Monday, September 21, 2015

Develop Your Own Jungle

Like the apeman, he had to learn to use skills in the jungle that was either fight or flight. Survival in our society most of the time is getting off our asses and moving the way we were meant to. Convenience has become our "savior" by grocery shopping, exercise gadgets from hideous infomercials and having kids be so cautious it's not like we feel human anymore. The jungle can be dangerous but so can diabetes, heart disease, cancer and atrophy.

Movement is our adventure into what our ancestors did 10's of thousands of years go. We lived by running, swimming, climbing, balancing on awkward areas so we didn't fall like on a cliff or within a gnarly riverbank. We used to lift boulders to help build shelter, jump from dangerous spots to get away from predators and even threw objects. We can still have those skills through realistic movement whether from systems like MovNat or moving like a Jungle Man doing Animal Movements.

By developing our own Jungle we can develop our bodies using different scenarios and exercises that bring out our natural instincts and utilize what our DNA was meant to do. Real Movement is using your whole body as a unit, not full of isolated & injury prone crap that does more harm than good. Tarzan is the ultimate symbol of full potential human movement; the ability to adapt to the environment and use every inch of our body in just about every position possible. Being able to swing on vines takes insane grip strength, incredible jumping ability to go from tree to tree and powerful core muscles to swim hard, climb up the highest trees and move without missing a single beat. Why has it become so downright fucked up for us to not want to do this.

True power is in the mind. Harnessing our Animal Spirits and moving like the fabled creatures we are in awe of is meant for us to acquire and bring forth a rebirth of real human strength and power. They say we can't compare to the animals of the wild which is true 99.9% of the time but there are literally thousands of animals that shed the same color blood as us. We may be different but animals and humans have something in common we all tend to forget, being a part of this world together. Live with the heart & soul of your favorite animal, learn the valued essence of Tarzan and become truly strong and powerful with Animal Physicality.

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