Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Natural Movement Is The Excitement Of Mankind

Throughout history movement has been the key to live a healthy life, given the edge in sports and long before that it was meant for survival. Our ancestors lived moving throughout various motions and survived on wit and strength of their bodies by swimming, running, climbing, throwing spears, lifting boulders and balance in order to get food, strategy against predators and running for miles in order to hunt long distances. There was no training for natural movement it was fight or flight.

These days it's not about survival, it's about training in order to combat disease and health threatening illnesses and also for the sake of feeling like Tarzan in the African Jungle. The functional modalities to crawl and use other forms of movement based on practicality and competency reflects on how you develop through your own method of practice and learning valuable tools to control your entire being. Erwan Le Corre is giving others the opportunity to find their inner hunter/moving being and become one with nature in all it's glory.

Sure we don't always have trees to climb or have heavy rocks to lift; hell we don't always have the luxury of using treehouses to live in but we can still practice the art of MovNat. Fitness that goes beyond aesthetics and the gym, it creates a life you wouldn't expect to happen but it's programmed in our DNA whether we realize it or not. The power you can have over your own body in realistic situations and exercises that require multiple muscles through planes of motion and the ability to control your movement becomes an adventure unlike anything in the modern age.

You're becoming one with nature, like your ancestors did thousands of years ago before society became "civilized" and had to survive on brains, brawn and a key sense of the dangers around them. MovNat brings out the best in our potential instincts and the awareness of our most deepest facets of the internal self that is within all of us using the ability to move like human beings were meant to. It's our destiny and our way of bringing forth a sense of the past to create a future that is filled with wonders in health, strength, agility, human capabilities that were thought to be lost forever and fight back what modern times has plagued us. Move and move like a man in nature.  

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