurt but chances are you'll hear bones crack.

Not all Primate Movements are created equal so us Homo-sapiens have to adapt in a manner that's more practical and safe for our body's abilities. We don't have the bone strength of a chimp or have the muscular density of a gorilla but we do however have the ability to become stronger than the average person by doing exercises that give our structure greater support. Sure we may get calluses on our hands and build denser forearms but the strength we can develop truly inspires the imagination that it is possible to have stronger bones, thicker muscle and insane tendons than most people.

Moving like an ape gives me freedom to live out my spirit animal and have fun hanging, jumping, walking and running like a primate. Because of my passion for ape exercise, I've dropped weight, starting to slim down from the hanging, move better on the ground, hold deeper squats and lots of other cool stuff. Calisthenics is awesome but yet doing Animal Calisthenics is whole other sport and it generates greater properties of functional strength.    

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