Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not All Methods Are Created Equal

Around cities in every state of this country has some kind of gym, warehouse and studio dedicated to fitness one way or another. The problem is that with 99.9% of these places have a trainer and/or owner that say they're method is the best of the best not because it's true it's most likely because they don't want you going to someone else's place. That's one of the reasons why today places like Planet Fitness, the average Crossfit Gym and yoga studios try to lure you with promises of greater results than the other guy; the kind of promises that give you a monthly fee that is either stupid cheap or ridiculously expensive. You have to remember a gym's major profits aren't how much trainers get paid it's the memberships and sales pitches that get the most attention.

What does this have to do with methods of exercise? Simple, when you join up or get consulted, they pitch to you the type of fitness they represent and there's always that "one-all-be-all" program that tries to creep up inside your brain and brainwash the shit out of you until you either give in or you learn you have a brain and you walk away. The most common theme in most gyms has nothing to do with realistic training and consistent weight loss or muscle gaining. You have machines up the ass in these joints and they are more of a distraction than helpful. Very few can get buy on them but real training requires effort and sticking to something you believe in not what you are told to do.

If you're going to do a methodical program that works in your favor, the best approach is to be as minimal as possible, you don't need all those cardio machines or pullyes that can do more harm than good. Use simple and basic tools that have you working the muscles directly in congruent with the rest of the body; bodybuilders isolate muscles because they're sculpting the body using things that hit one direction of a muscle. I also believe in timing your workouts that is to the point and not making you stay or train longer than you have to. That's not the same as having fun if you're training three hours at a time; some guys do that because they're into it and gives them excitement but hardly anyone has time for that period of training. On average my workouts are less than 30 minutes because I get bored easily and I want to do things a little more intense, the only time I ever go an hour or longer is one of three things; I either practice Qi Gong and Deep Breathing exercises including stretching, Go after a deck of cards for reps hitting a tire with a heavy ass sledgehammer (current record is 59 lbs for 1252 Reps) or I train with my buddies and we get so into it time flies by.

The very best method is what works best in your interest; the way to time it, the amount of effort and the type of exercises that give you results with purpose and intent. Change things up, make them interesting and never feel bored whatsoever because the moment you are things won't go right and you can either hurt yourself or quit your training all together. I want you to learn what's best for you; maybe you're into sprinting but don't want to go outside due to weather conditions; that's what Superhero Sprints are for. Maybe you've gotten bored staying in stationary positions and want to move more; that's what Animal Movements or MovNat is for. Change of pace from weights and need to save some money; Darebee Circuits are perfect for that. You may even want more out of your workouts to help raise hormones to stay youthful; my bud Logan has a book for that called Upgrade Your Growth Hormone. Hell you may even want to spice things up and want to be odd yet also get out of your comfort zone; Bud Jeffries has two books perfect to look into and that's his Twisted Conditioning 1 & 2 series.

There are tons of stuff you can do but do your research and see what you can do for yourself. Even if you did go to the gym and want to spice up on the weights and dumbbells but need an extra challenge; I highly recommend Fat Gripz just slap them onto the bar and see if you can do the same weight with those bad boys. You have options, but make them count and not lose your brain trying to figure shit out that is overwhelming.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Superhero Workout For The Ages

Being a superhero isn't about being the fastest, the strongest or the most charismatic. It's about being who you are with a sense of yourself learning to extend to your fullest potential. One of the greatest facets about Superheroes is not what they're powers are or how smart they are against villains but it's their consistency to keep on going even things are in dire straights they fight to the bitter end. Same thing with conditioning; it's to keep going until you are done. When I train, I do the best to my abilities to stay with form and making progress with what brings me the most satisfaction. For the heroes in comics it's saving the world; for us fitness nuts it's being in shape on a consistent basis despite obstacles. 

No matter how rough life gets on you, always find a way to train; I have trained on days where I didn't feel like it because of whatever, death in the family, moving to a new state, someone new putting me through hell and even when i'm by myself and got no one to motivate me but my damn self. You have a choice and that's to mope around thinking you can't train because there isn't anything to do or get off your ass even if its for 15-20-30 or 60 fucking minutes of pure training that will help you in the long run. That's why one of the systems I'm returning to is Superhero Sprints where you bust your ass for about 30 min. and turning yourself into a man/woman of Comic Mythology that is pure power and physicality that is fun, exciting and doesn't take very long. When you can burn off more fat and build greater muscle in that short amount of time you'd be a fucking moron to not want to do it. 

When it comes to physiques, the type of superheroes that are best to develop naturally are guys like Batman, Spider-Man, Robin, Gambit, Green Arrow and Hawkeye. For women it be Spider-Woman, Wonder Woman, Daisy Johnson (Skye), Black Widow, Catwoman & even Batgirl. Forget about the big tits thing for a second and realize that some female superheroes have a build that can be achieved with the proper training and eating habits. Training like a Superhero in this particular system combines the elements of explosive training, intense speed and powering up on basic exercises that use multiple muscles in one shot. Increase your metabolism by lets say an extra 50% (its far higher but i'm making it simple for you) and improve natural muscle mass by 80% in just a few weeks. Women need muscle mass to help level out unwanted fat and since they're less testosterone based than us guys it makes it even more crucial and also i'm not talking bulk here, its physically impossible for women to bulk up unless they're taking steroids so ladies you'll be fine. For us guys, having high testosterone gets to be a great factor beyond a certain age, i'm over 30 and mine will drop 1% every year for the rest of my life unless I do something about it and i'm not alone in this. This program induces growth hormone that not only builds lean muscle and torches fat like the Human Torch to butter but also helps us stay looking younger than our age. I feel blessed to not look 30, some have told me I look younger than 25 on most days. It is realistic hormone therapy that doesn't cost you a small fortune and won't drain your bank account from hospital bills for shots and all that crap. 

Do me a favor and take a look at this program, it's a great piece to look and get the concept of. You know how Planet Fitness promises memberships that are ten bucks a month with cool shit and pizza; well my friend this course alone is not only cheaper only paying $9 you not only get the entire course but as a bonus there are meal plans, bonus workouts if you're into weights and how to sprint for better performance. There are video demos and exact strategies to get the most out of your workouts, there's even a system for both indoors and outdoors so you have no excuses plus unlike driving to a gym and getting stuck in traffic you can do this system in the comfort of your own home or at your favorite park, hell you can do it on the beach before jumping in the water. Trust me, you will love this and I guarantee you'll have a blast with it. Picture being your favorite Superhero and go after your goals for being the fittest you can possibly be.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Looks Can Be Deceiving

We sometimes don't realize not everything is what it seems, just like the internet you can't always believe everything you read is true. The fine difference between a bodybuilder today as oppose to 50 years ago is that back then those guys were some of the most functionally fit people on the planet as oppose to guys today full of muscle and bullshit strength. And let me ask you this if you saw a man like Bud Jeffries for example and went up against a guy like Mr. Olympia Phil Heath in a strength contest who do you think would if you had no prior knowledge to either man? I bet you, you would think Phil would destroy Bud but yet on the contrary Bud would do more than destroy Heath, this boobybuilder would be pleading for his life in a workout, I guarantee it.

I'm not an Olympia contender whatsoever and have no desire to be a bodybuilder but yet I'll go head to head with nearly anyone of those guys and i'll most likely walk out with a smile on my face while they get pissed off and their roids give out. I train to have realistic strength and health plus have a blast with it; most bodybuilders today train to make themselves look like a grotesque statue of musclemen that can literally kill them or cripple them later in life. It is sad to realize that if someone saved your life, it'll be a guy that doesn't have the most amount of muscle or the head of a comic book character.

Same can be said about the little guy no one even remotely believes has any real strength; that's where arrogance and  inexperience comes into play and figured this dude seems like he can get his ass handed to him but in the head the bigger man might be down for the count and your jaw will fucking drop my friend. You see looks are not always what they appear to be, ever heard the expression" Don't judge a book by it's cover"? I'm not saying all bodybuilders aren't strong, plenty of them are fucking stupid strong but by statistics and seeing from close up range I would bet greater money on a dude that doesn't seem to be that strong. Be objective and not always jump to conclusions on what is going on because whether you know it or not there some bad ass motherfuckers that make most bodybuilders look like pussies.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Natural Movement Is The Excitement Of Mankind

Throughout history movement has been the key to live a healthy life, given the edge in sports and long before that it was meant for survival. Our ancestors lived moving throughout various motions and survived on wit and strength of their bodies by swimming, running, climbing, throwing spears, lifting boulders and balance in order to get food, strategy against predators and running for miles in order to hunt long distances. There was no training for natural movement it was fight or flight.

These days it's not about survival, it's about training in order to combat disease and health threatening illnesses and also for the sake of feeling like Tarzan in the African Jungle. The functional modalities to crawl and use other forms of movement based on practicality and competency reflects on how you develop through your own method of practice and learning valuable tools to control your entire being. Erwan Le Corre is giving others the opportunity to find their inner hunter/moving being and become one with nature in all it's glory.

Sure we don't always have trees to climb or have heavy rocks to lift; hell we don't always have the luxury of using treehouses to live in but we can still practice the art of MovNat. Fitness that goes beyond aesthetics and the gym, it creates a life you wouldn't expect to happen but it's programmed in our DNA whether we realize it or not. The power you can have over your own body in realistic situations and exercises that require multiple muscles through planes of motion and the ability to control your movement becomes an adventure unlike anything in the modern age.

You're becoming one with nature, like your ancestors did thousands of years ago before society became "civilized" and had to survive on brains, brawn and a key sense of the dangers around them. MovNat brings out the best in our potential instincts and the awareness of our most deepest facets of the internal self that is within all of us using the ability to move like human beings were meant to. It's our destiny and our way of bringing forth a sense of the past to create a future that is filled with wonders in health, strength, agility, human capabilities that were thought to be lost forever and fight back what modern times has plagued us. Move and move like a man in nature.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Develop Your Own Jungle

Like the apeman, he had to learn to use skills in the jungle that was either fight or flight. Survival in our society most of the time is getting off our asses and moving the way we were meant to. Convenience has become our "savior" by grocery shopping, exercise gadgets from hideous infomercials and having kids be so cautious it's not like we feel human anymore. The jungle can be dangerous but so can diabetes, heart disease, cancer and atrophy.

Movement is our adventure into what our ancestors did 10's of thousands of years go. We lived by running, swimming, climbing, balancing on awkward areas so we didn't fall like on a cliff or within a gnarly riverbank. We used to lift boulders to help build shelter, jump from dangerous spots to get away from predators and even threw objects. We can still have those skills through realistic movement whether from systems like MovNat or moving like a Jungle Man doing Animal Movements.

By developing our own Jungle we can develop our bodies using different scenarios and exercises that bring out our natural instincts and utilize what our DNA was meant to do. Real Movement is using your whole body as a unit, not full of isolated & injury prone crap that does more harm than good. Tarzan is the ultimate symbol of full potential human movement; the ability to adapt to the environment and use every inch of our body in just about every position possible. Being able to swing on vines takes insane grip strength, incredible jumping ability to go from tree to tree and powerful core muscles to swim hard, climb up the highest trees and move without missing a single beat. Why has it become so downright fucked up for us to not want to do this.

True power is in the mind. Harnessing our Animal Spirits and moving like the fabled creatures we are in awe of is meant for us to acquire and bring forth a rebirth of real human strength and power. They say we can't compare to the animals of the wild which is true 99.9% of the time but there are literally thousands of animals that shed the same color blood as us. We may be different but animals and humans have something in common we all tend to forget, being a part of this world together. Live with the heart & soul of your favorite animal, learn the valued essence of Tarzan and become truly strong and powerful with Animal Physicality.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cables Made For Fitness

Like a lot of guys at one time the gym was my sanctuary. For a few years I'd train on the iron, pumping it up and lifting some pretty good weight but yet it sucked when I traveled and needed to lift things. I could've lifted rocks in Tahoe during my gym years but I was too damn proud because I liked to lift weights. After my accident and learning plenty of other fitness methods, I let go of the gym and never needed it anymore.

I never said I stopped lifting weights, I still do them from time to time but only for real strength and power, not so much a full-time gig to become a boobybuilder and whatnot. My gym is now anywhere I want it to be because I can do either bodyweight exercise or I can use cables like the TNT Cable System where I can come up with any exercise that is done in the gym. Most gyms today don't really cater to true and wholesome fitness where you truly sweat and get real results with realistic training; none of that celery, muscle milk machine, treadmill and pink dumbbell crap. I'm talking real world training where you condition the body whether its for strength, speed, athletics and old school bodybuilding where you are as strong as you look and eating real food not those terrible supplements.

To really get the best out of your training it takes time and patience, nothing happens overnight and whatever "shortcuts" people tell you is a lie and selling you awful shit for your health. Most health and fitness gurus out there are a bunch of whiney, no good pieces of shit assholes who rather take your money and talk you into buying stuff that was written for them to say by a ghost writer that is skinnier than twiggy. Those people you see in infomercials selling fitness gadgets are models pure and simple. I want to see someone like YOU get incredible results and not just to look handsome or beautiful but to have real strength and muscle that is functional and powerful.

That's why I really like the cables from Lifeline Fitness because they make fitness equipment that is resourceful and economical the area that you can carry cables and such things in a hefty little bag and go anywhere to work out. If I wanted to get my workout in before let's say going for a swim at the lake I got a good size bag to stuff the TNT Cables along with maybe the chest expander for shoulder work and do a few exercises right there on the beach before jumping into the water. You can't beat that. These babies will have you building muscle in no time and you don't have to go anywhere if you don't want to, just train in your own living room. There are options beyond the gym. Live your life without risking going to a place where people sweat endlessly and have to share equipment that is just unsanitary; don't get me wrong I love exercise and lifting but I also know that it can be nasty and full of germs if you don't have a strong immune system, be resourceful and get fit with gusto and having fun.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Giving Exercise Back To Kids As Fun

Nothing is more awesome than the great areas of a kid. Every kid has something really cool about them and it doesn't matter where they came from or what privileges they were born with or not it's there. Unfortunately not every kid will be able to find that awesome side of themselves due to how they're raised, the way they're treated throughout their lives and how little or too much of a push is put on them when they're very young. I didn't grow up in a mansion or was a silver spoon baby; hell I can't even think of any rich kids I knew as a young lad but I did grow up with wonderful families, friends that looked out for me and got to experience things that are both a blessing and a tragedy yet still here happy as can be.

In today's society, kids are groomed to be politically correct, not put so much strain on their bodies, where every type of protection for riding a bike, being awarded with Ipads, Tablets, Cell Phones, a pat on the back for losing, being told that winning isn't everything and don't get me started on the food kids are fed today. The average 8 year old has more electronics in their hands than at any other time in history, man when I was 8 the only electronics I really ever had was a Super Nintendo & Sega; my electronics never went outside the house. They will never understand the true meaning of play and being outside getting dirty and just making stuff up just to entertain themselves.

I have always loved playing with my buds, ball in the street, kill the carrier, tag football, being your favorite animal and lots of other stuff. For you kids born between '98-'01, did you know the internet didn't even come around until I was in second grade and Ipods first came out when I was a sophmore in high school. I firmly believe that exercise is one of the major keys to a happy life. Most treat exercise as if it was a negative necessity; being used to torture and push someone to the brink of the no pain, no gain crap. I do believe it to be a necessity but in a more positive way, being adventurous and creative. Helping a kid find that awesome side to him/her while having a blast and never feeling like they're being put down. Animal Exercise is one of those methods that just give kids the boost they need since it helps build brain power, takes out their hyperness and perks them up if they're stressed.

Give exercise back to kids that is fun and exciting. Learning to value their bodies with good wholesome training and food that just screams real health and happy moments that even involve teaching how to treat others respectfully and being competitive but at the same time learn valuable lessons from both winning and losing. When you truly research how Animal Exercise works and not just do the movements but to imagine as that animal while you move and learn the fundamentals of balance and coordination. This type of training goes beyond building strength and athletic ability, it brings a whole other universe of learning and mentally building a life of interest, controlling your emotions, being excited for different things and making real health a priority.

Here is the ultimate fitness course for your little one called Wild Animal Fitness For Kids and learn what it can do to help a kid get fitter physically, mentally and emotionally.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Real Strength & Cardio From Animal Exercise

Here we are again, at it about Animal Movements, will I ever shut up about them? Hell no. If you don't like it read something else. Moving in this method requires you to use every muscle in your body including the stabilizing muscles to keep yourself balanced during the exercise. Every animal has it's own style of movement so for us to pull them off we have to adapt in order to get the greatest benefit. Adjust accordingly and breathe as naturally as possible, animals don't practice breathing patterns it naturally comes to them.

I really don't like the word cardio, just sounds demeaning and makes me think of machines and dumb zumba classes where you follow someone else. When it comes to cardio for me, moving like a wild animal gives the best benefit because when you work out for 15-20 min. your heart rate keeps a solid pace at a level where if applied right you will burn off fat and gain lung capacity for greater endurance. Unlike training for an hour on a treadmill where you're doing stationary running and trying to get into that weight loss mindset, you're actually depleting muscle mass instead of gaining it. Ever heard of skinny fat? That's the type of thing you see on distance runners where there isn't much muscle but have fat left over because of the over excessive running. When you do Animal Exercise, you're actually building muscle while doing cardio. I never stop moving, I pick the animal and go with the steps I take and keep going. This alone can help you in other endeavors that require you to have something left in the tank.

It takes strength to keep yourself stabilized and moving your bodyweight in awkward directions and positions like for example the Alligator exercise; you're basically moving in a walking push-up and anyone that has done push-ups know how tough they can be holding yourself up without slouching and doing reps, now move in that manner and it's even harder because your muscles need to fire off more than usual just taking a few steps. Even animals that are specific for the legs will get your lungs firing; the duck walk requires you to squat as deeply as possible and walking in that position and it really opens up the hips and brutalizes the thighs and hamstrings so just walking 20ft can be a chore.

The most basic animal in the entire system is the Bear Crawl, you've seen it, you did it as a kid and it has been used in countless training areas like in the military, wrestling, football, MMA and even in Yoga in order to really strengthen the back and abs for the downward dog position (don't believe me? Try it some time and tell me your downward dog pose doesn't improve). It fires your lungs more than almost any exercise including sprinting because you need to move fast on all four limbs instead of two which alone can burn off fat and increase your metabolism greater than a torch to a flame.

I believe in all my years of training that Animal Exercise for 20 min. is the equivalent to an hour of cardio on the machines and it's way more fun and builds on hormones much faster because if you're outside you're also getting vitamin D from the sun which is a hormone so you get the best of both worlds. You can do it indoors as well doing animals from a stationary position and moving in the little space you have. It challenges your creativity and gets you into the mindset of a wild animal and I bet you big time whatever animal that's your favorite is your spirit animal as well because the mind and body work in unison when you train in this manner. So if you want to be more adventurous, getting more out of your cardio and strengthen every muscle from head to toe, move like a wild animal and see why it is the best for real world strength & cardio.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Animal Kingdom Conditioning II

Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

Animal Flow

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Take Your Animal Exercise Anywhere

As of late I've gone back to the Animal Movements because it is by far my most favorite form of exercise and the one system I get most excited about. Having that urge to move like a wild beast and getting in awesome shape while having fun for under 30 min. I'm convinced nothing burns off fat faster and makes you stronger than Animal Exercise. As much as I love doing things like pull-ups, sprinting, hammer workouts and kettlebell juggling; the animals take the cake.

I have written possibly a dozen times or more about moving like a wild animal and the reason that is besides what I just wrote above is that it brings me joy to my life more than any other system has. You can do these anywhere you wish, I even do them indoors on a sucky day. When you're outside you can do them all over the place but indoors you can move a little slower and do exercises in a stationary position like the Frog, Flamingo, Condor, Spider against your wall, Armadillo, Puma, Isometric Alligator or Seal whatever you choose to do. I believe in making the best of them when you're in the mood and just have at it. I do these exercises no more than 30 min. at a time and always hungry and ready for a shower afterwards.

It's also important to incorporate deep breathing between sets of exercise to open up your lungs and let your body recover because these exercises hit your whole body with a vengeance. This helps increase endurance, develop a faster metabolism and generate insane natural growth hormone which helps you burn off fat, build strength, put on natural muscle mass (not bulk like a bodybuilder) and create athletic ability. Watch how animals have insane lung power like the tiger, cheetah, Bear and even chimps. Sure we're built differently and don't have the same hunting senses but overall we can increase our conditioning and power in our bodies that frown upon our DNA to move and live with great strength and incredible athletic agility and stamina.

The biggest thing about training this way as I've said many many times is that it creates an atmosphere that is enjoyable and fun that it doesn't feel like working out. If you're someone who is hyper, this is the perfect system for you because when you move for so long your body releases endorphins and builds on bringing that calming and relaxing affect on your nervous system. Don't push so hard you pass out (happened to me on the first day) but understand when to stop and just breathe and let those endorphins kick in. If you're someone with low self-esteem these exercises perk you right up because when you move in this manner you're using every muscle in your body and it opens up an area of the brain where you generate that happy side and having that sensation of powerful calmness and beautiful feeling of smiling from the inside you can't help but light up.

Get into the mindset of a wild animal being adventurous and exploring your fitness potential. Who knows, in a short amount of time you'll ind yourself feeling better, muscle comes in quicker, you have more energy and for guys, your testosterone will shoot through the roof and for women those hormones will get you going like you were 18 again. Do us all a favor and get out there and just move like your favorite animal and get your body in the shape it was meant to, build up and see your body shape up with animal muscle.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Making Push-Ups Interesting

I'm not the biggest fan of push-ups but I know they work very well and have great benefits that are beyond conditioning and strength. Some call them the greatest bodyweight exercise and some say there are better ways to build muscle than with push-ups. All I care about is how things make you better whether people agree with them or not. Push-ups have been the staple exercise throughout many cultures and in the military making it the homestead of strength and endurance. I for one feel once you reach a certain level of push-ups, do more difficult versions and see how far you can take it without injuring yourself or get so bored you begin to hate them. 

I do feel however that an exercise of that caliber should have a place in any program but it's not always a necessary exercise, for me the best exercise is the Bear Crawl; it literally hits your body from every angle and having to move in awkward positions creates a stronger base as oppose to push-ups where you are only going up and down in the majority of variations. Sure the Bear Crawl needs a bit more space but when it happens, you will be huffing and puffing quicker than Peter Griffin's time on a Cardio Bike. I like to make Push-ups interesting or try variations that are a little out there. One way I do my push-ups is using a weighted vest and do them slower with less repetitions with fewer sets to build up testosterone and get more of my arms in the mix. I also use what's called The Power Push-up Plus from Lifeline that makes it more of a Bench Press feel to it where resistance is the main key. 

Most of the time I see people doing Push-ups, most of the variations they use are very boring and just so tedious they're not fun. Sometimes too basic becomes dull so spice things up a bit. Going up and down isn't what life is about, it has curves, swirls, circulates and even has you at a dead stop at times. Make your push-ups interesting; do them upside down, do Archer Push-ups, clap for joy and even jump around, have fun with them. If I wanted to just go up and down just do stairs. Be creative.

I've done tons of reps in this exercise well within the hundreds in single workouts so why continue that cycle, sometimes I don't count and bounce around doing a few reps of different variations and goofing off. Doing hundreds of reps a day is boring period, if you're into that more power to you but having a puffy chest can only get you so far. Live it up and do push-ups with a little Flair (and no i'm not talking about Ric Flair's grandkids).  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Theme Park Isometrics

When it comes down to it, I love amusement parks, been to a few in my life and always end up having a pretty good time especially at the greatest theme park of all-time Disneyland. Yesterday however, I had the opportunity after nearly 4 years of living in Idaho I went to the state's most famous theme park Silverwood in Athol. Very fun and just an awesome time with my girl Holly, speaking of which if you get a chance check out her bad ass blog about Turner's Syndrome at This Butterfly Life. Anyway back to it, me and the lovely Spider Monkey had an incredible day full of love, laughter, enjoyment and just pure kick ass fun. Went on water rides, a couple Coasters, saw a magic show, ate awesome burgers at a wild west themed restaurant and rode a 3 mile train ride that included a stunt show and tour of the grounds circling the park.

Now why did I come up with the title of this article, how the bloody hell do I mean Theme Park Isometrics? Well students, what you do is when you're in line at a par of this caliber or any amusement park for that matter, while you're in line waiting for your ride; you do Isometric Exercise against the railing or wall of the line. This really tells you that excuses are not part of the quota here and you can get training in even at a crazy place filled with characters, buildings and large fucking rides. I've been doing these for years at the Boardwalk and at Disneyland. Standing in line, doing wall pushes, pulls, sits, arm wrestling a pole, chest presses, Iso Curls and even muscle control with my hands in my pocket; whatever you can come up with make use of it. This will help you keep up your energy so you can stay pumped full of life during your stay at the park, walking is also awesome which you do a lot of anyway but why not bring muscular contractions to make things interesting. I even once did a unassisted Handstand in line of World Of Tomorrow at the Happiest Place On Earth.

It can be a little trying to exercise in line and might be worried that someone might look at you funny and think you're some kind of weirdo; trust me I thought the same thing and I did get some looks every now and then and was even asked what I was doing, just said that i'm doing what I love and that's training. Some get weirded out by it, others have given me praise for them but the majority of the time, no one gives a shit; they're either on their cell phones texting friends that are right next to each other or being bored when the line will move and then there are kids, that is self explanatory. I do it because it's fun and you can even make it look a little casual like nothing out of the ordinary; that's where the wall sits come in handy big time especially if you want to keep up the stamina of your legs throughout the day.

Next time you're in line waiting to get on a ride, do a few Isometrics against the railing whether it be wood, a chain, hollow aluminum steel and whatever else. Passes the time when you're there a while (try being in 2 hour line waiting for fucking Indiana Jones in Adventureland you'll thank me on that one). Will it wear you out? No if you play your cards right and not go full boar in every line, only use maybe 40% of your strength at best and do it for a few seconds and don't make yourself too obvious to attract so much attention the person operating finds out and won't know what the hell to do with you, be creative but casual and relaxed, not so full of adrenaline you make a damn scene. It's a lot of fun and it gives you something to do instead of moping around or getting so excited that you might lose it after waiting too long. Go for it and may you get stronger before you get on your favorite ride.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Traveling Fitness Companion

I love to travel and have been to many cities and a few states in my lifetime. Being back east was an adventure, traveling up and back the pacific nothwest was a delight although I was recovering at the time but won 500 bucks at a Harris Casino in Lake Tahoe. With the way you travel and where you travel it is important to have valuable needs that are as basic as possible and I certainly believe you should travel with a fitness training kit.

Even though we have gyms at every major corner in the U.S, it's difficult to get some exercise in after a hard day driving on the road or flying for hours on end. It's also very difficult to carry weights around so I don't think its wise to travel with a rowing machine or squat rack full of iron plates and a bar. A gym to travel with should be easy to carry and put away like in a suitcase, backpack or dufflebag so when you get to your hotel room or wherever you're staying, you can get a little bag out that has handles with cables to attach to and use a door anchor to place so you can all sorts of exercises from as many angles as possible. I sometimes travel with my chest expander and it's a hell of a way to get some kick ass training in before you head off to bed or after you wake up in the morning before a meeting or session with your employees/employers.

A great training kit would be a TNT Cable Pack that you can get in a 60 lb. Pack, 120 lb. Pack or 180 lb. pack  that have a few rubber cables where you can attach a triple insert slot with the cable and have at it doing the same types of exercises you would in a gym such as overhead presses, curls, squats, lunges, cleans and others. With the Door Attachment you can hook your cable(s) and handles over a holding bin where you can do exercises based on the machines such as Lat Pulldowns, Arm Wrestling Pulls, Tricep Pressdowns, Twists, Sit-ups, Upright Rows, Chops, Rows, Chest Presses going downward/upwards and like a standing Bench Press but that's just the tip of the iceberg. You don't need the gym per say when you have it everywhere you go. Take it out while you're at the park, at a baseball field, at the airport waiting for a plane, in a guest room at a house you're visiting for the weekend, at the beach hell if you an get away with it train at a gas station while you're pumping gas; you have no excuses.

People tend to believe that if you want to get in shape you have to train at a gym or a fitness studio paying a shit ton of money that could be used for other important factors like your fucking food or gas money. I'd say "you're right I do train at a gym when I travel, got it right here in my bad ass bag here, this is my gym and I can get fit anywhere I fucking wish." It really throws people off when you carry a gym in a hefty little bag that weighs no more than 3 pounds at best yet get in great shape under 20 minutes a day and don't have to pay for the day at a lousy gym filled with gross sweathogs that don't wipe down equipment and judgmental shit for brains that think that they own the fucking joint, no you never have to go through that. The world is your gym my friend, embrace and don't give a shit what people think, you're the one getting fit while they stand there with their finger up their ass looking like you're some kind of hippie.