Monday, September 14, 2015

Giving Exercise Back To Kids As Fun

Nothing is more awesome than the great areas of a kid. Every kid has something really cool about them and it doesn't matter where they came from or what privileges they were born with or not it's there. Unfortunately not every kid will be able to find that awesome side of themselves due to how they're raised, the way they're treated throughout their lives and how little or too much of a push is put on them when they're very young. I didn't grow up in a mansion or was a silver spoon baby; hell I can't even think of any rich kids I knew as a young lad but I did grow up with wonderful families, friends that looked out for me and got to experience things that are both a blessing and a tragedy yet still here happy as can be.

In today's society, kids are groomed to be politically correct, not put so much strain on their bodies, where every type of protection for riding a bike, being awarded with Ipads, Tablets, Cell Phones, a pat on the back for losing, being told that winning isn't everything and don't get me started on the food kids are fed today. The average 8 year old has more electronics in their hands than at any other time in history, man when I was 8 the only electronics I really ever had was a Super Nintendo & Sega; my electronics never went outside the house. They will never understand the true meaning of play and being outside getting dirty and just making stuff up just to entertain themselves.

I have always loved playing with my buds, ball in the street, kill the carrier, tag football, being your favorite animal and lots of other stuff. For you kids born between '98-'01, did you know the internet didn't even come around until I was in second grade and Ipods first came out when I was a sophmore in high school. I firmly believe that exercise is one of the major keys to a happy life. Most treat exercise as if it was a negative necessity; being used to torture and push someone to the brink of the no pain, no gain crap. I do believe it to be a necessity but in a more positive way, being adventurous and creative. Helping a kid find that awesome side to him/her while having a blast and never feeling like they're being put down. Animal Exercise is one of those methods that just give kids the boost they need since it helps build brain power, takes out their hyperness and perks them up if they're stressed.

Give exercise back to kids that is fun and exciting. Learning to value their bodies with good wholesome training and food that just screams real health and happy moments that even involve teaching how to treat others respectfully and being competitive but at the same time learn valuable lessons from both winning and losing. When you truly research how Animal Exercise works and not just do the movements but to imagine as that animal while you move and learn the fundamentals of balance and coordination. This type of training goes beyond building strength and athletic ability, it brings a whole other universe of learning and mentally building a life of interest, controlling your emotions, being excited for different things and making real health a priority.

Here is the ultimate fitness course for your little one called Wild Animal Fitness For Kids and learn what it can do to help a kid get fitter physically, mentally and emotionally.
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