Monday, December 2, 2013

Super Size Your Fitness

            Now you might be thinking “Why the hell would you make a McDonalds reference in a fitness article?” Well because I can and more than that I’d like to look at things from another perspective. Super sizing a workout doesn't always mean move a bunch of heavy stuff around or add sets and reps an all that junk, I want you to look at Super Sizing as a point to amp up your game a bit, do something a little bit heavier than your last workout, change the tempo a bit or change exercises and hit them hard.

            Jump starting your metabolism is a great way to help burn off fat, build lean muscle, getting your organs in fantastic condition that can wear off diseases and help you from getting sick easily. For some it’s not always that simple. For most in our 20’s we can jump start into overdrive rather quickly and get great muscle but for older folks it’s not that easy. Unless you've been training your whole life and know the ins and outs but the majority haven’t or stopped for a period of years. Super sizing your training doesn't mean you jump into some advanced program where you’ll end up more injured than getting results, it’s about progressing and starting small and going a little higher each time until you’re at that Super Size level.

            Here comes my McDonalds reference that should shed some light on how training works. When you order a Big Mac and a Super Size meal, most people get that because they’re hungry but what they don’t realize is how to use small chunks that makes the meal more realistic to eat, some will just scarf it down, start sweating a little too soon and they’ll feel tired and a little sick afterwards. Exercising is practically the same thing, you do too much right off the bat and your body can’t always take right away and you’re feeling groggy and in pain. When you take small chunks of your workout and mold them into something a little more each time you’re actually getting more out of it. Train within your limits and challenge yourself every once in a while. This is not saying to go to McDonalds and challenging how many burgers and fries you can stuff that just makes you an idiot.

            The most important thing to remember when you Super Size your workouts is know when to back off. I get it that it gives you an adrenaline rush at times and you can do it often but there has to be some form of control and discipline otherwise you’re setting yourself up for an injury and that can ruin your chances of getting the results you want. Learn how to step back, recover, do little things here and there and then get back up to it. Super Size your mind and body by controlling and learning your limits and use your recovery time to reflect on what you can do better next time or pick up the pace a bit more. Remember, small chunks can make all the difference instead of just going straight to the moon, you have to get into space first but before that, you need the rocket to launch. 

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