Friday, December 6, 2013

The Cold Shower Effect

            Recently I just got back into testing out cold showers because of the pop up articles about them lately. Right now it’s to mostly help my recovery from intense workouts and build up my immune system for the winter months here in Idaho. It gets down to as low as 8 degrees at night and the highest this week has been no more than 25-30 so safe to say it gets fucking cold.

            As I experiment with this and so far I love it, it’s one of the best methods to increase your health and vitality. The shock of the water hitting your body can be a bit dramatic for some people but what that’s doing is amping up the heat in your body and move it towards the organs and keep them strong and healthy. When you have strong powerful organs especially the heart and kidneys, you are charging up your body like never before. Think about it, this intense form of therapy can actually make you stronger and more mentally tough.

            One of the very best benefits of cold water therapy (especially for us guys) is the increase of our metabolism and testosterone increase. When you are in a cold shower and it’s hitting you all over the place you have no choice but to breathe hard. Breathing deeply and hard like you are training increases the chance of burning off fat and as you as your body tries to stay warm it’s burning off more calories which can lead to weight loss, bodyfat decrease and at best bring your testosterone up a notch which helps increase lean muscle and take away the fat we don’t want. Screw steroids and PEDs take a cold shower damn it and be a man.

            That old saying from Farmer Burns “Deep breathing alone can make many a weak man strong and many a sick man well.” He made that comment more than 100 years ago and it’s as true today as it was back in his time. When you breathe deeply, you open the lungs and you increase your capacity to sustain great energy and stamina. When you hop in that cold shower and you’re forced to breathe deeply, it becomes apparent that your body is not only getting stronger it’s getting stronger from within which is more important than always focusing on the outside. Deep Breathing allows you to keep going in your activity or whatever you’re doing throughout the day. It builds that inner power within you to live life with peacefulness and bliss.

            Cold showers isn't a new thing, it’s been around since the dawn of man, jumping into cold lakes, rivers and bathing in the treacherous winters has been the stuff of legends. In Japan, masters and students would stand under a waterfall that is ice cold to help cleanse their spirit, in Finland they would sit in the sauna for a time then immediately go out and roll in the snow and jump in the freezing lake. Athletes have used ice baths to help their recovery from workouts and decrease the chance of soreness.

            It’s important to keep natural remedies as possible in this pharmaceutical and technological world of ours because when it comes to the human body, it’s one of the most fascinating elements in our universe and however it was created, we must protect it from harmful affects which are practically everywhere so do the best to your abilities. Be open to becoming a little more natural, you’d be surprised what can happen when you put it into a positive realm.  
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