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Not All Methods Are Created Equal

Around cities in every state of this country has some kind of gym, warehouse and studio dedicated to fitness one way or another. The problem is that with 99.9% of these places have a trainer and/or owner that say they're method is the best of the best not because it's true it's most likely because they don't want you going to someone else's place. That's one of the reasons why today places like Planet Fitness, the average Crossfit Gym and yoga studios try to lure you with promises of greater results than the other guy; the kind of promises that give you a monthly fee that is either stupid cheap or ridiculously expensive. You have to remember a gym's major profits aren't how much trainers get paid it's the memberships and sales pitches that get the most attention.

What does this have to do with methods of exercise? Simple, when you join up or get consulted, they pitch to you the type of fitness they represent and there's always that "one-all…

A Superhero Workout For The Ages

Being a superhero isn't about being the fastest, the strongest or the most charismatic. It's about being who you are with a sense of yourself learning to extend to your fullest potential. One of the greatest facets about Superheroes is not what they're powers are or how smart they are against villains but it's their consistency to keep on going even things are in dire straights they fight to the bitter end. Same thing with conditioning; it's to keep going until you are done. When I train, I do the best to my abilities to stay with form and making progress with what brings me the most satisfaction. For the heroes in comics it's saving the world; for us fitness nuts it's being in shape on a consistent basis despite obstacles. 
No matter how rough life gets on you, always find a way to train; I have trained on days where I didn't feel like it because of whatever, death in the family, moving to a new state, someone new putting me through hell and even when…

Looks Can Be Deceiving

We sometimes don't realize not everything is what it seems, just like the internet you can't always believe everything you read is true. The fine difference between a bodybuilder today as oppose to 50 years ago is that back then those guys were some of the most functionally fit people on the planet as oppose to guys today full of muscle and bullshit strength. And let me ask you this if you saw a man like Bud Jeffries for example and went up against a guy like Mr. Olympia Phil Heath in a strength contest who do you think would if you had no prior knowledge to either man? I bet you, you would think Phil would destroy Bud but yet on the contrary Bud would do more than destroy Heath, this boobybuilder would be pleading for his life in a workout, I guarantee it.

I'm not an Olympia contender whatsoever and have no desire to be a bodybuilder but yet I'll go head to head with nearly anyone of those guys and i'll most likely walk out with a smile on my face while they get p…

Natural Movement Is The Excitement Of Mankind

Throughout history movement has been the key to live a healthy life, given the edge in sports and long before that it was meant for survival. Our ancestors lived moving throughout various motions and survived on wit and strength of their bodies by swimming, running, climbing, throwing spears, lifting boulders and balance in order to get food, strategy against predators and running for miles in order to hunt long distances. There was no training for natural movement it was fight or flight.

These days it's not about survival, it's about training in order to combat disease and health threatening illnesses and also for the sake of feeling like Tarzan in the African Jungle. The functional modalities to crawl and use other forms of movement based on practicality and competency reflects on how you develop through your own method of practice and learning valuable tools to control your entire being. Erwan Le Corre is giving others the opportunity to find their inner hunter/moving bein…

Develop Your Own Jungle

Like the apeman, he had to learn to use skills in the jungle that was either fight or flight. Survival in our society most of the time is getting off our asses and moving the way we were meant to. Convenience has become our "savior" by grocery shopping, exercise gadgets from hideous infomercials and having kids be so cautious it's not like we feel human anymore. The jungle can be dangerous but so can diabetes, heart disease, cancer and atrophy.

Movement is our adventure into what our ancestors did 10's of thousands of years go. We lived by running, swimming, climbing, balancing on awkward areas so we didn't fall like on a cliff or within a gnarly riverbank. We used to lift boulders to help build shelter, jump from dangerous spots to get away from predators and even threw objects. We can still have those skills through realistic movement whether from systems like MovNat or moving like a Jungle Man doing Animal Movements.

By developing our own Jungle we can develo…

Cables Made For Fitness

Like a lot of guys at one time the gym was my sanctuary. For a few years I'd train on the iron, pumping it up and lifting some pretty good weight but yet it sucked when I traveled and needed to lift things. I could've lifted rocks in Tahoe during my gym years but I was too damn proud because I liked to lift weights. After my accident and learning plenty of other fitness methods, I let go of the gym and never needed it anymore.

I never said I stopped lifting weights, I still do them from time to time but only for real strength and power, not so much a full-time gig to become a boobybuilder and whatnot. My gym is now anywhere I want it to be because I can do either bodyweight exercise or I can use cables like the TNT Cable Systemwhere I can come up with any exercise that is done in the gym. Most gyms today don't really cater to true and wholesome fitness where you truly sweat and get real results with realistic training; none of that celery, muscle milk machine, treadmill an…

Giving Exercise Back To Kids As Fun

Nothing is more awesome than the great areas of a kid. Every kid has something really cool about them and it doesn't matter where they came from or what privileges they were born with or not it's there. Unfortunately not every kid will be able to find that awesome side of themselves due to how they're raised, the way they're treated throughout their lives and how little or too much of a push is put on them when they're very young. I didn't grow up in a mansion or was a silver spoon baby; hell I can't even think of any rich kids I knew as a young lad but I did grow up with wonderful families, friends that looked out for me and got to experience things that are both a blessing and a tragedy yet still here happy as can be.

In today's society, kids are groomed to be politically correct, not put so much strain on their bodies, where every type of protection for riding a bike, being awarded with Ipads, Tablets, Cell Phones, a pat on the back for losing, bein…

Real Strength & Cardio From Animal Exercise

Here we are again, at it about Animal Movements, will I ever shut up about them? Hell no. If you don't like it read something else. Moving in this method requires you to use every muscle in your body including the stabilizing muscles to keep yourself balanced during the exercise. Every animal has it's own style of movement so for us to pull them off we have to adapt in order to get the greatest benefit. Adjust accordingly and breathe as naturally as possible, animals don't practice breathing patterns it naturally comes to them.

I really don't like the word cardio, just sounds demeaning and makes me think of machines and dumb zumba classes where you follow someone else. When it comes to cardio for me, moving like a wild animal gives the best benefit because when you work out for 15-20 min. your heart rate keeps a solid pace at a level where if applied right you will burn off fat and gain lung capacity for greater endurance. Unlike training for an hour on a treadmill whe…

Take Your Animal Exercise Anywhere

As of late I've gone back to the Animal Movements because it is by far my most favorite form of exercise and the one system I get most excited about. Having that urge to move like a wild beast and getting in awesome shape while having fun for under 30 min. I'm convinced nothing burns off fat faster and makes you stronger than Animal Exercise. As much as I love doing things like pull-ups, sprinting, hammer workouts and kettlebell juggling; the animals take the cake.

I have written possibly a dozen times or more about moving like a wild animal and the reason that is besides what I just wrote above is that it brings me joy to my life more than any other system has. You can do these anywhere you wish, I even do them indoors on a sucky day. When you're outside you can do them all over the place but indoors you can move a little slower and do exercises in a stationary position like the Frog, Flamingo, Condor, Spider against your wall, Armadillo, Puma, Isometric Alligator or Seal…

Making Push-Ups Interesting

I'm not the biggest fan of push-ups but I know they work very well and have great benefits that are beyond conditioning and strength. Some call them the greatest bodyweight exercise and some say there are better ways to build muscle than with push-ups. All I care about is how things make you better whether people agree with them or not. Push-ups have been the staple exercise throughout many cultures and in the military making it the homestead of strength and endurance. I for one feel once you reach a certain level of push-ups, do more difficult versions and see how far you can take it without injuring yourself or get so bored you begin to hate them. 
I do feel however that an exercise of that caliber should have a place in any program but it's not always a necessary exercise, for me the best exercise is the Bear Crawl; it literally hits your body from every angle and having to move in awkward positions creates a stronger base as oppose to push-ups where you are only going up a…

Theme Park Isometrics

When it comes down to it, I love amusement parks, been to a few in my life and always end up having a pretty good time especially at the greatest theme park of all-time Disneyland. Yesterday however, I had the opportunity after nearly 4 years of living in Idaho I went to the state's most famous theme park Silverwood in Athol. Very fun and just an awesome time with my girl Holly, speaking of which if you get a chance check out her bad ass blog about Turner's Syndrome at This Butterfly Life. Anyway back to it, me and the lovely Spider Monkey had an incredible day full of love, laughter, enjoyment and just pure kick ass fun. Went on water rides, a couple Coasters, saw a magic show, ate awesome burgers at a wild west themed restaurant and rode a 3 mile train ride that included a stunt show and tour of the grounds circling the park.

Now why did I come up with the title of this article, how the bloody hell do I mean Theme Park Isometrics? Well students, what you do is when you'r…

A Traveling Fitness Companion

I love to travel and have been to many cities and a few states in my lifetime. Being back east was an adventure, traveling up and back the pacific nothwest was a delight although I was recovering at the time but won 500 bucks at a Harris Casino in Lake Tahoe. With the way you travel and where you travel it is important to have valuable needs that are as basic as possible and I certainly believe you should travel with a fitness training kit.

Even though we have gyms at every major corner in the U.S, it's difficult to get some exercise in after a hard day driving on the road or flying for hours on end. It's also very difficult to carry weights around so I don't think its wise to travel with a rowing machine or squat rack full of iron plates and a bar. A gym to travel with should be easy to carry and put away like in a suitcase, backpack or dufflebag so when you get to your hotel room or wherever you're staying, you can get a little bag out that has handles with cables t…