Friday, January 1, 2016

Getting Superhero Fit For Under $10

Happy New Year Everyone,

Welcome to 2016 and hopefully you're kicking ass starting off right and keeping it consistent. First off I really can't stand New Years Resolutions because let's face it, it's a bunch of gibberish on saying whatever you're going to do and end up quitting a couple weeks in. Why do that to yourself? Go for New Years Goals by starting something small and building yourself up. Too many people go into it with way too high expectations and think they'll be able to handle it. I'm already starting 2016 off right with being down 6 pounds, eating a bit healthier little by little, taking amazing vitamins and got some new stuff coming in from my brothers and sisters at Advocare and my training is back with the Superhero Sprints.

Speaking of the Superhero Sprints; you get a ton of info on it that doesn't happen a lot with other courses, not to mention it's one of the cheapest courses out there (That does not mean it doesn't have value). For less than the cost of a monthly membership at a Planet Fitness you can learn about one of the most effective fat burning systems ever created and do so no more than 3x a week. Fat loss has been an issue for many people but that's basically due to poor eating habits and not doing the right kind of exercise. Regular cardio is no where near the level this course has and i'll tell you why...Because with cardio you're going at a certain pace to keep your heart rate at a level that is suitable to a training session of about 30 straight minutes or more. This is what manufacturers want you to believe that this is the key to fat loss but in reality you have been fed full of Bullshit that is taking away your hard earned money. I'm not saying Cardio doesn't do anything it does wonders in a lot of ways but not what you need to get down to the nitty gritty of fast paced intensity that will shed fat, build muscle and increase metabolism all in one major shot.

I don't just want you to get insanely fit fast but save a shitload of money in the process. So just because i'm in a good mood starting tomorrow I'm holding a freebie month of awesomeness. If you order this course personally from me and letting me know you have ordered it, I will personally send you a secret link to 12 EXTRA WORKOUTS that are the next level of Superhero Sprints Training. This course will have you destroying fat so hard it'll sound like the wicked witch of the west will be screaming bloody murder. I want you to be in the best shape possible and have a new you dominate this year. Are you in? LET'S DO THIS!!!!

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