Friday, January 15, 2016

Share What You Love & Possibly Get Paid For It

I was always taught if you do a good job and work hard you'll be rewarded. Well I bounced around a couple jobs in my life and did what I could but never could be proud of what I was doing. I had short stints as a janitor, helping out giving people massages, made $100 helping a family friend and chopping wood a time or two but nothing was compared to working just by sharing my favorite things of fitness and on Amazon. I felt at ease doing this kind of work because it naturally came easy to me. I can create my own hours, gave me the opportunity to enhance my creativity by writing and making funny memes and posting on places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and forums.

This is what has helped me buy the things I wanted and use to save up for things later on plus getting food and sharing a part of the rent. This has become my main source of income and although I do some things from time to time even if it's getting paid to help out this is what made me a hard worker. I have signed on with various fitness companies that hold dear to my heart because they got a ton of stuff that I personally believe in and have used a lot of their stuff to enhance my strength, endurance & flexibility. The most recent place I signed up where the Fee was decent and not freaking ridiculous was becoming an Advocare Distributor.

I'm not giving you a get rich scheme or places where it's phony bullshit. You get out of what you put into it and things vary from a couple bucks to hitting more than few hundred dollars in commission. I'll give you a personal list of places to sign up as an affiliate where you can have your own link and share cool stuff like books, Cd's, Courses, Equipment, PDF's and way more. Share with your friends and family; be creative and let your mind learn new things that you can come up with. You've seen what I do so what makes you think you can't do the same in your own way. For me I don't plan on becoming a mult-millionaire, if it happens its because it was meant to happen but for now I'm happy where i'm at and I want to get better and learn from others on what I can do to adapt to my style. For you, it might be different and you want some extra cash to put in for a college fund, put a kid's favorite cereal on the table, buy a prom dress for your daughter, get a commission and use it to save up for a Playstation 4 or XBOX; there are so many possible ways to do it and reasons for it.

My personal reasons for being in this line of work and making time for it is to save up to go to Disneyland with my girlfriend, save up to get a place of our own, buy my mom a house one day, get foods I like to keep me fueled up from training hard and most importantly is to share the awesomeness of the things I have used and knew of people who use them. Here is a list of places to sign up and get familiar with......

Rogue Fitness



Dragon Door


There you have it. One of the great benefits Amazon provides is you creating your own store. How cool is that to pick what you want to promote and spread it around the net. One thing that can be very useful when you're an affiliate is to shorten links so customers don't have to type or copy and paste so much. This is where I like to use the site Tiny URL to help with my personal links. Do whatever you find creative to get people to go to your direct links and share with them why you like a product or specific type. Make it work for you. Whether you want to do this as a weekend thing, part time or full time it's your choice. Learn what people like and make it creative for them to look at what you are sharing with them.

Don't get discouraged if the dough doesn't roll in right away. My first paycheck as an affiliate was just over $10. Over time things started adding up and I was racking in a few hundred dollars here and there, to this day I made money well into the THOUSANDS and it's still growing. One of my biggest pay days was getting a commission of $250 off of ticket someone bought for a Strongman Seminar. There are limitless possibilities and I want you to do what you can even if it's worth getting a paycheck to get groceries for your family for the week. Grow a network and have other sign up so they can join you; those are called Subaffiliates where they work under you and you can get paid from some of the work they do. Create opportunities and grow.

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