Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Wild Is A Sanctuary

Jungle Workouts or Play is a gift of giving us back our roots to nature. Being able to handle our body's natural abilities of jumping, crawling, swimming, running (Sprint not jogging), balancing and have the strength to move in awkward positions is essential to the power of our lifespan. Progressing at your own pace and having fun and creative can enhance your results larger than that of going through the motions with no sense of imagination and over-analyzing the movements themselves.

When you move like a wild animal, you're using more than just the muscles within a giving movement; you're using the whole body from the inside out as the total package of muscular movement, the strength and mobility of the joints, tendons & ligaments, utilizing the full extent of your lumbar, creating billions of nerves within the brain and the power of your organs to form fresh & oxygenated blood into your veins. It isn't like lifting a typical weight like a bench press or a curl; its bringing the entire system into play otherwise there would be no multi-directional movements.

For me, animal exercise is more than just a workout; it's the ability to unlock areas of strength you can't get from conventional or through a century old tradition. Animals are the originators of Body-Weight exercise and they are the ultimate inspiration of how the body was meant to be used. It is awesome to lift a weight or odd object and its essential to have some of external usage to build strength but if you haven't mastered your own body you're not unleashing your full potential. Not only do Animal Moves build muscle and burn fat, they release unwanted tension out of the body and stretch the muscles at any given time and given some specific movements hit the body in a different way that's functional, empowering and create natural body shape that is more than just a body, it is dangerously strong at the same time. 

Strengthen your body by moving like a wild animal, build a natural and strong physique that not only promotes health but strength as well. Whether you're big or small it is possible and it could even carry over to other areas of your life if you were into sports, carry groceries, bring your energy up if you're lethargic, mellow you out if you're hyper-active, increase your endorphins to create overall happiness in the body, develop great focus whether at work or school and it could even turn a simple workout into a game with friends or family that can be enjoyed. There are so many benefits the list is too long. 

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