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Finishers For Extra Boosting

Lately I've been getting into Finishers for my workouts or use the day after to help accelerate fat loss. Finishers are micro workouts you can do after your main one to boost extra fat loss or amp up your conditioning. During my sprint and Darebee days I would pick a little something that sounds exciting to me and do up to 10 min. or so to really hit the Spot. Granted some are crazy but if you want to get a little more juice this would be it.

You don't have to do these at the end of your workouts, they can be used for next day extras or when you only have a few minutes of your day. They can cook you and depending on what you do, can be a little out there. Now some of these are not for beginners because they're very intense. I'm not big on trends like you have read on but I do like training systems with certain themes attached to them; mainly superheroes. It just gives that added motivation and triggering of the brain that just boosts confidence and fun times. These bad…

Funtastic Conditioning

When you have an imagination, you want to make it useful and open things up to bring in opportunities to showcase your mind on a physical level. I feel bad for those poor souls who do very and utterly tedious & worst of all boring exercise programs. Some of the exercises are great but a lot want to treat it as the hardcore no pain no gain crap. To me; exercise is about emotion, bringing in your entire being into a series of movements or holds that turn you into a machine full of passion and the willingness to go for more. 
I've seen many dread going to the gym or seeing the latest trend and think its going to make them happy. They're only motivation is what everyone else is doing. Not me brother, trends are temporarily objectives that don't belong in many areas. I believe going outside the trends, creating ideals that are inspired by programs that I personally enjoy. My workouts are emotional, content and lust for awesomness. My training these days is doing High Intens…

Extreme Cardio For Fat Burning

When it comes down to it, modern day version of cardio is most of the time is pure crap. When it comes to fat burning it rarely if ever really does anything that is worth its time. Cardio to most people is spending 30 minutes or more on a treadmill at a moderate pace that is either walking or jogging. Sure you burn a few calories but you also lose muscle mass and store more fat than you want to believe. To truly take off fat like you would take off a t-shirt, you have to be very intense and short.

When you're jogging at a moderate pace your heart rate goes up a little but stays there for as long as possible in the long time to keep it there. That's great for endurance training but you're getting one shred of realistic muscle from doing this. Having a good glimpse of lean muscle mass goes a long way to increase your metabolism, athletic stamina and filling your lungs with powerful oxygen. When I say muscle mass i'm not talking bulky and grotesque looking like a bodybuil…

Share What You Love & Possibly Get Paid For It

I was always taught if you do a good job and work hard you'll be rewarded. Well I bounced around a couple jobs in my life and did what I could but never could be proud of what I was doing. I had short stints as a janitor, helping out giving people massages, made $100 helping a family friend and chopping wood a time or two but nothing was compared to working just by sharing my favorite things of fitness and on Amazon. I felt at ease doing this kind of work because it naturally came easy to me. I can create my own hours, gave me the opportunity to enhance my creativity by writing and making funny memes and posting on places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and forums.

This is what has helped me buy the things I wanted and use to save up for things later on plus getting food and sharing a part of the rent. This has become my main source of income and although I do some things from time to time even if it's getting paid to help out this is what made me a hard worker. I ha…

My Current Training Program

I love posting about certain things like my philosophy on training or life, my favorite products, what I consider good or bad in fitness and keeping you thinking and laughing from time to time but I rarely talk about my actual training. Mostly the reason I don't talk about it directly on the blog is because I don't always know what I'm doing on a particular day. For the last few weeks I've created my own training "routine" that is based on a few different ideals mixed together inspired by a course I can't stop loving. I'm currently training to lose fat and build leaner muscle based on the program Superhero Sprints.

I'm currently 9 Workouts in doing this and the last few workouts have added a Finisher of different styles whether it's circuit training, tabata, animal, Kettlebells, Sandbell or whatever. Although it's inspired by the course, I came up with a few tweaks to make it to my liking. Here is how it goes.....5 Sprints (30 Sec. Each),…

My New Year's Gift To You

Welcome to a new week guys. We've been in the New Year almost a couple weeks now and it's been crazy. Training like a maniac, writing about all kinds of products and sharing with the world why I believe they're bad ass. I'm even playing around with various ideas to help customers achieve their goals. This isn't a resolution to me but more of something to push forward and experiment with.

One of things you may have noticed throughout my articles and promotions throughout social media is Advocare products. Whether you buy them or not that's your choice, all I do is share a few benefits and give you an opportunity to check them out and see if they work for you. However, I want to do more than just show you how awesome they are, I want you to really succeed in your goals. In that manner I want to do something different and something I think you'll get a kick out of. Here's my gift to you: Whenever you purchase a product from Advocare, I will call/text you n…

Super Man Herbs

When you get outside the box you run into some interesting things.

Conventional methods of working out just don’t work very well. But so many people, hopefully yourself included, have gotten great results when they tried something a little different.

When it comes to health it’s the same thing. The public health model has some obvious flaws. Following the USDA’s food pyramid and taking pharmaceuticals (did you know the average American is on at least one?) is not giving people great health.

Although people claim that our life spans are longer than ever, if you actually account for things like public sanitation they really haven’t improved much since ancient times.

But there is a different way…

Did you know that ancient Chinese doctors were paid when they’re clients were healthy and not when they’re sick? That’s because if the person was sick the doctor wasn’t doing his job in preventing illness.

In fact, from the Chinese Daoist tradition you have the concept of “Radiant Health”. This …

The Mystery Female Hormone?

If you’re a woman and you know anything about hormones...

You know about Estrogen.

You know about Progesterone.

And hopefully, especially if you’re older, you’ve sought to balance these out as they’re absolutely critical for health in many, many ways.

But recent research points to another “Critical Hormone” you’re probably not aware of.
Uncover the “Mystery” here...

You have 3 times as much of this mystery hormone as estrogen but most women don’t think they have any.

It will probably surprise you.
...And that the loss of this hormone may be at the cause of estrogen and progesterone getting out of balance.

You’ll find out its importance in metabolism, energy, mood support, libido and more.
Find out what this Mystery Hormone is, what it can do for you, and how to work with it in natural ways (no doctors need) in this new 23 page Special Report.
It’s free, all you have to do is sign up to grab it now.

Be …

Morning Wood?


Do you wake up with “Morning Wood” each day?

And did you know that’s there’s a lot more to it, then if you simply have it or not?

Morning Wood is a leading indicator of your health.

Why? One word...


Check out this 17 page special report all about morning wood.

You’ll discover:

What it is and how it relates to testosterone

Two major methods to enhance it (plus boosting your hormones and health along the way!)

How to properly do the “Morning Wood Test” (most get this wrong…)

Did you know there’s a female equivalent?

“The Cardiovascular Correlation” and what this means for you.

Plus more.

Go here to check it out now.

Be Awesome

Is it Disgusting...Or a Secret Weapon?

Everyone has heard of Ginseng.

In Chinese medicine it is the most well known in the class of superior herbs.

Unfortunately the majority of it that is sold in convenience stores and even health food stores is worthless crap, or even harmful.

You see, ginseng must reach 3 years of age in order to be considered mature and worth taking.

And to get the good stuff you need to pay top dollar.

And when I say top dollar I mean it. A recent 1000 years old ginseng root was sold off for $1000000 dollars!

In Chinese medicine, ginseng is considered a Qi tonic in how it can give you energy. Good quality ginseng won’t give you a rush and a crash like caffeine might but a smooth even feeling that can even help support your health.

Although it is considered one of the best Qi tonics there is actually something even better.

While ginseng is considered “The King of Herbs”, this one is known as “The Herb of Kings”!

Some people have said it is disgusting, but a number of people taking this consider it one…

My Review On Nighttime Recovery

As a consistent trainee, I practice many forms of training everyday and have been doing it for over 10 years. I believe in being able to stay in top shape whether for 5 minutes or 60 minutes and just as important I want to recover just as amazingly. Some of things I have taken have worked for me, some haven't.

I gave the Advocare Nighttime Recovery a shot and I got awesome results from it. Granted according to the bottle I had to take more than most but that's ok. I'm use to that and it was different. Because of the training I was doing I only took them 3x a week when I was doing my most hardcore workouts. They have a weight system for how many an individual should take. Because I was 40 pounds beyond the normal dosage for a 210 pound man I only took 5. There were only 60 capsules and I was taking 15 a week give and take taking some time off for a week. The only drawback is that if you do several months of training or in a professional setting where recovery is extremely …

Getting Superhero Fit For Under $10

Happy New Year Everyone,

Welcome to 2016 and hopefully you're kicking ass starting off right and keeping it consistent. First off I really can't stand New Years Resolutions because let's face it, it's a bunch of gibberish on saying whatever you're going to do and end up quitting a couple weeks in. Why do that to yourself? Go for New Years Goals by starting something small and building yourself up. Too many people go into it with way too high expectations and think they'll be able to handle it. I'm already starting 2016 off right with being down 6 pounds, eating a bit healthier little by little, taking amazing vitamins and got some new stuff coming in from my brothers and sisters at Advocare and my training is back with the Superhero Sprints.

Speaking of the Superhero Sprints; you get a ton of info on it that doesn't happen a lot with other courses, not to mention it's one of the cheapest courses out there (That does not mean it doesn't have valu…