Friday, September 25, 2015

Looks Can Be Deceiving

We sometimes don't realize not everything is what it seems, just like the internet you can't always believe everything you read is true. The fine difference between a bodybuilder today as oppose to 50 years ago is that back then those guys were some of the most functionally fit people on the planet as oppose to guys today full of muscle and bullshit strength. And let me ask you this if you saw a man like Bud Jeffries for example and went up against a guy like Mr. Olympia Phil Heath in a strength contest who do you think would if you had no prior knowledge to either man? I bet you, you would think Phil would destroy Bud but yet on the contrary Bud would do more than destroy Heath, this boobybuilder would be pleading for his life in a workout, I guarantee it.

I'm not an Olympia contender whatsoever and have no desire to be a bodybuilder but yet I'll go head to head with nearly anyone of those guys and i'll most likely walk out with a smile on my face while they get pissed off and their roids give out. I train to have realistic strength and health plus have a blast with it; most bodybuilders today train to make themselves look like a grotesque statue of musclemen that can literally kill them or cripple them later in life. It is sad to realize that if someone saved your life, it'll be a guy that doesn't have the most amount of muscle or the head of a comic book character.

Same can be said about the little guy no one even remotely believes has any real strength; that's where arrogance and  inexperience comes into play and figured this dude seems like he can get his ass handed to him but in the head the bigger man might be down for the count and your jaw will fucking drop my friend. You see looks are not always what they appear to be, ever heard the expression" Don't judge a book by it's cover"? I'm not saying all bodybuilders aren't strong, plenty of them are fucking stupid strong but by statistics and seeing from close up range I would bet greater money on a dude that doesn't seem to be that strong. Be objective and not always jump to conclusions on what is going on because whether you know it or not there some bad ass motherfuckers that make most bodybuilders look like pussies.

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