Monday, January 25, 2016

Funtastic Conditioning

When you have an imagination, you want to make it useful and open things up to bring in opportunities to showcase your mind on a physical level. I feel bad for those poor souls who do very and utterly tedious & worst of all boring exercise programs. Some of the exercises are great but a lot want to treat it as the hardcore no pain no gain crap. To me; exercise is about emotion, bringing in your entire being into a series of movements or holds that turn you into a machine full of passion and the willingness to go for more. 

I've seen many dread going to the gym or seeing the latest trend and think its going to make them happy. They're only motivation is what everyone else is doing. Not me brother, trends are temporarily objectives that don't belong in many areas. I believe going outside the trends, creating ideals that are inspired by programs that I personally enjoy. My workouts are emotional, content and lust for awesomness. My training these days is doing High Intensity or a great level of intense cardio with a finisher that blasts my body big time. Although they're a bit nuts I find them fun and exciting. That's what training is suppose to really be. The pink dumbbells and isolated machinery most of the time when it comes to conditioning is completely useless. 

What you can get truly out of training with excitement and adventure is endless without boundaries or rules & certainly can do stuff only you decide to do. Granted I believe in coaching but it's the right kind of coaching; I teach others how to have fun in their workouts and share with them the value of kicking ass while having a good time. If you train for complete seriousness and no emotions you're either a freaking robot or your soul is corrupt. With the many ways you can adapt your training its crazy to think you'd get bored but yet people do and its a damn shame. I'm not saying be all ditzy and act like you don't care, train like your life depended on it but use your imagination. Build scenarios, create an environment and see in your mind what you're training and put it into action. When I do my hammer workouts, I pretend i'm taking out the toughest form of rubber and steel with this massive hammer and hitting the tire as if I was in the land of the frost giants with Thor going into battle. When I do certain bodyweight exercises like Burpees or step-ups, I pretend i'm in Indiana Jones, running up steps with whip and ducking and dodging boulders or those boobie traps in Last Crusade. 

When I play with the Sandbell, I imagine making the earth quake every time I slam it, create an imaginary circular shield around my body when I do the 360 exercise or whatever else. The greater you can put your imagination into your training the greater your results will be. My girl's favorite bodyweight workout is called The Harley Quinn. I can just imagine her kicking ass in that awesome outfit taking out baddies with the Suicide Squad or finally sticking against her former "puddin" (If you know who this is kudos to you). Our greatest ally is our imagination but not many people use it. A lot of trainers want to suppress this beautiful entity because they want you doing things their way and anything you do just beneath them. You are an amazing bad ass underneath; unleash that little by little. When I started out, I was more of a superhero's assistant's assistant, learning the ropes and not knowing a damn thing; climbing that ladder step by step. If you're willing to put in the effort you can go far, how far is up to you. 

Train hard, condition up and have a lot of fun guys.  
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