Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Current Training Program

I love posting about certain things like my philosophy on training or life, my favorite products, what I consider good or bad in fitness and keeping you thinking and laughing from time to time but I rarely talk about my actual training. Mostly the reason I don't talk about it directly on the blog is because I don't always know what I'm doing on a particular day. For the last few weeks I've created my own training "routine" that is based on a few different ideals mixed together inspired by a course I can't stop loving. I'm currently training to lose fat and build leaner muscle based on the program Superhero Sprints.

I'm currently 9 Workouts in doing this and the last few workouts have added a Finisher of different styles whether it's circuit training, tabata, animal, Kettlebells, Sandbell or whatever. Although it's inspired by the course, I came up with a few tweaks to make it to my liking. Here is how it goes.....5 Sprints (30 Sec. Each), 4 Circuits of 3-9 exercises and a Finisher of 1-9 exercises for rounds or time. No matter what I do with this thing it always comes out brutal and somewhat out there but it seems to be working. It's done 3 times a week and on days off I mostly stretch doing something fun or recovering using DDP Yoga or Animal Flow. It's a good balance and i'm seeing quite a number of results including muscle definition in my abs, chest, calves and back, gives me a ton of calories to burn and it really cranks up my appetite for fuel. One night at Applebees I had more than 3,000 calories in a sitting because my body needed fuel so I had a burger, fries and a very large oriental crispy chicken salad. Not the best meal but come on man a guy's got to eat.

Designing workouts inspired by courses is a passion of mine plus it gives me a chance to develop my own style of intensity; although always high I sometimes shift the number or order of exercises around to get rid of boredom. Here is a workout that really kicked my ass on Monday......

5 Sprints

4 Circuits: 20 Climbers, 10 Lateral Jumps, 10 Push-ups & 10 Burpees

Finisher: One round of the Darebee Chapter 1 Workout (took about 3 min. to complete)

That was freaking insane and I needed plenty of fuel just to even feel satisfied. I had a Post Workout Smoothie with Banana & Goat's Milk then not too long after, went to a restaurant and grabbed a nice bowl of salad with blue cheese dressing, a crispy chicken sandwich and some fries. Again not great but I needed food. I'm actually losing fat even with a below average good eating habit and building muscle. Not too shabby it's helping in the testosterone department. Thought I'd share that with you today and i'll keep you posted on my progress and you all have a great hump day.

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