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Mythology & Superhuman Strength

No matter how you slice it, we've been fans of Mythology for as long as we can remember. We've read the comic books, we've watched the movies, we've practiced certain elements that are based on the gods and we've even trained to be like them but can we really? There are different heroes and villains in the world of Mythology basing on how much we've learned about them. It’s important to have these stories but one must be cautious because we never know what we might find.
            Gods, monsters, heroes, villains, superhuman powers; these things have stretched our imaginations for eons and we still are finding more things about them than we thought to believe. The god Zeus is one of the most prolific figures in Mythology because of not just his power of the thunder bolt but some look at him as a man of great stature and superhuman entities to do good on this world, others see him as a complete asshole for wanting to overthrow his brothers Poseido…

Mastering The Blob

When your hands are weak, THIS happens...What is Open Hand Training? Your Pulls Are Suffering.  Fix This Today.
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This concept is so simple. It's surprising that so many people who have trouble keeping their grip on their pulling movements aren't doing more of this.
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Strength Is Nothing Compared To What’s Within

Too many of us use what’s outside of ourselves to make us stronger physically, we lift weights, do weird cardio, hell we even do Crossfit from time to time. The strange thing is at least to most people is that strength really comes from your mental power and not so much your physical power. When you break it down mentally, your body will perceive it to follow and that’s where your true strength comes into play.
            Everything starts with a thought, when a certain thought occurs, sometimes action takes place. We all think about something every single day but we can’t take action for ever thought we have otherwise we’d be burned out, exhausted and just flat out torn up so we use specific thoughts to create action later. What the mind sees is not always what we believe to be unless you have a strong intuition and something within you sees something that involuntary focus on that, your body reacts. This is one of the basic subjects of the Mind/Muscle Connection, what w…

Swing Away With A Mace

One of the oldest tools of the ancient warriors is the Mace or Gada of Indian Culture. It was a soldier’s prominent weapon for combat which he also used to train sufficiently with. When he swung it, it was beautiful but also powerful. A Mace can range in weight to well over 70 lbs. and an expert of the Gada took no exception to master its intimidating look. It’s come into prominence lately in the last few years even though it’s not as popular as the clubs; it’s still an effective exercise.
            In wrestling, circular movements are the foundation of mastering the art like the Hindu Squats & Hindu Push-ups, the Gada and the Clubs. These things build a level of strength & endurance that works the whole body from head to toe and give you a workout that will have you begging for mercy. In its heyday, Indian Wrestling or Kushti was the dominant sport and nobody made it more feared all over than the Great Gama. He used these very same exercises and tools to become…

Finally My Opinion On Crossfit

I tend to be opinionated about certain things every once in a while or I may make mention on certain things. This little trend of Crossfit seems to be the talk of fitness these days and I do have something to say about it. I have family who does Crossfit and they’re 2 of my cousins by marriage, they’re serious about it and when I don’t have any issue with that I do care about them, one of them is a cop. Well you’re about to get my uncut, uncensored and thoughts going to my mouth about this thing people want to do these days. You ready, because here it comes baby.
            Crossfit is not all that new; this type of thing has been around for ages and believe it or not it was a staple for wrestlers in ancient India & Middle Eastern tradition for the sport of Wrestling. These guys would move fast during exercises and go from one to another, they’d swing clubs, maces, do crazy push-ups and squats plus they’d have to dig the pit which was their wrestling mat and prepare i…

Is Everything A Competition???

Many of us have that competitive spirit, the will to not give up until we have accomplished a goal or try to beat another person or group of people. Why do we become so competitive that it overshadows our way of being a good sport? I’m not saying competition can’t be positive, it is but to a degree. We compete to be the very best over something else (mainly sports) and beat our rival or over run a team.
            You don’t always see the smallest sides to competition and most of the time they don’t always matter at all but on the other hand, competing against something else that truly matters and not always competing just for the sake of competing. We all find something that we want to beat or just make a note of it whether it’s in business, sports, culture, exercise or whatever and we want to find that edge that trample over what we have to overcome.
            In m opinion, you can find fun in competition. It’s not always trying to over rule your opposing man and find…

Growing From Within

Our past is a beginning but it’s not the end. The experiences we face as children into adulthood is massive but the simple way to make it is; we are born, we begin to walk and talk at a certain age, we play, we go to school, graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old and die. Whatever happens in between all of those is only experienced by us. What a crock. We’re all different and these don’t happen for everyone. We learn from our past experiences to bring us what can make us successful in our future, not everybody makes that jump or knows how to take the opportunity. Don’t let your past define who you are, let your past be history and develop your future tomorrow while staying in the present because it’s a gift you're still here.
            Every one of us has a purpose in life. Some of us find what we want to do, others have a purpose of not working at all and even some feel there is no choice but to sacrifice your purpose in life for somethi…

Connection & Individuality

There’s always energy surrounding us. Sometimes we feel it more so than others, often the majority can’t even fathom or notice it but it is there, how we use that energy is up to us as a whole; physically, emotionally, intuitively, spiritually and mentally. Like the force, energy binds us, connects us and hits us from every angle even when we don’t notice it. It’s that universal power that creates the fire and emotion we all have.
            We are all connected but also have a single body. Our connection to others has different meanings whether you’re good or bad, part of a religion or a spiritual enthusiast, race, creed it doesn't matter what does matter is when something is off balance something always seems to hit us in one way or another. Connecting with others gives you the opportunity to learn and understand where they come from and what they mean to you but also as an individual it’s important to learn about yourself and how you see yourself having that connec…

Isometric Philosophy Developing Strength of Body and Strength on Mind

I'm an isometrics devotee. If you're unfamiliar with isometric training it is very simply the contraction of a muscle or series of muscles without moving the angle to the joint. Essentially you tense and hold a muscle in a given position without moving for a set number of seconds. Doesn't sound like much does it. I mean you're not even moving. But Isometrics are the most intense form of physical exertion - and the most effective. In this article I want to introduce to some of the physical benefits of Isometrics, but beyond that I want to share with you the great secret of Isometrics, beyond the ripped, warm marble physiques, beyond the near superhuman physical strength (I leg pressed over 17,000 lbs during a one and a half minute period in my last workout), but the remarkable mental strength one develops - The Immovable Mind.
   Isometric Training is the SINGLE most effective method of strength training available. In 1954 two German Scientist, Muller and Hettinge…

How To Become Tarzan In Your Own Way

In the Jungle, you don’t know what to expect, don’t always where to eat or drink because there’s always something else that might get in your way. You’re constantly on the move and you can go from tree to tree or you run on the ground. To move like a wild animal, you must learn its moving patterns, where to plant your body when you land, which direction to use your arms to get where you want to go. Tarzan is a great reminder of how to use your body and mind.
            When you've been in a certain environment long enough, you know where everything is, you know what can be dangerous and it becomes second nature to you. You can use that to your advantage when you want to train. When you learn how to use your environment as a resource for exercise and fitness, you can take it anywhere and anytime you want. You don’t always need one specific place, when you aren't used to a certain environment, learn how you can make it your strength and learn how you can use it to …

Train To Be Effortless

Too many people try so hard to make things easier in their lives. They work hard for their family, they push themselves to the brink of exhaustion in their exercises to build their body and they just shove so much stuff it becomes more of a chore and a punishment than an effortless series of tasks. It’s not a shame to work hard for what you want but there are ways to tweak things and use your mind to channel your attitude towards certain things.
            One of the greatest quotes in my opinion is from Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.” You either do something or you don’t it’s that simple. However, you can focus your mind to make things seem effortless by relaxing a bit more and letting things flow and letting the universe take it’s course. This does not mean stop doing what you’re doing and letting things just happen for you, it takes effort but it doesn't have to be so dramatic and emotionally and physically exhausting. Let me give you an example…When Luke wa…

What is Fitness?

Fitness is probably one of the most controversial topics bandied about in social media, magazine articles, and by know-it-alls across the planet.  Just about every type of training under the broad heading of fitness has its own staunch supporters and sycophants, as well as its haters and rabid detractors.  Nothing really has a place of neutrality inside the world of fitness.  Here’s a quick idea what I mean:
Crossfit – Either drink the kool aid and become of them, or hate it with a passion Running – Either sprint or don’t do it Mobility – Either the tonic of youth and health or just another time wasting fad Power Lifting – Either those guys are super strong, or just super fat Zumba – well, let’s just not even call it fitness…
The list of training modalities and their relevant pros and cons goes on and on.  Chances are, if you are serious about your own brand of fitness, you have a love/hate list yourself. But, are any of the above truly right or wrong?  Well, maybe the one about Zumba… J …

Philosophy Of Rocking Out

Have you ever been to a concert where your energy became so strong and adrenaline is pumping through your veins and you feel like a million bucks? It’s things like that, that should make you feel when you training. Your body is in a state where nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal. It’s the rush of picking up a heavy object, doing a bodyweight exercise most people can’t do and you can’t help but wanting more. Most people don’t put any life into their exercise because after all, it’s just an exercise. If you’re in a beginner stage that’s one thing and you’re progressing through stages but even in the beginning, use what you have and believe you will get better.
            Some people like to use certain types of music to get them going. You don’t really need music to jump start your energy but if you choose to use music as an inspiration then do so. Some like pop, mix, metal, classical, hard rock and even worldly types but all have one common agenda and that’s…

Muscle Control Journey

Well where do I start? First to introduce myself I am Lewis Lindsey Jr. Well from the time I was young I had always admired the strength in others be it physical or mental. Throughout my life me along with my brother Jarell have always seen examples of both from different folks. One of the main ones my father Lewis Sr who was 5’6 and served in Vietnam had always shown signs of strength. 
     Lifting up my  mom who at the time was heavier and on top of that losing her ability to walk due to MS he was holding a dead weight but he made it look easy. In terms of their mental strength my father held on strong throughout the years even after having his Strokes and Heart Attacks he still maintained his sense of humor and will power until the end of his life in 2005. I remember this story my mom use to tell me at the time. She would talk about this story all the time where the ambulance was trying to pick up my mom who at this point is losing her ability to walk so their lifting dead …

Giving & Receiving Love

We all strive to find what we love to do. Most of the time we end up doing things we end up hating like a certain job, a marriage that isn't going anywhere or being in business that just doesn't work for you. What you love is what makes you more successful. Doing what you love and making it effortless creates abundance of love in other aspects. Giving love whether it’s friendship, a relationship, comforting or just making someone’s day develops that energy of also receiving love.
            Being a loving person in just about any way without being egotistical or a kiss ass is showing how magnetic you can be when you step up to the plate and show your soft side, funny side or whatever. There are people out there that are very loving but don’t know how to use it because there’s a difference between being a loving person and having an agenda for your personal gain. Learn to love those that may not always deserve it no matter how much there’s tension and closed-minded…