Monday, February 20, 2017

Energize Your Body With Odin's Blood: A Pre-Workout Formula Fit For The Gods Of Asgard

Many Pre-Workout formulas don't always seem to live up to the hype and most of the time have nothing but horrifying ingredients that can lead to health issues. The Norse Gods were the strongest of warriors in Mythology from Thor to Balder to The All-Father himself and when they drank, it was with ferocious intensity because when you have had the battle of your life, you need the fuel to bring forth the power and durability of a warrior that fought with honor.

Pre-Workout Formulas aren't just an energy booster, it's to prepare you for the battles (training) ahead and give you a jolt of strength to withstand the upcoming exercises that will forge a body that was made for strength, health and the endurance to take on intense training. Odin's Blood doesn't just give you that boost; it turns you into a beast of a being that is ready to give into the powers of the Norse and turn your training from a subtle move through the motions to a high level of enduring power to bust through obstacles and break peak barriers you didn't think were possible. The energy bursting through your veins, opening up the channels of your adrenaline and fire up your energy faster than a Super Sayain Transformation.

 Open your body to the blood of the mighty All-Father and down his power that will give you the ultimate power of the Norse Gods. Make it your mission to carry on a legendary force that will strengthen your body from the inside out and give you overwhelming power through your veins and thrust into your training and achieve legendary status. When you drink this, Valhalla will have no choice but to open its doors for you as you bring forth your legendary strength into its hallowed walls.

Odin's Blood is yours for the taking.

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