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Time For A Fresh Start

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and had tons of fun, food and love from relatives and friends. To me this was one of the best holidays yet; got to spend time with the people I love and spend time with the most kick ass friends. The holidays is not always about finding gifts for the kids or getting something you've been wanting all year, it’s about connecting and giving back to the people in your life that gives a beautiful meaning. Now that it’s over and the New Year is just a couple days away, it’s time to reflect and build new chapters, learn different things.
            A common thread of the New Year is what people call Resolutions or better yet, change or create something huge that will only last you less than 2 weeks. To me, Resolutions is complete bullshit. In the fitness world, most really put it out there and believe just because they can jump into something it’s going to stick with them like going to Crossfit when you haven’t even done any technique yet…

The BIG 500

For those that haven’t read or counted, this is officially the 500th article written for Power & Might. For some 500 doesn't seem much in certain standards but to most, 500 is a golden number among elite groups of people in popular culture such as sports, exercise, books and in Television. In sports like baseball you hear the gold standard for a big-time power hitter is 500 homeruns. In Exercise there are 500 reps of an exercise like squats and push-ups, in weightlifting there’s the 500 lbs. mark in top lifts like the Bench, Squat & Deadlift. This number is significant to me because it marks a long and enduring journey to get better and provide quality articles for you guys.
            I’ve been honored to have had some very distinct and incredible guest writers throughout the years and although the number is small, it still has had a big impact on this site. From Strongmen, Martial Artists, Expert in Isometrics, World Renowned Physical Culturists and a young man that is…

Up Keeping Your Conditioning

When you find different ways to condition your body, it’s important to keep them going until you move on to the next method. However, some of us like me can’t always keep up with what we want to do or get bored easily so now what? We improvise and become creative. When I say upkeep I don’t always mean tuning your exercises or routine but my way of up keeping is to train as daily as possible whether for 5 min. or 1 hour. It keeps you on your toes and you feel a sense of accomplishment.
            Make your goals interesting, don’t always be a straight arrow and generic with “I’m doing this to lose weight or doing that to build strength” and my personal favorite “Just to look good the season.” Those are great goals to have but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Go after your goals but put in a little extra something that keeps your goals interesting like adding an animal exercise for fun or slap in some isometrics that you always wanted to learn. I always believed in…

Taking It One Day At A Time

For most in life it’s easy to jump in and make big changes but yet it can bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. In the world of fitness, many want results fast and they want them NOW!!! Sure it seems like a great thing to do at the time but yet it’s about control and bringing little things together that actually take up the big picture.
            What most don’t have is patience and don’t put in the little efforts that create something huge later on. A jet cannot fly without an engine, a deal in a business meeting can’t go down without those little tweeks to get the job done and in fitness/strength training you have to have a relationship between your goals, what you would like to have done and bring it all together in harmony. Granted some like myself aren’t always into routines but I do however believe that if you want the best quality training, you got to align yourself with the right mindset.
            It’s about harmony and building up certain challenges and…

Mixing Muscle Control Into Your Workouts

The Art of Muscle Control was a staple for many of the old time physical culturists such as Otto Arco, Maxick, Sandow, John Grimek, Saxon and also the mighty George Hackenshmidt. When you think into the muscles and learning your own physiology, you’re finding out how your own body works in ways no one else can. In your workouts where you’re lifting maybe heavy weights, pull-ups, kettlebell snatches and/or working with Sledgehammer; mixing in Muscle Control can give you that extra edge in the flow of blood moving into the muscles and keeping them fresh and going just a tad longer.
            I've been experimenting with this lately because I want to find out how I can last a little bit longer or flow better in my workouts so after I do a set of an exercise say swinging the mace 100 times; I would superset it with a muscle control exercise. There are many ways to do Muscle Control but my style isn't just flexing and relaxing it’s moving through an entire range of …

Experimental Meditation

One of the greatest minds in all of history; Albert Einstein, he had developed one of the greatest theories and a part of that discovery is through the power of meditation or what he called “Thought Experiments.” Because of this, he was able to tap into a world no one else can imagine and began to create things back then that people would consider insane, crazy and downright “not there in the head.” If Einstein were alive during the Salem Witch Trials he would've been burned at the stake I have no doubt about that.
            This isn't a new idea. Meditative practices have been going on for countless millennia and there’s always different ways to practice. In China, they mediate through Qi Gong, in Japan they call it Ki and in India they call it Prana. Many different cultures have developed ways to open the world from within. There’s never one way to meditate and great powerful minds like Einstein proved this. When you get in tuned with your mind, you open a new w…

A Bridge Worth Crossing

When most people think of the bridge they seem to believe it’s just a neck exercise when in fact it goes far beyond that. There are different variations of the bridge which I will discuss in a little bit but they all have one thing in common, it’s a full body workout that will stretch you and the isometric benefits some of them have is incredible. Like I said it’s not just an exercise for the neck, it can get you breathing harder than being on a cardio machine bar none and its more accessible as well as you can do it pretty much anywhere with a limited amount of space. If you’re an athlete, bridging can give you significant power in your suggested sport for a few examples…. Baseball: You need strong and supple hips and core power to swing the bat or line up the drive to throw the ball. Football: You’re defending or holding off the line and think of being able to drive the legs powerfully and with speed. Wrestling: Bridging is the king in wrestling circles for many reasons. Think of your…

The Cold Shower Effect

Recently I just got back into testing out cold showers because of the pop up articles about them lately. Right now it’s to mostly help my recovery from intense workouts and build up my immune system for the winter months here in Idaho. It gets down to as low as 8 degrees at night and the highest this week has been no more than 25-30 so safe to say it gets fucking cold.
            As I experiment with this and so far I love it, it’s one of the best methods to increase your health and vitality. The shock of the water hitting your body can be a bit dramatic for some people but what that’s doing is amping up the heat in your body and move it towards the organs and keep them strong and healthy. When you have strong powerful organs especially the heart and kidneys, you are charging up your body like never before. Think about it, this intense form of therapy can actually make you stronger and more mentally tough.
            One of the very best benefits of cold water therapy (…

Super Size Your Fitness

Now you might be thinking “Why the hell would you make a McDonalds reference in a fitness article?” Well because I can and more than that I’d like to look at things from another perspective. Super sizing a workout doesn't always mean move a bunch of heavy stuff around or add sets and reps an all that junk, I want you to look at Super Sizing as a point to amp up your game a bit, do something a little bit heavier than your last workout, change the tempo a bit or change exercises and hit them hard.
            Jump starting your metabolism is a great way to help burn off fat, build lean muscle, getting your organs in fantastic condition that can wear off diseases and help you from getting sick easily. For some it’s not always that simple. For most in our 20’s we can jump start into overdrive rather quickly and get great muscle but for older folks it’s not that easy. Unless you've been training your whole life and know the ins and outs but the majority haven’t or stop…