Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shifting To Other Methods At Odd Times (Being Intuitive)

I talked last about staying with doing Burpee HIIT Workouts 3x a week and doing 20 min. Animal Workouts 4x a week and see where it goes. Turns out not so good, the animal workout was so addicting I couldn't walk away from it and Burpees & HIIT went out the door for me. I needed to go with my intuition and go with a method of exercise I'm very passionate about.

You see, I think differently when it comes to training. Most of the time I don't stick with the same program for more than a couple weeks and I went practically 8 weeks with the Superhero Workouts & Burpee HIIT so that's a first for me. I needed to shift gears and go with my strong intuition. Training with Animal Exercises makes me feel more alive, open to ideas and just flat out can't get any more excited about it. To me, the animals are about freedom, the ability to move throughout as much space as possible whether its very little or an entire stadium either way I'm bliss.

Changing up your training at odd times doesn't mean you never had a chance of reaching a goal, sometimes you just feel the need to do something that makes you happy and even take yourself out of your comfort zone. Animal Exercise provides greater variety for me than traditional "human" exercises and it teaches me things that take me out of my comfort zone. Believe it or not, I like the idea of not knowing what will happen in a workout or what will come up next. Putting in a program that is so structured and full of pre-setted exercises and rep schemes that it can become predictable and predictability puts you in that comfort zone. In order to come out of that is to not only go into the unknown but never expecting what comes next.

With my Animal Dice Game, it becomes more than just training; it becomes an adventure and I never know what comes next. I know the exercises down to the letter and know all the moves like the back of my hand but with that roll of the dice, that is something that always keeps me guessing and will I have to do an animal in a beginner or advanced variation? I don't go for speed, only going with the movement and let my body tell me how fast I should go or how slow.

Back to intuition, when I feel the need to do something, I go for it and because my intuition is very powerful I go with what it tells me. Denying your intuition or fighting it is never a good thing to do. When it is that strong, there's no need to fight it, flowing with it is the law of the universe and having it give you guidance and support. Why would not want something to guide you to help you be happy and full of life? Go with your intuition.

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