Monday, September 30, 2013

Mythology & Superhuman Strength

            No matter how you slice it, we've been fans of Mythology for as long as we can remember. We've read the comic books, we've watched the movies, we've practiced certain elements that are based on the gods and we've even trained to be like them but can we really? There are different heroes and villains in the world of Mythology basing on how much we've learned about them. It’s important to have these stories but one must be cautious because we never know what we might find.

            Gods, monsters, heroes, villains, superhuman powers; these things have stretched our imaginations for eons and we still are finding more things about them than we thought to believe. The god Zeus is one of the most prolific figures in Mythology because of not just his power of the thunder bolt but some look at him as a man of great stature and superhuman entities to do good on this world, others see him as a complete asshole for wanting to overthrow his brothers Poseidon & the dark lord of the underworld Hades and control mankind to do his bidding. It is important however to know that a god like that is very powerful and can learn to use his great strength for our own way of training.

            Another great Hero or mythical figure; Thor, he’s one of the strongest gods there is and he’s famous because of that great Hammer of his. When he strikes down the Frost Giants or marches into battle, his hammer is the equivalent to a samurai’s mighty sword. The weapon is apart of who he is, it symbolizes his power unlike anything else and with that power can either be great for saving the world or destroy it b the choices we make.

            How can we tie in these mythological figures into building a foundation for fitness today? Well let’s look back to how real warriors of ancient times trained; they didn't have machines like pulldowns or cardio machines to keep them fit or have barbells and dumbbells to strengthen their muscles so what the hell did they do? Depends on the type of warrior you’re looking at, some were swordsmen, some were archers, others were snipers when they shot arrowheads and even some had special weapons made for specific occasions or battles so they’re training consisted on the type of role they played in. When you look at archers, they have strong shoulders, a keen eye and a great sense of control of on pulling isometrics. That makes me think of Strand Pulling or today’s Lifeline Chest Expander, working the same muscles as an archer did just in a different format.

            If we truly want to put in training like god or a warrior of ancient times, we can’t just march into the gym or get a certain tool of weight or cable and expect to be super strong. Like anything else we progress to become better and stronger and fitter. Think of Hercules, the strongest god of all or should we say demi-god. He was already super strong and had superhuman qualities but at first he didn't understand how to use that strength, it made him awkward and his control was horrible. After learning to use his mind and putting in the effort to control what he was doing, over a period of time his strength helped him in the 12 labors he was assigned by the Greek goddess Hera if you read the stories and the tragic entities that go with this.

            We are inspired by powerful beings, whether they’re gods, extraordinary men and women or even a certain person of status whether an athlete or strong being; it gives us hope that we can be those things to and possibly more if you put your mind to it. The power of our imagination is endless if you really understand it and continue to learn it. We all have great gifts within us and most of us don’t even know it and never learn to unlock them. Learn what you’re good at, progress and turn it into something you can proud of and you can be super strong and powerful. Use your imagination and doors will open to you that you never seen before.   

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mastering The Blob

When your hands are weak, THIS happens...What is Open Hand Training? Your Pulls Are Suffering.  Fix This Today.

 Don't you hate it when you drop a deadlift half way up or when your hands burn out during a set of Pull-ups or Rows?

Today, you're going to learn a way to keep that from happening without using straps or some other guide of B.S. grip aids.
Today's video is going to show you why doing training with an "open hand" is better for full development of your grip strength.

This concept is so simple.
It's surprising that so many people who have trouble keeping their grip on their pulling movements aren't doing more of this.

Yours In Strength,

P.S.  You'll learn about these benefits in Video 2...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strength Is Nothing Compared To What’s Within

          Too many of us use what’s outside of ourselves to make us stronger physically, we lift weights, do weird cardio, hell we even do Crossfit from time to time. The strange thing is at least to most people is that strength really comes from your mental power and not so much your physical power. When you break it down mentally, your body will perceive it to follow and that’s where your true strength comes into play.

            Everything starts with a thought, when a certain thought occurs, sometimes action takes place. We all think about something every single day but we can’t take action for ever thought we have otherwise we’d be burned out, exhausted and just flat out torn up so we use specific thoughts to create action later. What the mind sees is not always what we believe to be unless you have a strong intuition and something within you sees something that involuntary focus on that, your body reacts. This is one of the basic subjects of the Mind/Muscle Connection, what we see in our minds; our bodies react in certain ways.

            One of my favorite Superhero movies to watch is the origin story of Dr. Strange. A man with a lot of guilt for the death of his sister became bitter, cold and dark yet became a great neurosurgeon. Don’t want to give it all away but the point is, because he needed his hands to help people, he couldn't and he nearly gave up until he met a Tibetan Monk who made him learn how his mind perceives certain things and not all things are what they seem when it comes to the Physical. How you perceive something is not always what they seem for example, doing a certain feat of strength, most in their mind see this as too much and most likely won’t be able to do it, however if you shift your mind to believing it’s not and you feel your body infusing with great power, you can do it pretty well. Not saying it be light as a feather and you can do whatever you want but using your mind with a connection to the body, you can do things you never thought were possible.

            To really unlock the secrets of great strength and superhuman power, you must learn how to focus your Energy with pinpoint accuracy. It’s not easy by any means but you can harness great energy to do your bidding whether it’s strength training, talking to people, being in a sport or activity, hell even if you’re an entertainer you can still create something that’s already inside you. You can unlock this energy in different ways, it can be through meditation, seeing yourself doing something extraordinary or better yet infusing your breathing with certain sounds and torquing points that will make you so strong at the snap of your fingers you won’t know what hit you.

            Be open to unlocking your mind to limitless possibilities, progress with great intention and focus on what you want to happen and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Most won’t do this because they’re too damn scared or rather listen to some shmuck tell them that they don’t have it in them. You have far more power within you than you perceive it to be, let it go and unleash it with vigor and great admiration because nobody can give you that power more than you can. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Swing Away With A Mace

            One of the oldest tools of the ancient warriors is the Mace or Gada of Indian Culture. It was a soldier’s prominent weapon for combat which he also used to train sufficiently with. When he swung it, it was beautiful but also powerful. A Mace can range in weight to well over 70 lbs. and an expert of the Gada took no exception to master its intimidating look. It’s come into prominence lately in the last few years even though it’s not as popular as the clubs; it’s still an effective exercise.

            In wrestling, circular movements are the foundation of mastering the art like the Hindu Squats & Hindu Push-ups, the Gada and the Clubs. These things build a level of strength & endurance that works the whole body from head to toe and give you a workout that will have you begging for mercy. In its heyday, Indian Wrestling or Kushti was the dominant sport and nobody made it more feared all over than the Great Gama. He used these very same exercises and tools to become the only undefeated man in his sport with a record of 5000 matches won. Using the Gada in a circular fashion works your body like very few can compare.

            There are many ways to use the Mace, the main one is what’s called 360’s where you put one hand over the other, push up and let the Mace swing over the shoulders as you keep a tight grip. I love this exercise as it works your upper body like crazy and the heavier it is, the more balance you’re going to need to do this with ease and that’s where great strength and coordination come into play. Other exercises like spearing, chopping, shoveling, curling and others work the body like I said before that very few can compare. Karl Gotch also used this and can be do well over 100 reps with a 50 lb. Mace and did it with ease even into his 60’s. A workout just with this can help you gain flexibility in the shoulders, hits your obliques, strengthens the arms and works your back to give you that muscular look but have the strength to go along with it. Never underestimate this.

            I've always emphasized old school training because quite frankly it works but more than that it gives you a chance to feel like you’re back in time to a place where training was not that huge on society and fitness was more of health and natural strength & conditioning. Take into consideration that at this point in History, if you wanted to get in awesome shape you used basic weights, odd objects if you were in a job that required that, trained outside climbing, swinging clubs and a mace, plus diets back then didn't exist. To get the most benefit, think old school training and eating because when you come to grips with this, it gives you a perspective on why it’s so much better for you and less confusing than the crap being thrown around today. Give it a shot and be shocked on how simple real exercise can be without the wear and tear of isolating every single thing in your body.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally My Opinion On Crossfit

           I tend to be opinionated about certain things every once in a while or I may make mention on certain things. This little trend of Crossfit seems to be the talk of fitness these days and I do have something to say about it. I have family who does Crossfit and they’re 2 of my cousins by marriage, they’re serious about it and when I don’t have any issue with that I do care about them, one of them is a cop. Well you’re about to get my uncut, uncensored and thoughts going to my mouth about this thing people want to do these days. You ready, because here it comes baby.

            Crossfit is not all that new; this type of thing has been around for ages and believe it or not it was a staple for wrestlers in ancient India & Middle Eastern tradition for the sport of Wrestling. These guys would move fast during exercises and go from one to another, they’d swing clubs, maces, do crazy push-ups and squats plus they’d have to dig the pit which was their wrestling mat and prepare it for the day. Imagine what their workout of the day was, nothing like crossfit makes up I guarantee you that.

            Being in great shape is great and I’m all for people who want to do that but what I can’t stand is people getting hurt and bruising themselves up because their stupid enough to not make the effort to learn the actual lift or exercise. Calluses is one thing which we can’t control, you’re bound to get scrapped every now and then and I know, I have had my fair share of getting my hand blistered from pull-ups and kettlebells. To train with efficiency, learn the actual lift and/or exercise and do a weight you can handle because if you can’t you’re going to get problems that will last long periods of time.

            I’ve heard about those Workouts Of The Day and although I love the idea of changing things up to avoid doing the same shit over and over, it gets to me that those workouts don’t have any real structure on pace and having a specific level to start out with, if you’re advanced that’s one thing but at the same time if you’re new to the damn thing, you don’t need to be Speedy Gonzales to catch up to somebody. There are days where you can challenge yourself and try to beat your best record but not 3-4 times a week, that’s just plain retarded and it leads to getting injured. A specific WOD should give you a way to make your own pace, have more technique involved and work on things that doesn't lead to injury; you can do things that won’t put you on a back burner.

            I've seen the videos on youtube of these Crossfit gyms that have people doing some outlandish and dumb shit that I've ever seen in my life. I realize that YouTube isn't the best resource but I've literally seen one of my cousins have plenty of bruises on her that looked like she got her ass kicked by somebody and acts like it’s not a big deal. Fuck that dude lol. I love how someone can push themselves but not to the point to where they’re looking like they got their ass kicked literally. Training is about having fun and giving your body tools that will give you long lasting health, strength and vigor. If you like getting bruised, that’s your business but don’t expect your life to be one happy picnic when down the road your joints will be crackling and you’re not going to move because it hurts so bad, trust me I did that when I was as young as 19 and 20 years old, literally 10 years ago that was happening to me because I thought I was this big shot weight lifter and throwing stuff around like it was a blast but I paid the price for it.

            Technique is one of the most important factors of training, you have bad technique you’re going to suffer the consequences. In my opinion, I can’t stand kipping pull-ups, unless you’re climbing or something it shouldn't be a pull-up, you’re looking at your joints feeling like shit and tendinitis like a motherfucker. Regular pull-ups are far better for your health and way better on your joints and muscles because when you control your body through keeping it tense or by muscle control and use the muscles at work, you have a better chance of building a great powerful back and strong ass arms and abs. The lifting in most of these gyms are ridiculous and you have some shmuck that doesn't know a clean or deadlift for the life of him you’re better off learning from an old timer and reading about that old school style that leads to great strength, power and efficient muscle building. Actually learn the lift and you’ll be surprised what comes up when you become stronger, fitter and have greater tempo.

            Not all crossfit gyms are like this and there are some guys that want to give you ways to be strong, fit and healthy as best as possible, one in particular ran by a friend of mine named Frank Dimeo and one of his guys who help him Dru Patrick have a gym that’s dedicated to bringing the best out of someone and keep them strong and fit with as little injuries as possible if any. You want to be creative and they have plenty of that.

            Creativity is essential for success and when you create a workout that gets you fired up I’m all for that. I don’t believe in doing someone else’s creative workout unless it has a challenge that’s fair enough for you to take on, like Bud Jeffries’ Outlaw Challenge Series, it has challenges that may look messed up but they’re challenges that have great value to them. Most Crossfit gyms have these random workouts that are named after women and I’ll never understand that. I’ve seen some of those things have exercises and timing that is just plain dumb and beating the clock is not going to get you anywhere in the long run. Create your own thing, use your own tempo and speed and work on your technique, use a progressive system that’s suitable to your goals and never be afraid to start at the very beginning because you don’t have to be great to start but progress to become great.

            You’re probably thinking, “If you’re giving that much shit about Crossfit, why do you promote a company like Rogue?” Good question, the answer is because as much as I don’t like some of Crossfit’s ideals I still feel it’s needed in one way or another. I like the idea of doing things that are crazy and challenging, not to the point of hurting yourself but to do lifts, use hammers, have racks that you can do some crazy lifting doing partials. I like that it’s become a sporting like event where you have men and women pushing themselves through different obstacles that have that Rocky type feeling. I firmly believe the Crossfit Games should be in the Olympics, it gives people a chance to see the very best tackling exercises that have been around for ages. Do the technique right, have efficient control and balance yourself right with speed and power, I don’t see why not do them. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Is Everything A Competition???

           Many of us have that competitive spirit, the will to not give up until we have accomplished a goal or try to beat another person or group of people. Why do we become so competitive that it overshadows our way of being a good sport? I’m not saying competition can’t be positive, it is but to a degree. We compete to be the very best over something else (mainly sports) and beat our rival or over run a team.

            You don’t always see the smallest sides to competition and most of the time they don’t always matter at all but on the other hand, competing against something else that truly matters and not always competing just for the sake of competing. We all find something that we want to beat or just make a note of it whether it’s in business, sports, culture, exercise or whatever and we want to find that edge that trample over what we have to overcome.

            In m opinion, you can find fun in competition. It’s not always trying to over rule your opposing man and finding a way to hurt them whether physically or mentally that’s not fun at all. I understand that it sucks when you lose but also it’s not always pleasant being a winner. Learn to value that you fought through it and still came out alive. I get it that there are certain things at stake but you made those odds or you got caught in the cross fires and now have to deal with certain modalities. Having fun with certain forms of competition can give you a sense of no matter what the outcome you’ll either learn a valuable lesson or you use strategy on how to be better and not so much bitch about it and make it the end of the world.

            When it comes down to it, there’s one competitor that you have to deal with no matter where you go, who you’re with or whatever happens in your life from the time you’re born to the day you die, it’s YOU!!! That very same person you look at in the mirror is your ultimate competition and how you handle it is up to you. You cannot compete with anyone else because everyone else is temporary but you’re still there.

            I know what it’s like to fight myself and beat myself up in my own mind and there’s no such thing as a perfect record. To this day, yes I have issues but I’m not going to let that part of me take over what I truly want in my life because if you let your personal issues, demons whatever you want to call them get in the way of what you desire and what you want to accomplish, than you haven’t learned how to face them and make them your personal bitch. We all have issues and problems no matter what but that doesn't define us unless we choose to make it.

            Learn to love who you are, have fun with what you have, become what you desire and giving you a reason to keep living with vigor, vitality and great health. You are more than you ever think you can be and there’s no reason why you can’t be truly happy and climb that ladder of success because you have the power to do so. Be strong, be happy and use that competitive spirit to overcome the very things that try to tackle you down. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Growing From Within

          Our past is a beginning but it’s not the end. The experiences we face as children into adulthood is massive but the simple way to make it is; we are born, we begin to walk and talk at a certain age, we play, we go to school, graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old and die. Whatever happens in between all of those is only experienced by us. What a crock. We’re all different and these don’t happen for everyone. We learn from our past experiences to bring us what can make us successful in our future, not everybody makes that jump or knows how to take the opportunity. Don’t let your past define who you are, let your past be history and develop your future tomorrow while staying in the present because it’s a gift you're still here.

            Every one of us has a purpose in life. Some of us find what we want to do, others have a purpose of not working at all and even some feel there is no choice but to sacrifice your purpose in life for something else. We all have dreams as kids of what we want to do. We imagine making building, carving things with our bare hands, some of us wanted to be a sports star, others a cop or fireman. The majority never make that dream a reality because to them it’s just a phase and then we move on with life. I believe if you truly went after what you wanted to be that had a major impact and it gave you happiness, love, prosperity and a future that had you pay the bills and give your children a future, you would be one crazy son of a bitch to make it happen. Develop your sense of purpose by finding what drives you, makes sense to you and makes you happy.

            Going through triumphs and failures is a natural part of our existence, where there’s triumph in one area, there’s failure in another there’s no debating that. Some look at failure as a sign of weakness but in truth, failure is another lesson we learn to find what we can accomplish and overcome. Triumph is not always being a hero but something you wanted to overcome over a period of time where you achieve goals and make something of yourself and trampled over things you thought were impossible at one point. Failure is just another test where if you fall, you learn to pick yourself back up and come back stronger than ever. Strength comes from the heart and how you use your mind, it’s not always muscle or as Yoda would say “Not this crude matter” it’s about the strength you have to keep driving and making yourself a better person even in the mist of failure.

            Not everything comes from a DVD, CD, seminar, book, or a retreat for that matter. Everything comes from self-discovery, having influences that help keep that drive but it’s really what you find within yourself that makes all the difference. Sure something you watch or read or listen to can be an influence but you made that choice because some how you wanted to. How you live your life is your choice. Make that connection to discover what makes you who you are and don’t let anyone tell you different.

            Certain people in your life will want you to fail because they want you to suffer like they have. They will try to break you, tear you down and will say things like “you should do this instead”, “It’s a hobby, not a career”, “you can’t do that it’s impossible”, “I don’t think you’re cut out for this.” Don’t look at those things as a sign to doubt yourself, what do they know, they don’t have your ambitions or imagination or even the guts to challenge your goals, that’s your job. At the heart of your potential it all boils down to what you believe and what you want to happen. We all have great potential for great things, we’re not born with a college degree or just happen to be natural at something. We never start out great; it’s the effort we put in that will make us great.

            Learn to discover who you are from within. Never give up on yourself and find your true calling. I believe in you but don’t take m word for it, the only person you should believe in, is you. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Connection & Individuality

           There’s always energy surrounding us. Sometimes we feel it more so than others, often the majority can’t even fathom or notice it but it is there, how we use that energy is up to us as a whole; physically, emotionally, intuitively, spiritually and mentally. Like the force, energy binds us, connects us and hits us from every angle even when we don’t notice it. It’s that universal power that creates the fire and emotion we all have.

            We are all connected but also have a single body. Our connection to others has different meanings whether you’re good or bad, part of a religion or a spiritual enthusiast, race, creed it doesn't matter what does matter is when something is off balance something always seems to hit us in one way or another. Connecting with others gives you the opportunity to learn and understand where they come from and what they mean to you but also as an individual it’s important to learn about yourself and how you see yourself having that connection.

            We strive all our lives to find who we are as a person and for some, they become something they didn't expect to be, others feel it’s their destiny to be apart of something and then there are those that are forced into becoming something they don’t want to be. Finding who you are is the ultimate challenge and it’s never easy but once it hits you, you never want to turn back and move forward with what you want to become. Loving others is another challenge and it’s just as hard as finding who you are but it’s simpler. Loving another human being is a state of mind in my opinion because no matter what they've done that may seem hurtful or even grateful, in your mind they’re still a human being and having some kind of love for them makes you nobler, caring, giving and having the will power to not give into the hate.

            There are different meanings to certain things but all have a common goal; being accepted. Accept who you are and accept who certain people are because the more you try to change who you are or someone else, it’s just going to be a bigger burden on you. Accept change. Not saying you should join a cult or become a mass murderer I’m not talking that kind of acceptance, I’m talking about acceptance that’s meaningful to you and it has a positive notion of how you want to see the world. Our mindset is different from each person and we all see the world in our own way but yet if you learned to shift your mind to a positive image and feel love no matter where you go, our energy changes, our emotions perk up, we find things that make us happy.

            I’ll tell you first hand that even around people I love and care about, some of them don’t accept me as a person because of some of the things I do or say, hell they can’t stand my sense of humor most of the time and it’s not a burden on me, it’s on them but it’s up to me to learn how to control my mind and see a more positive outlook from those who have no real positive objectives. What I’m pointing out is that even if you’re not accepted even by those closest to you, you must accept yourself. It’s one thing and when you learn to use it, the rest of the world don’t mean a damn thing except you made it a priority to love the world for what it is.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Isometric Philosophy Developing Strength of Body and Strength on Mind

     I'm an isometrics devotee. If you're unfamiliar with isometric training it is very simply the contraction of a muscle or series of muscles without moving the angle to the joint. Essentially you tense and hold a muscle in a given position without moving for a set number of seconds. Doesn't sound like much does it. I mean you're not even moving. But Isometrics are the most intense form of physical exertion - and the most effective.
In this article I want to introduce to some of the physical benefits of Isometrics, but beyond that I want to share with you the great secret of Isometrics, beyond the ripped, warm marble physiques, beyond the near superhuman physical strength (I leg pressed over 17,000 lbs during a one and a half minute period in my last workout), but the remarkable mental strength one develops - The Immovable Mind.

   Isometric Training is the SINGLE most effective method of strength training available. In 1954 two German Scientist, Muller and Hettinger conclusively proved in over 5,000 independent clinical trials, that one could increase strength by 5-15% with a single 7 second stimulation once a week. Subjects in a later study performing a daily 7 second contraction increased their strength by 72% in 46 weeks. The fall of strength after the end of training is very slow. 70 weeks after the end of training their strength was still 42% higher than before the beginning of training. After doing nothing for over a year and a half they were still 42% stronger than when they started. Since then hundreds of studies have been conducted reinforcing this conclusion.

  Isometrics are, due to their static nature an incredibly safe form of training and far safer than weight lifting which can cause severe problems not just to pressure and, bone and joint shearing but have been shown to seriously damage the heart. More over you can train in isometrics without moving, using contraction alone, or you can alternatively use your bodyweight or various bands and cables should you wish - depending on what resources you have and what your current fitness levels are. There are an infinite number of ways to incorporate Isometrics into you daily life or workout routines. And the best part is you can finish a workout in as little as 7 seconds per muscle – so you can finish working out your entire body in less than 3 minutes of exercise. What’s more, at advanced levels, you don’t have to exercise every day. :-)

  From a physical point of view Isometrics offers safer, more effective and rapidly more time efficient results in terms of muscle building and strength...but that's not their greatest gift...that is within the realm of the mind.
I train in the martial arts, in particular, Japanese Swordsmanship daily. It's a cornerstone of my life, so my sword is very important to me. A lot of time and thought went into the design of my sword and it reflects my desire to improve myself. Why am I telling you this?  Because of the little man on the handle of the sword (tsuka). I have an image of a Buddhist deity known as Fudo Myo-o. Now I am not a Buddhist, and for me this images contains no religious significance, but I like the mythology of this guy.

  Fudo Myo-o legend tells us is a guardian of the Buddhist Deities. He is often depicted as livid blue in colour standing upon a rock covered in flames. In his right hand he holds a sword, in his left a rope. Fudo uses the sword to cut through delusion and untruth. He uses the rope to bind these. And while I won't go into the philosophy behind Fudo at length, he represents to martial artists and warriors (bushi) the concept of an immovable mind.

  Isometrics teaches us to strain our muscles maximally against and immovable force. As a result we grow remarkably strong and thick muscles. To do this however, to strain the muscles voluntarily to their upmost requires great mental strength, great will. Isometrics thus teaches us to not only to develop the strength of the body, but the strength or our minds;  an immovably strong Isometric Mind. In Japanese this is called "Fudōshin" (Japanese: 不動心) a mental state of equanimity or imperturbability (literally and metaphorically, "immovable mind", "immovable heart" or "unmoving heart"). It is a philosophical or mental dimension to Japanese martial arts which contributes to the effectiveness of the advanced practitioner. This is turn gives the isometric trainee great mental clarity and teaches them to cut through the delusions and loose ends that sap you of energy, distract you from purposeful and productive action and ensures that you reach your goals without interruption.

  Incomplete actions drain our energy; they are the quite leak that sinks the ship. They manifest in many ways, a dietary plan that's on the fridge but is never followed through on, someone ripping you off leading to a lingering resentment, or as experience with being "halfway" through that "project" for MONTHS.
You've probably noted by now, much of my philosophy (I have a degree in Philosophy by the way) is rooted in the Japanese Martial arts. There is a reason for this. The concept used to succeed in life and death combat can be applied to any struggle, this includes the work / life balance, work itself, diet and training and more. Unsurprisingly the primary method of strength development in the martial arts is Isometrics. The trick to success in any endeavor and in Isometrics is to apply that small amount of will power to keep moving you in the right direction, to move you towards habitually right choices. For when we are in the habit of training, of eating well, of living well, we no longer have to expend will power on ensuring this. Then we can move on to the next goal knowing that we will automatically continue upon the path and repeat the steps necessary to succeed.

  In order to succeed in Isometrics or any program or choice you make in life that steers you towards improvement and away from easy and comfortable choices that lead only to poor results and lifestyle you need Will Power and Awareness, Isometrics, carves both the body and the mind, providing you with an immovable bedrock of strength in each. With an Isometric Mind, Immovable Will, Fudoshin you can resolve yourself to confront poor habits and build better ones. Cut away your delusions and bad habit. It will be a battle, but one Isometrics can teach you to WIN.

  If you'd like to learn more about Isometrics and the Isometric Mind check out my complete 7 Week Training Guide – 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, The Scientifically Proven Method for Transforming Your Body in Just Seconds! Over 250 pages and filled with more than 100 photos it will transform your body from your face down to your toes, sculpting your physique and letting you develop astonishing strength with just seconds of exercise.

About the Author
Paul "Batman" O’Brien, is a fully qualified Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner. He is also a certified in Western Clinical Medicine, Oriental Body Balance, and holds additional qualifications as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Whole Body Vibration Trainer.
He runs a busy private medical practice in Dublin, the Meridian Acupuncture Clinic and is also a Reality Based Combat Instructor, Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship) Instructor, President of the Iaido Association of Ireland and dedicated martial artist having studied the martial arts for over 20 years.

How To Become Tarzan In Your Own Way

            In the Jungle, you don’t know what to expect, don’t always where to eat or drink because there’s always something else that might get in your way. You’re constantly on the move and you can go from tree to tree or you run on the ground. To move like a wild animal, you must learn its moving patterns, where to plant your body when you land, which direction to use your arms to get where you want to go. Tarzan is a great reminder of how to use your body and mind.

            When you've been in a certain environment long enough, you know where everything is, you know what can be dangerous and it becomes second nature to you. You can use that to your advantage when you want to train. When you learn how to use your environment as a resource for exercise and fitness, you can take it anywhere and anytime you want. You don’t always need one specific place, when you aren't used to a certain environment, learn how you can make it your strength and learn how you can use it to get in awesome shape.

            One of my friends Ed Baran has a few words that he says called Way Of The Animal, it’s related to how you move like a wild animal in the Jungle, using your body to develop strength and muscle like an animal. It is far healthier and much more natural to move like an animal in the wild than sulking in a gym waiting to use the weights. When you head outside and go to a park, there’s a great connection there. Since kids are back in school as of late, this is the time to reflect on getting them in tuned with their animal counterparts by imitating them to fight off obesity and other forms of illness.

            A thing I have learned over the years that I’m still learning is to follow my intuition meaning how to use my awareness in a mindful way. For me, my intuition is never wrong and whenever something comes up no matter what it is, it’s usually spot on. Like Tarzan from all his time in the Jungle, his intuition is so powerful that it’s kept him alive, it’s helped form a bond with his body and mind when he senses danger and needs to protect himself. Granted yes in the movies he never dies because the script said so but there is some truth to that notion when you learn to follow your instincts and something inside of you is telling you something, you better listen.

            Have fun when you’re learning how to use your intuition, your way of moving around your own environment and practicing the movements of a Jungle animal. Too many of us get stuck in this rut where things are so downward and dull, boring and we don’t give ourselves time to relax and enjoy what we have. I understand you have certain things to deal with in your lives but that doesn't mean you make it harder on yourself to control what you really can do in a more productive and positive way. Channel your energy and learn from somebody like Tarzan, he’s got more issues then you do and yet he still has that child-like quality of him that still plays even in the worst conditions of the Jungle. Be fun and have a kick ass time. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Train To Be Effortless

           Too many people try so hard to make things easier in their lives. They work hard for their family, they push themselves to the brink of exhaustion in their exercises to build their body and they just shove so much stuff it becomes more of a chore and a punishment than an effortless series of tasks. It’s not a shame to work hard for what you want but there are ways to tweak things and use your mind to channel your attitude towards certain things.

            One of the greatest quotes in my opinion is from Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.” You either do something or you don’t it’s that simple. However, you can focus your mind to make things seem effortless by relaxing a bit more and letting things flow and letting the universe take it’s course. This does not mean stop doing what you’re doing and letting things just happen for you, it takes effort but it doesn't have to be so dramatic and emotionally and physically exhausting. Let me give you an example…When Luke was using the force to pull the X-Wing out of the Swamp, in his mind the damn thing was heavy as hell and with all his might he couldn't even get it out of the water. Exhausted and breathing heavily, he sat down and Yoda looks at him with such disappointment. Luke gets frustrated and walks away thinking that even an old dwarf like Yoda couldn't pull that chunk of metal out of the water. Yoda makes it look effortless and not only gets it out of the water but even makes the damn thing fly back onto shore.

            We all have to pull our own X-Wing out of the water in our lives and sometimes it can be extremely difficult. When you learn to channel your mind and believe with action that everything will flow the way it should, things will become effortless for you and even our metaphorical X-Wing will fly out of the water and we’ll carry it in our mind towards shore without any effort at all. Like the late Bruce Lee once said “Be like water”, you’ll flow with power and effortless strength in any endeavor you do and it all starts in the mind and once you learn how to use it, everything will come together.

            A lot of things can be challenging and we sometimes can’t stand it because it can be so freaking hard your head might explode but what if we can shift things around. When an obstacle comes across us, how about we make the challenge a little interesting; have a little fun with it. You’d be surprised how things can seem less of a challenge if you don’t struggle with it so much. It could be just about anything and you can conquer your challenges with fierce vitality and strength that nothing can stand in your way, you’ll find a way to beat it and do it with a smile on your face. Love the challenge because if you don’t it’ll walk all over you, you don’t have to enjoy it or look forward to it but when it comes knocking you’ll love it but also beat it’s ass to a bloody pulp. Learn to shift your mind and see what happens, you never know until you do it, not try it but do it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is Fitness?

Fitness is probably one of the most controversial topics bandied about in social media, magazine articles, and by know-it-alls across the planet.  Just about every type of training under the broad heading of fitness has its own staunch supporters and sycophants, as well as its haters and rabid detractors. 
Nothing really has a place of neutrality inside the world of fitness.  Here’s a quick idea what I mean:

Crossfit – Either drink the kool aid and become of them, or hate it with a passion
Running – Either sprint or don’t do it
Mobility – Either the tonic of youth and health or just another time wasting fad
Power Lifting – Either those guys are super strong, or just super fat
Zumba – well, let’s just not even call it fitness…

The list of training modalities and their relevant pros and cons goes on and on.  Chances are, if you are serious about your own brand of fitness, you have a love/hate list yourself.
But, are any of the above truly right or wrong?  Well, maybe the one about Zumba… J
Seriously though.  How do we define fitness?  What the heck is it, really?
Here is my definition:  Fitness is having the requisite physical ability (strength, coordination, endurance, energy, power, balance, agility, etc.) to accomplish all your daily tasks, whether work or personal, and to be able to participate fully in any activity, sport, or recreation of your choice. 
In other words, fitness is specific to what you as an individual are trying to accomplish daily and to the goals you are working towards.  

The real question then is not, are you fit?  The real question is – what are you fit for?  Because the answer determines everything.
So, if all you do is sit on the couch and watch TV all day long and your body has adapted to that state by becoming soft, round, and couch shaped, than you are perfectly FIT for your activity!  Now this may fly in the face of your personal idea of fitness, but if you consider that fitness  is adapting to, and being able to adequately perform the activity of your choice, then you must accept both the marathon runner and the coach potato as being equally fit for their tasks.

By the way, can you be entirely fit and completely UN-healthy?  Yup.  Definitely.  So how do we hone our definition of fitness so that it includes not only looking good, but feeling good as well?
Simple.  Understand that the most important task which you must be fit for is that of being the strongest, healthiest, most productive individual you can be.  This not only insures that you live longer and better for yourself, but for your family and your contribution to society as well.  If this becomes your goal, how then will you change your current routine to make sure your training meets and achieves this objective?  Something to think about.  And, perhaps the topic of another article…

About the Author

Jon Haas is the owner and head trainer at Warrior Fitness Gym in Hainesport, NJ where he coaches men, women, and children in achieving high levels of fitness and mental toughness.  He is a certified Underground Strength Coach and founder of Warrior Fitness Training Systems.  Jon is also a certified coach in VX Sport and is the Worldwide Strength & Conditioning Coach for VX Global. 

He is a lifelong martial artist with over 30 years of experience and is currently ranked as a 9th dan black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.  Jon is the author of the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts, as well as several other fitness related e-books.  Jon maintains a very active blog on health, fitness, strength & conditioning, and martial arts over at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Philosophy Of Rocking Out

           Have you ever been to a concert where your energy became so strong and adrenaline is pumping through your veins and you feel like a million bucks? It’s things like that, that should make you feel when you training. Your body is in a state where nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal. It’s the rush of picking up a heavy object, doing a bodyweight exercise most people can’t do and you can’t help but wanting more. Most people don’t put any life into their exercise because after all, it’s just an exercise. If you’re in a beginner stage that’s one thing and you’re progressing through stages but even in the beginning, use what you have and believe you will get better.

            Some people like to use certain types of music to get them going. You don’t really need music to jump start your energy but if you choose to use music as an inspiration then do so. Some like pop, mix, metal, classical, hard rock and even worldly types but all have one common agenda and that’s to fire you up. Personally I’d prefer metal and not death metal but like heavy and rhythmic because of the solos and the sound that just hits you like Zeus’ lightning bolt. Music is exciting and it helps you ease the process. However, in order to achieve workout bliss, learn to use your mind as your music because music can also be a distraction and throw off your breathing patterns or your thinking when you’re creating a workout. The more mindful you are, the greater you will achieve.

            Most drag out a workout because the look at it as a punishment and feel miserable and don’t have a sense of happiness towards it. Believe it or not, you can have the time of your life when you train. Think about it, being able to do what you want to do, being happy, pushing through plateaus and living in the moment instead of just feeling like some drill sergeant is walking all over you and telling you you’re no good. Picture as if you’re at that kick ass concert and your favorite band is playing one of your favorites, you’d rock the hell out of that song wouldn't you? It’s the same thing as exercise; make it come alive with power, adrenaline and vitality.

            I recently went to see Black Sabbath while I was vacationing in California, Mountain View to be exact. Went with my best friend and his cousin, I’ll tell you first hand it was the experience of a life-time and most likely will never see that band again and they had the original three members; Ozzy, Geezer Butler & Tony Iommi. I head banged my heart out that night and it was something I’ll never forget. Ozzy was funny as hell but his voice in the lyrics during the songs was just as powerful as if I time traveled back to the 70’s in their heyday revolutionizing Rock Music. Tony’s solos were incredible, even in his mid 60’s he still can dominate that axe better then most of the best today. The point I’m making here is that like a solo riff on a guitar and that feel of Goosebumps hitting your body is a lot like that one moment in your training where everything just feels awesome and you get shivers when something just clicks inside you.

            Make your training as if you’re going to live it and feel more powerful within then ever possible. Build that foundation where you’re going to feel awesome, your body is flowing with strength and vitality and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it because it’s your time and your moment to shine, just like a concert you’re having a blast and having the best time of your life because you never know when you’ll have that feeling again. Rock out guys and have fun.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Muscle Control Journey

      Well where do I start? First to introduce myself I am Lewis Lindsey Jr. Well from the time I was young I had always admired the strength in others be it physical or mental. Throughout my life me along with my brother Jarell have always seen examples of both from different folks. One of the main ones my father Lewis Sr who was 5’6 and served in Vietnam had always shown signs of strength. 

     Lifting up my  mom who at the time was heavier and on top of that losing her ability to walk due to MS he was holding a dead weight but he made it look easy. In terms of their mental strength my father held on strong throughout the years even after having his Strokes and Heart Attacks he still maintained his sense of humor and will power until the end of his life in 2005. I remember this story my mom use to tell me at the time. She would talk about this story all the time where the ambulance was trying to pick up my mom who at this point is losing her ability to walk so their lifting dead weight.  

     My father wasn't a big guy by looks but while these pretty big guys were struggling to lift my mom up together he was able to do it singlehandedly.  I can believe that as I've seen him on the regular do things like this and that became my motivation to want to be able to gain that strength mentally and physically. So by the age of 10 I was already lifting my mom up who at the time was dead weight and around the high 200 range. My brother in law was also another man of great strength doing many feats of strength himself both in the mental and physical department. So I had those influences early in life. I also without realizing it was introduced to isometrics by my brother in law as he would have me sometimes do wall sits and push up holds then but years later when I would see my younger brother again I would be reintroduced to it like he was.  

    I would look up the likes of Bruce Lee one of my favorite fighters and philosophers and saw how he also incorporated isometrics in his daily routine from reading his books. My Jarell also shared with me 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body by Paul O Brien(now legally Batman O Brien) and got more into isometrics. I was definitely seeing that I was getting stronger but didn't have control of the strength which was pretty scary for people(laughing) so I had to first learn to control it. So then one day with my brother I learned about Maxick and Muscle Control. I learned the need to control my muscle well my body through the mind and I learned to not so much tense the muscles but rather to relax them.  

   I believe I started muscle control since April to now July 28, 2013. My muscles feel less tense and more rubbery and I notice I have a little more control of my muscles and though I haven’t yet gotten complete control I can see I’m on the pathway there and I look forward to continuing this journey and want to share that with others would want to get into Isometrics and Muscle Control. I have great respect for the likes of Benjamin Bergman, Batman O Brien and other modern strongmen who continue to keep this legendary culture alive and being willing to teach others. I can say my journey isn’t over and I only have more to grow and I indeed will.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Giving & Receiving Love

           We all strive to find what we love to do. Most of the time we end up doing things we end up hating like a certain job, a marriage that isn't going anywhere or being in business that just doesn't work for you. What you love is what makes you more successful. Doing what you love and making it effortless creates abundance of love in other aspects. Giving love whether it’s friendship, a relationship, comforting or just making someone’s day develops that energy of also receiving love.

            Being a loving person in just about any way without being egotistical or a kiss ass is showing how magnetic you can be when you step up to the plate and show your soft side, funny side or whatever. There are people out there that are very loving but don’t know how to use it because there’s a difference between being a loving person and having an agenda for your personal gain. Learn to love those that may not always deserve it no matter how much there’s tension and closed-minded individuals.

            To practice receiving love effortlessly is to be open to give it and letting the universe flow with your energy. It’s not easy and not everyone is going to love but with the right attitude things can change dramatically and for the better. I have much to learn from this as I’m being more open to a positive attitude, I may fall off the wagon every now and then but that’s what makes us human. “Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up” is a great way to look at things. Learn to love and pick those who have fallen back up because sometimes it’s good to have an extra hand when you need it the most.

            To be honest, for those that never met me, I’m an affectionate and compassionate person, I do hug those I care for and I like holding hands and softly kissing the girl I’m in a relationship with but enough of being mushy yet my point is, some people come off as very intimidating and look tough and nothing but a dark and gloomy side to them but that’s where your assumptions can be very vulnerable as you never know who can be such a loving person. Affection and compassion give off energy to those around you and it’s fairly simple to balance out from being too much or too little, just takes practice.

            In the fitness world, there are a lot of egotistical people who never help those who want to achieve something great. I’m very fortunate to have the people who helped me in my life and I want to give that back by helping others achieve their dreams in the best way I can. See my point? If you see someone in the gym and they’re having trouble using an exercise, help them, ask them to show you how you can do it right. We all want love in our lives whether it’s a relationship, family, friends, business or even when you exercise around certain people. Be a great human being, help out, give tips or if you are in a relationship, comfort those whom you’re with and love them for who they are. It’s only a matter of time before something really awesome happens in your life when you least expect it, even for a split second or maybe a whole hour but it’s there and it’s yours when it’s right.