Friday, February 10, 2017

Every Story Starts Somewhere

Where Does Your Story Begin???

In one of my episodes on my Power & Might Facebook Page, I talked about what comics can do to inspire others to get in shape and build on ideas of using stories as certain aspects of motivation. Here's a piece of what was in that VideoCast.....

Every comic regardless of character, scene, situation & dialogue/monologue start somewhere and in order to get your mind wrapped into the story, it'll hit you at the beginning. Some stories might hit you more in the middle because of the slow process or the story just isn't getting anywhere until the middle act comes but if it captivates you from the very beginning, that's something to look forward to.

Every person has a story that began somewhere in time. Some people's story don't start until they reach a certain age or a milestone in their life. Maybe they're story really begins after hitting rock bottom or their journey from rock bottom you can never truly know until it happens. That's what happens for newbies in fitness as well; they have a starting point and the first chapter of their story or journey starts off low and slowly but surely begin to rise and tell a tale that builds up to climatic ending. Some journeys begin at a higher and faster pace so the observer has to keep up otherwise if they blink they'll miss something.

My journey into full-time fitness began after being in the gym for over 2 years and when I broke my legs. The hard fought road to recovery and what I put myself through to get where I wanted to be. I struggled just doing 3 exercises the first month I started walking again. Self-Rehabbing was a pain in the ass in itself but as hard as it was, I was passionate and full of fire to get passed it and make something of myself. My story still keeps hitting twists, turns and cliffhangers to this very day because even I never really know what chapter of the story comes next. That's the beauty of a good mystery, the anticipation and the build up, never knowing what's going to happen next.

A story is not written just by failures, victories, trials & tribulations; it's written by what you bring to the very moments that are worth reading about and consistently taking it one step at a time and tapping into your own mysteries, finding that big plot twist that's been building for a long time. We all start somewhere and you can build your own fitness journey by creating building blocks; a foundation if you will from your starting point to being able to do things you never thought were possible. That's the biggest plot twist of all in your fitness journey. It's not how much better you are from others but what made you better as time goes on and marking little details that lead to your biggest and most shocking twist by that end of your story.

Wherever you are in your story, make the most of it and let people see with their own eyes the journey you have made and getting to the best parts where you made the story come alive and learn things and do things you nor anyone else ever expected. Your START is what will make your story the best you can make it or it will become something you might need to change along the way to make it the biggest best-seller of your own actions.

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