Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finishers For Extra Boosting

Lately I've been getting into Finishers for my workouts or use the day after to help accelerate fat loss. Finishers are micro workouts you can do after your main one to boost extra fat loss or amp up your conditioning. During my sprint and Darebee days I would pick a little something that sounds exciting to me and do up to 10 min. or so to really hit the Spot. Granted some are crazy but if you want to get a little more juice this would be it.

You don't have to do these at the end of your workouts, they can be used for next day extras or when you only have a few minutes of your day. They can cook you and depending on what you do, can be a little out there. Now some of these are not for beginners because they're very intense. I'm not big on trends like you have read on but I do like training systems with certain themes attached to them; mainly superheroes. It just gives that added motivation and triggering of the brain that just boosts confidence and fun times. These bad boys are no more than a few minutes and you can either do it in a circuit or in a tabata style workout where you do something for 20 sec. and 10 sec. o rest time. Go for time or just see how many rounds you can do.

One of my favorites is one called Legs Like Ms. Marvel where you guessed it its all leg work (and don't be laughing just because its a chick workout, my legs were dying at the end of it). Here's how it goes.....

Its a 20/10 Protocol and you go for 8 minutes.

Lateral Side Jumps, Ice Skaters, Squat Hold & Split Squat (20 sec. each leg) its only 4 exercises but you're resting 10 seconds at a time and trust me it ain't easy.

There's a whole course devoured in Finishers that goes well for beginners and hardcore maniacs. It's by a guy named Mike Whitfield called Workout Finishers. Imagine getting that little jolt of testosterone after a great workout at the gym or getting in some good no BS training if you're strapped for time. Do workouts in as little as 3 minutes. My biggest one was no more than 10 1/2 minutes. Get a good session in and then hit those last 3 minutes like a beast. Ladies this sheds fat like a cheese-grader and if you want to tone up and need that boost after putting in some work at the gym or at a park wherever you may be at. What can 3 minutes really harm huh? This would be great to do if you're on vacation and want to get in a quick workout before taking in the sites or jumping into the lake or the pool. Make it fun and remember, its fast and intense but so worth it. Don't do these everyday, do them at the end of some workouts or the next day to make up for something. When I was doing my sprints I would do a finisher at the end and that was only 3x a week.

Hit it hard and make that fat scream bloody murder.  

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