Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not All Methods Are Created Equal

Around cities in every state of this country has some kind of gym, warehouse and studio dedicated to fitness one way or another. The problem is that with 99.9% of these places have a trainer and/or owner that say they're method is the best of the best not because it's true it's most likely because they don't want you going to someone else's place. That's one of the reasons why today places like Planet Fitness, the average Crossfit Gym and yoga studios try to lure you with promises of greater results than the other guy; the kind of promises that give you a monthly fee that is either stupid cheap or ridiculously expensive. You have to remember a gym's major profits aren't how much trainers get paid it's the memberships and sales pitches that get the most attention.

What does this have to do with methods of exercise? Simple, when you join up or get consulted, they pitch to you the type of fitness they represent and there's always that "one-all-be-all" program that tries to creep up inside your brain and brainwash the shit out of you until you either give in or you learn you have a brain and you walk away. The most common theme in most gyms has nothing to do with realistic training and consistent weight loss or muscle gaining. You have machines up the ass in these joints and they are more of a distraction than helpful. Very few can get buy on them but real training requires effort and sticking to something you believe in not what you are told to do.

If you're going to do a methodical program that works in your favor, the best approach is to be as minimal as possible, you don't need all those cardio machines or pullyes that can do more harm than good. Use simple and basic tools that have you working the muscles directly in congruent with the rest of the body; bodybuilders isolate muscles because they're sculpting the body using things that hit one direction of a muscle. I also believe in timing your workouts that is to the point and not making you stay or train longer than you have to. That's not the same as having fun if you're training three hours at a time; some guys do that because they're into it and gives them excitement but hardly anyone has time for that period of training. On average my workouts are less than 30 minutes because I get bored easily and I want to do things a little more intense, the only time I ever go an hour or longer is one of three things; I either practice Qi Gong and Deep Breathing exercises including stretching, Go after a deck of cards for reps hitting a tire with a heavy ass sledgehammer (current record is 59 lbs for 1252 Reps) or I train with my buddies and we get so into it time flies by.

The very best method is what works best in your interest; the way to time it, the amount of effort and the type of exercises that give you results with purpose and intent. Change things up, make them interesting and never feel bored whatsoever because the moment you are things won't go right and you can either hurt yourself or quit your training all together. I want you to learn what's best for you; maybe you're into sprinting but don't want to go outside due to weather conditions; that's what Superhero Sprints are for. Maybe you've gotten bored staying in stationary positions and want to move more; that's what Animal Movements or MovNat is for. Change of pace from weights and need to save some money; Darebee Circuits are perfect for that. You may even want more out of your workouts to help raise hormones to stay youthful; my bud Logan has a book for that called Upgrade Your Growth Hormone. Hell you may even want to spice things up and want to be odd yet also get out of your comfort zone; Bud Jeffries has two books perfect to look into and that's his Twisted Conditioning 1 & 2 series.

There are tons of stuff you can do but do your research and see what you can do for yourself. Even if you did go to the gym and want to spice up on the weights and dumbbells but need an extra challenge; I highly recommend Fat Gripz just slap them onto the bar and see if you can do the same weight with those bad boys. You have options, but make them count and not lose your brain trying to figure shit out that is overwhelming.

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