Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cables Made For Fitness

Like a lot of guys at one time the gym was my sanctuary. For a few years I'd train on the iron, pumping it up and lifting some pretty good weight but yet it sucked when I traveled and needed to lift things. I could've lifted rocks in Tahoe during my gym years but I was too damn proud because I liked to lift weights. After my accident and learning plenty of other fitness methods, I let go of the gym and never needed it anymore.

I never said I stopped lifting weights, I still do them from time to time but only for real strength and power, not so much a full-time gig to become a boobybuilder and whatnot. My gym is now anywhere I want it to be because I can do either bodyweight exercise or I can use cables like the TNT Cable System where I can come up with any exercise that is done in the gym. Most gyms today don't really cater to true and wholesome fitness where you truly sweat and get real results with realistic training; none of that celery, muscle milk machine, treadmill and pink dumbbell crap. I'm talking real world training where you condition the body whether its for strength, speed, athletics and old school bodybuilding where you are as strong as you look and eating real food not those terrible supplements.

To really get the best out of your training it takes time and patience, nothing happens overnight and whatever "shortcuts" people tell you is a lie and selling you awful shit for your health. Most health and fitness gurus out there are a bunch of whiney, no good pieces of shit assholes who rather take your money and talk you into buying stuff that was written for them to say by a ghost writer that is skinnier than twiggy. Those people you see in infomercials selling fitness gadgets are models pure and simple. I want to see someone like YOU get incredible results and not just to look handsome or beautiful but to have real strength and muscle that is functional and powerful.

That's why I really like the cables from Lifeline Fitness because they make fitness equipment that is resourceful and economical the area that you can carry cables and such things in a hefty little bag and go anywhere to work out. If I wanted to get my workout in before let's say going for a swim at the lake I got a good size bag to stuff the TNT Cables along with maybe the chest expander for shoulder work and do a few exercises right there on the beach before jumping into the water. You can't beat that. These babies will have you building muscle in no time and you don't have to go anywhere if you don't want to, just train in your own living room. There are options beyond the gym. Live your life without risking going to a place where people sweat endlessly and have to share equipment that is just unsanitary; don't get me wrong I love exercise and lifting but I also know that it can be nasty and full of germs if you don't have a strong immune system, be resourceful and get fit with gusto and having fun.

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