Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Experimental Meditation

          One of the greatest minds in all of history; Albert Einstein, he had developed one of the greatest theories and a part of that discovery is through the power of meditation or what he called “Thought Experiments.” Because of this, he was able to tap into a world no one else can imagine and began to create things back then that people would consider insane, crazy and downright “not there in the head.” If Einstein were alive during the Salem Witch Trials he would've been burned at the stake I have no doubt about that.

            This isn't a new idea. Meditative practices have been going on for countless millennia and there’s always different ways to practice. In China, they mediate through Qi Gong, in Japan they call it Ki and in India they call it Prana. Many different cultures have developed ways to open the world from within. There’s never one way to meditate and great powerful minds like Einstein proved this. When you get in tuned with your mind, you open a new world you've never seen before. Sometimes it’s blurry at first because it’s hard to picture but when you are relaxed and you breathe and begin to picture what you want, you begin to see things that only you can understand when no one else does.

            In fitness, mind and body work in unison but yet most never understand this. Does a carriage need a horse to move? Does a car need gas and oil in order to run? How about your brain charging specific muscles to make a lift or any particular exercise? The mind is always first in line and the body comes second. It’s part of the definition of the Mind/Muscle Connection. If you’re looking to make a specific goal or want to lose weight, gain muscle, lift heavy weight with ease; you’ll want to think into it first and see it right in your mind’s eye. Build that power within you, feel the vibrations of those cheering around you, feel the rush of your muscles that make a lift seem like nothing, picture as if your goal is already done and the rest is helping you get there without resistance.

            You have a whole other world in your mind. For some it’s scary, freighting and you don’t always know where you are but for others, it’s beautiful, you’re happy, you have a sense of love and passion and there’s something wondrous about it that only you can see, feel, touch and smell. You can make the world the way you want it to be. Now it may not always run in your favor but in order to love the world, it’s important to love who you are and not just your physical form but your inner spirit, that child who wants to learn about everything and feel that no matter how things turn out, you have deep warmth for who you truly are.

            Meditation is a powerful practice. Picture what you want, see things happen and believe everything happens for a reason. Meditations can be through sitting, lying down, moving but you learn what works best to get you in that peaceful state, that warmth of strength and power that dwells within you. Experiment with different ways, use what comes best to you and learn the value of seeing a world that only you can see and protect it in your heart, soul and the deepest parts of your spirit.

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