Monday, September 28, 2015

A Superhero Workout For The Ages

Being a superhero isn't about being the fastest, the strongest or the most charismatic. It's about being who you are with a sense of yourself learning to extend to your fullest potential. One of the greatest facets about Superheroes is not what they're powers are or how smart they are against villains but it's their consistency to keep on going even things are in dire straights they fight to the bitter end. Same thing with conditioning; it's to keep going until you are done. When I train, I do the best to my abilities to stay with form and making progress with what brings me the most satisfaction. For the heroes in comics it's saving the world; for us fitness nuts it's being in shape on a consistent basis despite obstacles. 

No matter how rough life gets on you, always find a way to train; I have trained on days where I didn't feel like it because of whatever, death in the family, moving to a new state, someone new putting me through hell and even when i'm by myself and got no one to motivate me but my damn self. You have a choice and that's to mope around thinking you can't train because there isn't anything to do or get off your ass even if its for 15-20-30 or 60 fucking minutes of pure training that will help you in the long run. That's why one of the systems I'm returning to is Superhero Sprints where you bust your ass for about 30 min. and turning yourself into a man/woman of Comic Mythology that is pure power and physicality that is fun, exciting and doesn't take very long. When you can burn off more fat and build greater muscle in that short amount of time you'd be a fucking moron to not want to do it. 

When it comes to physiques, the type of superheroes that are best to develop naturally are guys like Batman, Spider-Man, Robin, Gambit, Green Arrow and Hawkeye. For women it be Spider-Woman, Wonder Woman, Daisy Johnson (Skye), Black Widow, Catwoman & even Batgirl. Forget about the big tits thing for a second and realize that some female superheroes have a build that can be achieved with the proper training and eating habits. Training like a Superhero in this particular system combines the elements of explosive training, intense speed and powering up on basic exercises that use multiple muscles in one shot. Increase your metabolism by lets say an extra 50% (its far higher but i'm making it simple for you) and improve natural muscle mass by 80% in just a few weeks. Women need muscle mass to help level out unwanted fat and since they're less testosterone based than us guys it makes it even more crucial and also i'm not talking bulk here, its physically impossible for women to bulk up unless they're taking steroids so ladies you'll be fine. For us guys, having high testosterone gets to be a great factor beyond a certain age, i'm over 30 and mine will drop 1% every year for the rest of my life unless I do something about it and i'm not alone in this. This program induces growth hormone that not only builds lean muscle and torches fat like the Human Torch to butter but also helps us stay looking younger than our age. I feel blessed to not look 30, some have told me I look younger than 25 on most days. It is realistic hormone therapy that doesn't cost you a small fortune and won't drain your bank account from hospital bills for shots and all that crap. 

Do me a favor and take a look at this program, it's a great piece to look and get the concept of. You know how Planet Fitness promises memberships that are ten bucks a month with cool shit and pizza; well my friend this course alone is not only cheaper only paying $9 you not only get the entire course but as a bonus there are meal plans, bonus workouts if you're into weights and how to sprint for better performance. There are video demos and exact strategies to get the most out of your workouts, there's even a system for both indoors and outdoors so you have no excuses plus unlike driving to a gym and getting stuck in traffic you can do this system in the comfort of your own home or at your favorite park, hell you can do it on the beach before jumping in the water. Trust me, you will love this and I guarantee you'll have a blast with it. Picture being your favorite Superhero and go after your goals for being the fittest you can possibly be.

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