Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strength Is Nothing Compared To What’s Within

          Too many of us use what’s outside of ourselves to make us stronger physically, we lift weights, do weird cardio, hell we even do Crossfit from time to time. The strange thing is at least to most people is that strength really comes from your mental power and not so much your physical power. When you break it down mentally, your body will perceive it to follow and that’s where your true strength comes into play.

            Everything starts with a thought, when a certain thought occurs, sometimes action takes place. We all think about something every single day but we can’t take action for ever thought we have otherwise we’d be burned out, exhausted and just flat out torn up so we use specific thoughts to create action later. What the mind sees is not always what we believe to be unless you have a strong intuition and something within you sees something that involuntary focus on that, your body reacts. This is one of the basic subjects of the Mind/Muscle Connection, what we see in our minds; our bodies react in certain ways.

            One of my favorite Superhero movies to watch is the origin story of Dr. Strange. A man with a lot of guilt for the death of his sister became bitter, cold and dark yet became a great neurosurgeon. Don’t want to give it all away but the point is, because he needed his hands to help people, he couldn't and he nearly gave up until he met a Tibetan Monk who made him learn how his mind perceives certain things and not all things are what they seem when it comes to the Physical. How you perceive something is not always what they seem for example, doing a certain feat of strength, most in their mind see this as too much and most likely won’t be able to do it, however if you shift your mind to believing it’s not and you feel your body infusing with great power, you can do it pretty well. Not saying it be light as a feather and you can do whatever you want but using your mind with a connection to the body, you can do things you never thought were possible.

            To really unlock the secrets of great strength and superhuman power, you must learn how to focus your Energy with pinpoint accuracy. It’s not easy by any means but you can harness great energy to do your bidding whether it’s strength training, talking to people, being in a sport or activity, hell even if you’re an entertainer you can still create something that’s already inside you. You can unlock this energy in different ways, it can be through meditation, seeing yourself doing something extraordinary or better yet infusing your breathing with certain sounds and torquing points that will make you so strong at the snap of your fingers you won’t know what hit you.

            Be open to unlocking your mind to limitless possibilities, progress with great intention and focus on what you want to happen and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Most won’t do this because they’re too damn scared or rather listen to some shmuck tell them that they don’t have it in them. You have far more power within you than you perceive it to be, let it go and unleash it with vigor and great admiration because nobody can give you that power more than you can. 

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