Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do You Have Jungle Fever?

In the jungle, in order to survive you must move and be aware of your surroundings. In the fitness world, moving efficiently creates better muscular development and acquiring the ability to strengthen the body from awkward angles. Animal Exercise is a complex style of movement and in order to be great at it is to progress from beginner to advanced like an animal in the wild starting out as a baby and growing into adulthood.

The exercises themselves are very powerful, intense and fun but in order to build on getting results the quickest way possible is to visualize as that animal as you move within the action. Unlike being in a stabilized strict position where you go up and down or side to side, animal moves have you going in all sorts of places like the Wonkavator you can move long ways, short ways, move forward, move backwards, move sideways, short jumps, long jumps 10ft or 500 yards in practically any direction; animal movement is freedom to go anywhere you want.

I have been doing animal exercises again for a while now doing 20 min. sessions or play routines and its not only been fun but very addicting and intense. Unlike doing tons of burpees or push-ups and squats, moving like an animal in different directions open up the mind and body to move more freely and openly. Many calisthenic moves are in one spot only and although that is very beneficial and gives you the opportunity to train anywhere, anytime, you become stuck in one spot until you move with an exercise that makes you go to another area. I firmly believe in being able to train anywhere but unless you're in prison or have a small house and the weather sucks, its important to move in any direction possible indoors or outdoors. Because of the winter here, I've been training indoors and although I don't have the space needed like a park or field, I still manage to get in a great animal workout traveling throughout the den, living room and even sometimes the kitchen. You use your imagination and use what you have.

A lot of people feel the need to be one spot to train and that's it, for me I like to move about and do something fun as I go from one place to another. I have climbed stairs doing bear crawls, duck walks & gorilla jumps; I've used small space to do crazy animal jumps & even sprinted only 20ft doing a crab walk. Don't limit yourself to that one spot for exercise, use your environment however small or big it is. You can be very creative being in one spot and there's thousands of exercises for that one spot on the floor or ground however; you're only scratching the surface (no pun intended) and haven't completely opened up that door to much greater possibilities. When you can truly train safely anywhere you want and move wherever you, you're developing greater strength in being open minded and unlocking your potential in more ways than you ever thought possible. Get into that Jungle Fever and move wildly and with PASSION!!!!

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