Monday, December 16, 2013

Taking It One Day At A Time

            For most in life it’s easy to jump in and make big changes but yet it can bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. In the world of fitness, many want results fast and they want them NOW!!! Sure it seems like a great thing to do at the time but yet it’s about control and bringing little things together that actually take up the big picture.

            What most don’t have is patience and don’t put in the little efforts that create something huge later on. A jet cannot fly without an engine, a deal in a business meeting can’t go down without those little tweeks to get the job done and in fitness/strength training you have to have a relationship between your goals, what you would like to have done and bring it all together in harmony. Granted some like myself aren’t always into routines but I do however believe that if you want the best quality training, you got to align yourself with the right mindset.

            It’s about harmony and building up certain challenges and taking them down a notch. It’s like a beautiful relationship with your significant other, there will be times where it’s all loving and ditsy but yet there will come a time where you face some fights and need to make for them; balance it. Put together what you want to accomplish and be prepared to be thrown a curve every now and then. Be bold and daring but at the same time, let things work for you otherwise some things will just walk all over you.

            A very important thing to remember; everything happens for a reason. There’s just that spark that hits you like Zeus’s’ thunderbolt but there are things that may not always be in your favor, be aware of that, things will work the way they’re supposed to. Be aware of how you do things and find your way to accomplishing your goals and making things happen for you. Training is all about practice, finding who you are and learning what you’re capable of. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when things go right, it feels like magic but if it doesn’t then you either modify it or switch to something else. Either way you will find something that hits and it’ll be noticeable once you see it.

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