Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Is it Disgusting...Or a Secret Weapon?

Everyone has heard of Ginseng.

In Chinese medicine it is the most well known in the class of superior herbs.

Unfortunately the majority of it that is sold in convenience stores and even health food stores is worthless crap, or even harmful.

You see, ginseng must reach 3 years of age in order to be considered mature and worth taking.

And to get the good stuff you need to pay top dollar.

And when I say top dollar I mean it. A recent 1000 years old ginseng root was sold off for $1000000 dollars!

In Chinese medicine, ginseng is considered a Qi tonic in how it can give you energy. Good quality ginseng won’t give you a rush and a crash like caffeine might but a smooth even feeling that can even help support your health.

Although it is considered one of the best Qi tonics there is actually something even better.

While ginseng is considered “The King of Herbs”, this one is known as “The Herb of Kings”!

Some people have said it is disgusting, but a number of people taking this consider it one of their secret weapons.

Find out what it is here.

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