Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The BIG 500

For those that haven’t read or counted, this is officially the 500th article written for Power & Might. For some 500 doesn't seem much in certain standards but to most, 500 is a golden number among elite groups of people in popular culture such as sports, exercise, books and in Television. In sports like baseball you hear the gold standard for a big-time power hitter is 500 homeruns. In Exercise there are 500 reps of an exercise like squats and push-ups, in weightlifting there’s the 500 lbs. mark in top lifts like the Bench, Squat & Deadlift. This number is significant to me because it marks a long and enduring journey to get better and provide quality articles for you guys.

            I’ve been honored to have had some very distinct and incredible guest writers throughout the years and although the number is small, it still has had a big impact on this site. From Strongmen, Martial Artists, Expert in Isometrics, World Renowned Physical Culturists and a young man that is making his mark in Physical Culture faster than most I've ever seen. You guys are my inspiration and tremendous athletes in your own way. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do. I've been friends with every one of these people and I’m grateful you took the time to help build this site because I love helping others out and give them exposure in another way.

            Some people look at my site as just a series of articles but to the untrained eye, they go far beyond that. I take a different approach to how things look to me and I know for damn sure I've offended someone but you know what so be it. The evolution of Power & Might is a great one. I don’t like boasting about what I do but I’m damn proud of what it has become and what will continue to grow in the future. This site gives you a variety of choices from top quality experts in their field and it provides insight that a lot of other sites are too damn scared to write. Some are controversial, some are funny, some are spiritual and others have a mystery to them that only those that read them can recite them in their own way. I don’t look for people to read and follow my advice, I want people to read these articles and find their true calling within themselves that give them the strength to follow their own path. Yes I’ am opinionated but it’s because I see so much out there that isn't written and needs to be.

            500 entries is a lot for one site and yet it continues to evolve and at times take on a life of its own. I want to inspire future writers whether they write blogs or books or whatever and help them find the one thing we all strive to get; seen. I’m no millionaire by any stretch, I’m not a professional athlete or a celebrity but what I’ am is a man who loves to train and share various philosophy, spirituality and exercise that gives even the weakest person hope that there is something you can do to make your life better. I can write up anyway I want but the true inspiration I get is from people of all walks of life all over the world, that’s what I strive for is to help you be better than yesterday and help you on the road to your own success.

            Thank you all for who have read, listened, commented and shown love for this wonderful place. It is a safe haven for anyone who is willing to take a chance and become stronger, healthier, more vibrant and do it with heart, love and admiration to be the very best that you can become. Keep your dreams alive and do what’s best for you my friend no matter how big, small, easy, hard or tough it is, you have the power to make things happen. 

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